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Are Atheists Empty
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29 / M / Big bad ass Los A...
Posted 6/8/09 , edited 6/9/09
Atheism isn't really a way of life. They don't have club gatherings, or a "two-minute hate" like in "1984". It's just a
particular belief a lot of people choose to follow. And what makes people think that Atheists are empty? It's a view that most
people find outrageous. And it's understandable, how can humans not accept the existence of an all-mighty creator. Well, Atheists
simply don't. But to call them empty is ignorant. They're still people with human feelings. Most real Atheist don't grow out of it, even
when they are past their teen period.
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25 / F / Honolulu
Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/10/09
Okay so i consider myself atheist do to the fact that i don't believe in god, Jesus, heaven etc i also don't believe in the devil or hell. I personally don't feel its a religion because atheists don't really come together and do things religions would commonly do. I don't feel empty or anything like that either i do not believe in god for many reasons none of them being that i feel empty and need to believe something. For the longest time i believed in god because i was scared of what might happen if i didn't and as i grew up and discovered what kind of person i am i realized i don't believe in him.
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27 / M / Brisbane, Australia
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
Being an athiest, i feel as though i need to live my life to the full, do it now or never
because to me, there is no heaven
this is all i have and i accept my truth

i follow buddism as a way of living, not a religion, so i am still an athiest
there is no supistition involved
in this way of living, i try to minimise damage to the enviroment and to animals
i try to make people happy, because it makes me happy
i recycle and i dont waste food or water
and one day i will become a vegetarian

I feel the need to care for animals and the enviroment, because earth is precious and rare among many planets and galaxies
in my view, noone will fix pollution or our climate for us, we need to work together

i will live to enjoy life, not to raise mountains of cash
i will do all the things i want to experience, because i only have one chance

people are not born equal, it is not nature's way
so i try to give more than i take
in doing this i die knowing that i did as much as i can for this planet and myself, not a god or a religion
I do it for a place i will live all of my life, and i ensure that future generations live better, i can not leave that up to faith

I try to raise awareness to our dying planet, because i feel people need to see what i see
so we can work as a team to build a better earth
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27 / M / None Of Ur Biz
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
I do not think that having a religion or not would make you a better or worse person.
I for one don't have a religion I focus on mere facts and 100% proof.
Yet I do not see my self as empty or a bad person.
I think I think more logically, not sure if its because i don't have a religion,I don't think i would think differently if I had one or not though.

But to answer your question more clearly NO I don't think atheists are empty. Nor do i think having a religion would make you kinder/happier/livelier
Scientist Moderator
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28 / M
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
I don't think atheists are "empty." Before I was Christian I was many things, and at a point I was an atheist. I can say I was empty in that I didn't truly have a sense of right and wrong. I was also empty because as an atheist my life seemed to have less importance. I did have a hole inside, but I would ignore it and fill it with other things. I think atheists are empty, but they deny being empty and they fill that hole with other things. This may be why atheists have a much higher suicide rate. However in the sense of "empty" in the form of depression and despair, I do not think they are lacking in that. In a way most people are empty, including theists.
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35 / M / Detroit
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
I think many people confuse Atheism and Agnosticism. Agnosticism critiques both Theism and Atheism for not having any real evidence to support the claims both groups make. It is not possible to prove that a god or gods exist, just as it is impossible to disprove the existence of such things either. That being said, it is foolish to criticize the individual beliefs of others. It is quite possible to be a moral and self-actualized Agnostic, Atheist, or Theist. It is also possible to be selfish, disgusting monster and be an Agnostic, Atheist, or a Theist.
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
It's horrible to see how fast the dim-witted posts assemble in threads like this one. I thought that such notions such as "never do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you" are logical conclusions to everyone who's got a little brain hidden in their skull. I, for instance, had similar notions even before I could read, or go to school. Meaning...I never needed "guidance" to realise whether I did wrong or good.

Sh*t, I must be really empty and a hardcore delinquent. I murder people for pleasure, stone them to death because I think it's good and fun. Naturally, I burn people at the stake if they don't agree with my notions. I really enjoy to watch them burn to ashes. What a pleasurable sight. Oh wait...*hits self, and sends self to Hell* "Bad bad shroomy!"
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27 / M / Cavite, Philippines
Posted 6/13/09 , edited 6/13/09
I think atheists are not empty, i think they have much freedom in things to believe and not to believe in and are not afraid to question those beliefs.
Posted 6/13/09 , edited 6/13/09
I'm an atheist and I most certainly do not feel empty. Being an atheist gives me the edge to not believe in what other people say and it lets me do what I believe in myself..
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27 / M / New York City, NY
Posted 6/13/09 , edited 6/13/09
We're not empty, just a little hollowed out.
Posted 6/16/09 , edited 6/16/09
I don't feel empty at all...but like a great poet(or not poet, don't know for sure) I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of its eternal..
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A place where pin...
Posted 6/16/09 , edited 6/17/09
Empty... but in what way?

What makes people with religion that much different than Atheist anyways? So religious people have a god who they listen to. Are you saying that people in a religion are "full" because they try to fulfill their god's wishes (or are able to rely on something to get them through their troubles)? And in that sense, does that mean that people are only truly fulfilled when they give up their minds?

Of course, I'm taking my argument to the extreme. Of course a god wouldn't brain wash you, because in the end, you have your own morals - and so do atheist.

The way I look at it, Atheist just believe in what a person can do, and not so much on what a god wants.
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28 / F / Right there
Posted 6/17/09 , edited 6/17/09
you where and atheist from 11 to 13 years and you felt like crap...

Dude.....we all feel like crap at that age and...... no..... I'm not empty, no one is empty. Were talking about people here not pieces of plastic... and every single person (unless they're dead or braindead) has beliefs, disbelief's, feelings and things that they care about.... HECK!! EVEN ANIMALS have the ability to love and care for someone else, i don't think we can call that "empty"

how ironic that an atheist has to remind you that, and you are supposed to be the "spiritual" one
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Posted 6/20/09 , edited 6/20/09
they are one is empty.
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29 / M / California
Posted 6/21/09 , edited 6/21/09
The idea of atheism is empty in a historical context. Those who don't approve will argue with this premise, and dare not try to understand; instead, creating a multitude of dogmatic crud that reflects their, being the theist, beliefs.

In atheism, one must be prepaired not to delve into agnostic ways of thinking, otherwise you aren't an atheist.

Atheism is denial. But it takes more than denial to shun all religions. This then leaves out their own heritage and their practices. So then, one has the obligation of running into that. With denial comes denial of one's heritage.

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