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Posted 5/28/09
hi all i really really need your help... one of my classmates ripped very important notebook and headmaster got very angry. he directly sent the notebook to labaratory and they will take fingerprints from the place that it got ripper. and if his fingerprint matches it we are all going to be expelled. they says now its too late to tell the truth etc.. i cant get expelled pls someone help me if there is anyway to change his fingerprint or a way to fool the computer and non match it. pls pls help and pls ask from your friends... i am about to get expelled
Posted 5/28/09
why are you going to get expelled? you weren't the one who did it, right? you should sneak through the lab and erase the fingerprints by wiping it off, or getting it wet or something.

anyway, you have my pity.
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Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/28/09
I got the same question as renzrenz89. Why are you going to get expelled when you did nothing. Anyway, you might want to give up high school and enter college like I am. In year 9, my teachers are what most people called "a jackass". I gave up with them and applied for University. Surprisingly, I was accepted and here I am. Full-time University student at the age of 15. I'm not sure if it applies in your country or not, but that's just my opinion


Personal Advice

You can ask in that thread
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Posted 5/28/09

i'm really not sure what advise i can give you... and your post is kind of confusing...
why are you going to be expelled if somebody else did it??

You can probably tamper with notebook so the fingerprint won't be so precise... but that's if you can still get your hands on the notebook

Btw, I know this section says "Site Feedback and Help", but this isn't really where u can post your problems and ask for help >_>
Posted 5/28/09
Please use the personal advice thread.

I don't why you are going to be expelled for someone else's fault so I can't help you.
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