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Posted 6/1/09 , edited 6/2/09
To all of our readers, it's your time to express your "love" to the stories that Aki Productions hold~
Do you want to make them better?
(Please say yes)
Well anyways, in this forum, we invite you all (readers AND authors) to comment on stories that are (kinda) published under Aki Productions.
Please understand that this is all for the improvements of stories and future updates from each of the authors.
The following stories/mangas are up:
Gunslinger Girl ~ Akino Karin (th-Muffin)
Vampire Romance ~ Fujimoto Taiki (geass_warlock)
Un Contrat Avec le Satan ~ Kurosu (KurosuX)
Rakugosha Girl ~ Alison (Honda_San)

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Posted 6/2/09 user name doesn't have any caps,though......anyways.....i think you should post that up in the production wall....thn everyone will see it.....then they'll really knw
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