Post Reply Rules for this club
Posted 6/3/09 , edited 6/22/09
Here are the rules for this site:

1. NO spamming
2. Respect each others opinions-please don't fight over each others opinions
3. NO rude comments
4. Please share ideas and make this club a better place!!
5. If u seriously don't like Tama-tan just leave and don't put rude or bad comments in the guestbook!!!
6.NO arguing- If the same person does it over 2 times, we'll have to BAN you!!
7. Please Do not copy and paste Doki Doki Tamatan english translations and the manga from Chapter 2! If u wanted to copy chapter 1 and its translations, be sure to contact the creator first!

Also the GOAL for this club is to reach at least 100 members so please help this site to achieve the goal!!

If theres any questions, please create another forum and discuss it there. Please don't put any replies in this forum!!
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