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Posted 6/8/09
Hi, this is chocoberry_navi; creator of group. If any of u had a look in the TAMATAN NEWS inside the description, I think u'll know what this forum is about.... If not, read TAMATAN NEWS again! ^.~ Ok, the main thing is that we need some people who is interested in joining this group and want to go in these three positions: moderators, translators and scanners. Check out below for more info!

Need 15 moderators- they need to be people who have responsibility and check club often to update.

Need 7 translators(Japanese to English)- we need help to translate the manga of Doki Doki Tamatan!

Need 13 scanners- Need to have people who can scan the manga from Nakayoshi or somewhere (even websites!) and can put it on the site.

Thats all for now and we'll keep u informing! Right now we need to have 13mods, 7(or 6 becasue I will be also doing the translator job!) translators and 13 scanners!

For translator job, please mail us by the CR email.(send message to (the name who ur sending it to))!!! ERGENT!!!

Posted 6/10/09
Chocolate-bunnies here, one of the mods.

Theres news!!! We now have 1 scanner!! Thank u very much Moetaku-chan!!!!!
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Posted 6/10/09
HI...can i be a mod?...I'll be very active since school's out
Posted 6/11/09
Ok! Sure!!! Thanks for ur help!! ^_~
Posted 6/11/09
excuse me.. I just want to tell that I upload the chapter at the album. because it's too many pages and the size is too big. thank you for distracted.
Posted 6/16/09
umm... excuse me... can I be the moderator. I'm enough good to making banners and avatars.
and I can making membership cards ^^
Posted 6/16/09
sure!! Please do the banners!!! We'll count on u!!!

Posted 6/16/09
Srry if it was so long to inform u about the positions.

Ok, right now we need:

12 mods

6 translators


Please support us!!!/blue]

Thank u.

Posted 6/25/09
Hey guys!!!

Right now we need


4translators (annalouise and malimalichan joined!!!)


12 scanners

Yay!! Thanks for ur help!!
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Posted 6/29/09
I can translate as well as scan, but scanning probably won't happen too often.

Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
Ok then, I'll put u in translations position! Thanks for ur help!!!

So then.. we need:


3translators!! (Anon-Black joined!!Thank u!! )



NEW! position Assisstance!! We need 2 of them!!

Thank u!
Yay!! Happy!!

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Posted 7/6/09
Hi! Can I be assisstance???? I think I'll be on this group at least twice a week! And I can speak Japanese! (but not that much good)
Posted 7/6/09
ok! sure I'll make u assissitance but pls help out!
Posted 7/18/09
Amu_love_Ikuto will be a mod!! Thanks!!(Shes also the hundreds person who joined this grp!!Thanks!!Maybe there will be certifivates for ppl who joined at speacial numbers... gonna contact one of my avii grp about it..!)
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Posted 7/25/09
Could I be a Mod?
I could check the group at least three times a week
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