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Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/11/09

Feel free to order~! =D
I'm taking 5 orders at a time though~! ^_^

(please follow them!!)
1)Please request only ONE thing at a time!
2)If my status is CLOSED, don't post orders until it's open again!
3)Please actually use the graphic you request
4)Don't say you made the graphic!
5)Put your image in a spoiler tag!!
6)Use the form I give you!!
7)Enjoy~! If you don't like what I made you, you can request again~ :3

Every time you break a rule, you won't be able to request from me for 1 month(31 days)
If you break the rules 3 times, you will be added to the blacklist!!



Manga Scan Coloring

♣Fill Out This Form!☆
If you are requesting an avatar :
Username :
Picture :
Color Theme :
Text on the graphic :
If you are requesting an banner :
Username :
Picture :
Color Theme :
Text on the graphic :
If you are requesting a manga scan coloring :
Photo :
What do you want colored? :(ex;eye color, hair color, etc)
Text(if any) :

♣Black/White List☆

Black List
(you wont be able to order ever again from me)
  • none
White List

  • none.
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