Post Reply Manga Izumi vs. Anime Izumi.
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Posted 6/1/09
Now. For those of you have read the manga and watched the anime of Full Moon, you have to notice the difference between the two.
If not, stop smoking that crack and get the gunk outta your eyes!

Izumi in the manga is much...sweeter? c:
I can't describe.
But he's more understanding.

And although Izumi in the anime, at the TEENY-WEENY ending of the series in the anime, showed a...concern, for Mitsuki, Izumi actually tells Mitsuki in the manga that she is 'precious' to him.

Izumi is the anime is cruel. Trys to kill her alot. xD [Mitsuki, I mean!]

Izumi-kun is my most FAVORITE; no doubt, but. The anime made him look like Dr. Evil!

Although myself I understand why he acts like that[Due to his past], I can't help but think, which one do you prefer?

Manga Izu or Anime Izu?
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Posted 10/20/12
Manga Izumi definitely. Hated his anime counterpart.
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