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Post Reply Frederica cleaners
Posted 5/29/09
let me welcome you to my shop..
my specializes in body disposal, but also does occasional bounty hunter work..

you can call me Sawyer the Cleaner
so how may i help you
Posted 6/19/09
why can i purchase?
Posted 6/20/09
what are you looking for ?
Posted 6/22/09
truthfully i have NO idea lol
Posted 6/22/09
i what Organization are you with ???
Posted 6/25/09
i just stared watching the show really. i have no clue, sorry lol
Posted 6/25/09
it is OK
Posted 6/26/09
D: so what are my options sir?
Posted 6/26/09
hard to say..
so you are new to Roanapur???
Posted 7/3/09
yes i am >.<
Posted 7/4/09
Roanapur is not a good place for a girl like you ..
Posted 7/4/09
oh yeah? why so?
Posted 7/5/09 , edited 7/5/09
bad things may happen to you
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Posted 7/23/09
I should know. I've been there.
Sawyer, do you always use a chain gun for all your missions? It is Sawyer correct? Which reminds me, are you in contact with Shenua and Rotton?
Posted 7/23/09
bow's to you..
sorry i did not see you come in..
so what can i help you with??
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