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Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/29/09
Post the title and the author of the book in here and give a short and brief reaction.

Don't forget to rate it.
1 bookmark - I hated it. all copies should be burned.
2 bookmarks - I've read worse.
3 bookmarks - I liked it. It's worth the time and dead trees.
4 bookmarks - I loved it!
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
last time i complete a whole book it was 'i capture the caslte' by dodie smith^^haha, but am reading another book now so when i finish i will enlighten u all..haha; joking.

umm, yes; 'i captured the caslte' is about an eccentic family struggling to live in a decaying caslte in 1930s. It also about love and lust. it is a very realistic novel about human being, greed and selfishless. it mainly about growing up and was written in a first person narration of Cassandra Mortmain, the youngest daughter of the mortmain family.

umm.. impression, it was beautifully written with great analysis of characters and their charms, thought and changes. i was very impressed with the narration because it was realistic and indeptful in a voice of a teenager. you will love and hate the characters. however same part makes me angery and really despite the herione, nonetheless it was a joyful read.

^^ 3 booksmark^^
Posted 8/11/09 , edited 8/11/09
I just finish reading the other boleyn girl, it really good! I am now more fascinated by the tudor time, and the idea of courtly love is really interesting and is completely different to what it is now. The idea of greed and desire is powerful protral. It also make you more interested in history too, i even borrow a history book for dummy>>hehehe**

4 book mark!!*
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