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Best Lesian/Gay/Bisexual Movie!
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Posted 1/8/11 , edited 1/8/11
'No Regret'. i don't know if it's the best but it's good..
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36 / M / Davao City, Phili...
Posted 1/12/11 , edited 1/12/11
my favorite gay movie is " LATTER DAYS " although i do have lots of movies that i like... ahihihi!
i hope i could see more movies like those and gay anime movies or series as well...

anyway guys,do you know any sites where i could see those kinds of movies...
i would also like to be a member of gay group here,if theres that i can gain more friends who has the same interests like mine...
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Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/5/11
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28 / F / UK
Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/13/11
Bad Education, by Pedro Almodovar.
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24 / M / Canada
Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11
I saw like 5 seconds of Brokeback Mountain a long time ago. That was the first and last Homosexual movie I've seen.
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/16/11
my first and last homosexual movie was ' Prayers for Bobby ' that made me cry so much TT^TT
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28 / M / Washington
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/17/11
Mala Noche is probably my favorite.
I also adore Humpday for taking quite a different approach.
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/17/11

it's also Kevin Smith's best film, imo.
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F / On a boat
Posted 6/25/11 , edited 6/26/11
The Bird Cage with Robin Williams, soooo funny
Posted 3/5/12 , edited 3/5/12
I'm trying to figure out why Japan is terrible at making homosexual films? It's like they discovered about their existence the past 10 years. Most of their gay films are either non-delivering or depressing. There was hardly any good, convincing acting or even kisses- most had none. Even if they did, they looked like they're absolutely in pain when kissing. Their 'sex positions' are all wrong too.
I really thought the Japanese gay films were the worst.The lesbian ones are lacking because it didnt have a large fanbase.

But I absolutely loved Bangkok Love Story- that's some powerful stuff from Thai.
No Regrets- Absolutely stunning Korean gay story.

My personal favorites are:
1. Nowhere [l][g][t][s]
2. Mysterious Skin [g]
3. Shelter [g]
4. Bound [l][s]
5. Maurice [s][g]
6. Saving Face [l]
7. Loving Annabelle [l]
8. Watercolors [g]
9. I Can't Think Straight [l]
10. The Graffiti Artist
Posted 3/5/12 , edited 3/5/12
SHORTBUS - watch it!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!
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25 / F / Europe
Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
The best? Saving Face. I Absolutely love that movie.

I'm just going to mention the worst as well because I know some people like it................. "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" (C'mon people, just because it's gay doesn't mean it's good)
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25 / F / NYC
Posted 4/1/12 , edited 4/2/12
I actually liked this one movie but I forgot the name....
It was a Chinese-American movie were the protagonist was struggling with her feelings, when in this shop she meets someone of her childhood. Another woman who is open about her sexuality and reminds her of when she kissed her (nose, was it?) and the girl basically ran away in rejection.
It's old but I really wish I could see it again... Darn.
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27 / F / sydney
Posted 5/2/12 , edited 5/2/12
I want to see Imagine Me and You! I really liked "Show Me Love" (it's a Swedish film by Lukas Moodysson). There's actually a lot of great homosexual movies out there, it's awesome. But maybe that's because I have a thing for pretty much every indie movie.
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24 / F / mars
Posted 5/14/12 , edited 5/14/12
I don't see The Girl With Dragon Tattoo in this list but she's pansexual.
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