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Ok all you have to do to be a Knight is to upload one pick and be ACTIVE OK? Also this where you can sign up to be a helper.
Each Knight Represents something or has a specific Job.Sometimes there are qualifications that your characteristics or personality that fits with one of the positions.

Red Heart Knight:The knight with most courage.
Normal Job:Keeping the Knights together.Making sure the Main Guardians keep in contact with the Knight Guardians.
Requirement:Must have the ability to heal X eggs.This postions belongs to a girl.Wide Range attack
Special Job:Healing X eggs,and creating alliances.Assisting the King,and Jack.
Black Spade Knight:
Represents: Creativity and hope even in the most darkest places of our hearts.
Requirment:The Black Spade has the Highest Stamina,and is the most unpredictable.This position is usually for boys only.Close range fighter
Normal Job:Keeping intruders out of the Royal Garden.Reporting any X or ? egg activites alogn with keeping an eye out for Easter.
Special Job:Spying on Easter,night duty/watch,being a big brother figure.Protecting the Joker,and Red Diamond.
Red Clover Knight:The one who represents Relationship(love or friendship)and Honesty.
Requirments:The brains of the Knights and is honorable.Needs to be fast moving.Melee fighter.Can be girl or boy
Normal Job:Making strategies for the Guardians and Knights.Keeping things organized
Special Job:Assisting the red heart Knight.Reporting any strange activity with middle schoolers.Assisting the Ace,and Queen.
Red Diamond Knight:The one who Represents Justice and Freedom.
Requirements:May have the ability to heal X eggs,and ? eggs.Needs to be brave,and bold.
Normal Job:Reports any strange Easter ? or X egg related activity from the highschools.
Special Job:Fighting people who have charanaried with an ? egg and healing them,healing X eggs.Assisting the Joker.

All positions taken!
Red Heart:A'marie Aka-(balleash)
Black Spade:Jake-(ricemap)
Red Clover:Kari Madison-(lenalee-chan)
Red Diamond:Christine Augustine(Minazki)
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okay, i would like to have the Red Clover Knight please

and i'll upload several pics and be active, since it's summer break
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lenalee-chan wrote:

okay, i would like to have the Red Clover Knight please

and i'll upload several pics and be active, since it's summer break

Approved^^..don't forget to amke your character

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