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24 / M / 私�%A
Posted 6/10/09
I guess I'll start us off~~~

Hi all. I'm just a normal 16 year old boy that loves anime and games....below are some of the games+anime that I'm addicted to.


Ragnarok Online

Final Fantasy X

And finally.....the game that really makes me think....and the one game that I have difficulty in completing....
Final Fantasy 12

Now for anime:


Shakugan No Shana

FInal Fantasy: Advent Children

And now....for my all time favorite 2 anime....:

Fullmetal Alchemist (This is awesome)

Clannad (Among my list, this is my fav!!)

So I hope to get to know other members better^^ Peace out! Btw, here's my messenger:
[email protected]
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23 / F / Lalaland~
Posted 6/10/09
hihi...i'm shir...or u can call me berry...lolz...i'm not sure what 2 say...lolz...i'm bad a intros...well...if u wanna get 2 know me better just talk 2 me i guess...hehehe....
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20 / F / Indonesia
Posted 6/10/09
Hello!! My name is Audy!! nice 2 meet u!! i am a creator in this groups...if u want know about me many more...u can join this group and buddy me! HAVE FUN! thx
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20 / F / Malaysia
Posted 6/10/09
heyyo~! Mi ish Hii-Chan! Nice to meet ya! xD

I luuv bunnies, so if eiuu have anii pics of them, gimme! xD
Well Im hyper, crazii (absolutely) and loveable. So if eiuu wanna know more, addie me! XDD

Yea me know mii english kinda stupiid. Double "I". LOL
Neew speakin talent ya know.. >.<
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F / Pearl of the Orie...
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
nice to be here..
i'm Ryce and i love Kpop and Jpop.. anime as well..

i love chocolates, gummy candies, and pasta.. hmm, anything sweet..
i'm way sensitive but i'm really fun to be with..
friendly?. yes i am but don't mess up with me.. remember my sensitivity's bad..
Posted 6/11/09

My name is Anjeru but you all can call me Ruu or Ruu-chan for short.
I'm 15 years old and going to be 16 in December 31st.
I love drawing, coloring, painting, cloud watching, singing and last but lot least, RUNNING :D
I also love chocolates(which I'm addicted in), milk, cakes and delicious other food...Ohh and SUSHI!
I'm a kind of person who is very friendly and very fragile.I'm sometimes very shy when I'm mostly new in class or school. I'm not really a person whose violent too. I love animes too!~
I dislike people who boast about, bullies, smokers and people who thing anime is not art!~
So it really nice to meet you!~ (-p.s MY name IS REALLY ANJERU)

Bye bye!~
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22 / F / Indonesia
Posted 6/13/09
Hi! The name's Tiffany! 14th years old this year and a 9th grader of course...
I'm a rather quiet or untalkative, tomboyish, and a little careless girl.
Buddy me if you wanna know more about me...
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23 / F / music land(dancei...
Posted 6/14/09
Hi i'm Bella if u want to know more about me just look at my profile^-^
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F / In a corner .
Posted 6/14/09
Hey I'm Yuki but ppl call me Erica I'm a girl (duh) I love anime and want more info u can ask me,
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23 / F / In The Sky . . ....
Posted 6/14/09
hello, i'm Angam. XD uhmm.... i dunno what to say about myself.. o___O` but i like to be random? and if you want to know anything, feel free to ask! :D
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25 / F / over there!!;P
Posted 6/24/09
hiya everyone!i'm coyi-chan:D...nice too meet u all!...for starters i like animes...i love watching movies,playing basketball and running:D...i love music and playing games:D...if u want to know more about me just buddy me and i'll accept ok?:D
Posted 6/25/09
hey there everyone ..
my name's ellie but u can call me iva or cy ..
im 14 years old ..
addicted to animes ..
lots of animes .. @@
i like hitz songs . cool and nice stuff .

finally ,
feel free to chat with me ! XD~
Posted 6/25/09
Hey I'm Clara,my japaneese name is kurara chan...
I'm 10 years old gonna be 11 this August
I'm also one of the mod in this group...
Posted 7/7/09
Hiiiii everyone...mi ish Rosalina but sumtime ppl call mi a gurl of ish gonna b freshman soon(scared)..anyways im 13 turnin 14...i luv mangas and anime and makin new add mi k
Posted 7/9/09
hi everyone. im tsubasagirl101. i luv reading manga and watching anime and watching asian dramas.
feel free to buddy me!!
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