Animes that have only one really strong character
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Posted 6/2/09
So I have been watching anime for years, but one thing that I really don't like about some action adventure ones are the super villians or heros. I noticed that there is always one character that is just sooooooo powerful and everyone tries sooooo hard to beat them and then end up getting beat like they owe money.

As seen in Baki the Grappler. Yujiro Hanma is so super powerful and unable to defeat.( Except that one time he was defeated by Gaia which they never show.) Baki can't beat him, Doppo can't beat him, ect. What is the deal with that?

I would like to see some people that can go toe to toe with the strongest man/woman and give them something to worry about. I like a variety in the characters. What do you think. Do you like the one strong character or do you like a variety?
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Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/2/09
Nice thread, yet is it a Yes No thread.

Also, it's common that there's just one ''powerful'' character in the anime, the other ones are feeble and weak. It's supposed to be like that, because there are little kiddo's watching anime as well , and you know that they don't want that the main character is losing

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Posted 6/2/09
battle are part of action anime
it's not good if all character have super power
(it will turn out like DBZ and the other lower charater will become useless)
and it not also good to have a none losing good guy in an anime
specially good guy

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