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M / sauga
Posted 12/25/07
“My ideal man is someone who is sentimental like a father... I don’t consider a man’s appearance to be important anymore.” said 26-year old, Song Hye-Kyo when she was asked what her ideal man would be like.

When she started out, Song Hye-Kyo have stated that “Personality was important, and I also did look at outward appearances.” But now that she is maturing, her thinking had changed as well as time went by. As her popularity increased and so did her stress levels, and whenever she felt the pressure of being the head of a household, she has begun to crave having someone near to lean on. “It would be nice if it could be a guy who I could comfortably lean on whenever things got difficult. Someone who would listen and comfort me when I’m under stress. Someone who is sentimental and open-minded, like a father.” explained Hye-Kyo. It would be nice! Hye-Kyo, I have advice for you! Why don't you try Rain, Jung Ji-Hoon? Out. He's a real angel..

Anyways, Nowadays, rather than spending time with her peers, SHK spends more time with her elders, like Choi Ji-Woo and Lee Mi-Yun. “They really treat me like family and whenever things get difficult, they are always there with a hug, and they also give me a lot of professional advice.” Whether it’s from their influence, SHK added that “I want to hurry up and turn 30 so I can establish my look as an actress.” Serious? It's okay! For sure you'll look even more stunning!

Well, of course the media didn't leave that one out. They HAD to ask when she planned to get married. Her reply: “The way I look at it now, either when I’m 31 or 32 seems to be the best time.” But then she added, laughing, “But that would only be possible if a nice person showed up at that time, right?” 31 or 32? How many years is that from now? Uhm... Wait, let me do the Math. 6 years at the most? Not bad,6 years will just fly by if your schedule's as hectic as yours.

So guys! There you go! Learn how to be more sentimental and more sensitive, because, you know... You'll never know! You might be our dear Hye-Kyo's type!

-credits to Flippin Chinita from imeem =o
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25 / F / does it really ma...
Posted 1/8/08
john learn to be like that then. haha
since u <3 her soooooo sooooooo sooooo much
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Posted 2/9/08
you learn and be mature about things and you think about what you like and what you want when you get older...
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28 / las pinas
Posted 3/20/08
i hope all of the girls in this world are like that of song hye kyo..
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30 / M / hidden leaf
Posted 4/10/08
i think she just being a hypocrite!!! i mean come every actresses said that!!!
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27 / M / davao city
Posted 5/11/08
maybe its me. XD
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