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Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/2/09
It's hard sometimes, this life we live. It can dull our sense of joy away, wear down what we hold dear until we are nothing more than an empty shell of what we had hoped to be. Is there escape? Maybe for some. For me it seems I'm already numb. Unable to feel the ups and the downs, when did it become a single static sound? White noise is my life, devoid of life and color. Serene and calm, yet unnervingly cold and distant. It's like the motions stopped being what I go through to get by and became my essence. Going to the same places and seeing the same faces... my life is all one deja vu. Even when I hear a new song come onto the radio it's all a repeat, notes rearranged and voices the same. Nothing changes and yet nothing stays constant. Always moving and yet it is all really the same.

What ever happened to the colors I knew before? Are they truly gone, or have I just gone colorblind by the repetition of life?

Is it worth waking up each morning to a grey sunrise over a grey skyline to live my grey life?

I suppose in a way it is... and yet isn't.
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