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Posted 6/1/09
Notices of the groups will be uploaded here...
Spammers will be permanently banned
People who want to contribute idea of making this group better or anything related... post here..
do not double post

Points to include:
1) Date of posting (time not needed - just day/month/year)
2) type 'Idea' or 'Idea-Suggestion' or 'Idea-Related' if u want to make this group better

All updates of the group will be notified here from now on.

First of all... a few important notices:
1) Spammers or flamers will be permanently banned. (as u all know of cuz :P)
2) If you want to be any of the characters in the group... post it in the topic 'Characters'
3) Try to give your idea.
4) Be friendly
5) Help each other out.
6) Good luck and Have fun!

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