200 Facts
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200 FACTS! :DD

1. Im very easy to get along with ;D
2. hate chain letters/& forwards.
3. Im learning to c-walk.[inspired by jennifer le ;D)
4. I think spitting is gross.
5. Im afraid to do many things.
6. I dont understand alot of things.
7. Greeen is my fav. color.
8. Imma try to go to 200. xDD
9. im only doing this cause im bored.
10. i go on myspace alot.
11. i think i should stop drinking soo much soda.
12. I like eating sushiii ;DD
13. Shopping by yourself isnt fun.
14. XX1, Zumiez, Agaci, & PacSun <3
15. No pets.
16. Im the only Child.
17. Im lazy >.<
18. I take things seriouse.<-sometimes [x
19. This is another thing jennifer inspired me to do ;D
20. I hate losing a friend for a stupid reason.
21. Im very gullible?
22. I fall for people easily.
23. I regret some of the things i did ..
24. Im still trying to figure out my fav #.
25. I dont like uneven profile/things.
26. Im shorter than most people i know. -.-
27. I straighten my hair ALOT O:
28. I like watching korean drama.
29. Sk!nneyyJean$ ;D
30. I like vintage pictures.
31. I take pictures when im bored?
32. I edit my pictures.
33. I hate doing laundry. D:<
34. Im not really spoiled.
35. Cats/Dogs scare me.
36. I get tired very easily.
37. I love my hairr <3
38. Beanies are cool ;DD
39. I dont think i can go all the way to 200.
40. I have alot of drama in my life DX<
41. Korean guys are hot.
42. I would like to visit Korea one day (:
43. M0n$t3rs. <$$
44. I hate it when people type or talk like this -->"WhAtS uPP!?/h0W aRE Y0u?"<---
45. smiley faces makes me happyy.
46. Ugh, im too lazy to continuee >.<
47. I get bored easily.
48. When im bored; you can tell.
49. I can be very talkative.
50. 150 more facts to go. >.<
51. I hate wanna be ghettos.
52. I think babies are cutee;D
53. I changed alot during the years.
54. I have LOTS of layers in my hairr.
55. I quit on alot of things.
56. I think the color pink is weird?
57. Why do we have the word "word?"
58. I ask stupid things.
59. I wish i had a time machine.
60. Im always home by myself D:
61. I think i have more girl friends than guy friends.
62. I think yellow is an color somehow.
63. I can scream pretty loud.
64. I ask alot of questions.
65. Sometimes i laugh at something that happened like 2 weeks ago [x
66. I wasnt born in the U.S
67. I wanna dance like chris brown ;D
68. shiney things catches my eye.
69. I cant sing for shitt.
70. I Hate big shoes.
71. I eat alot
72. I like putting eyeliner on Duy [;
73. i wish i knew how to skateboard.
74. FXK! still not donee D:<
73. I wear alot of things on my wrist.
74. I collect monster caps.
75. I have like 64 ;5gum wrappers.
76. I like bright colors.
77. I cant swimm O:
78. I dont get sick easily.
79. I fell of a motorcycle when i was little.
80. I like long picture comments.
81. I scared of bloody mary?
82. I lose my phone alot O;
83. I dont think i will finish this today.
84. Long distance relationships are bullshitt.
85. I wish i could type faster.
86. washing the dishes makes me wanna throw up.
87. Snakes scare me.
88. I travel alot during the summer.
89. I take horrible pictures.
90. I have alot of clothes i dont wear.
91. I love my mom<3
92. My dad died when i was little.
93. I dont like most of the people in my family.
94. I like teasing my hair.
95. I daydream alot.
96. I get Di$trated easily.
97. I used to like the color blue.
98. I dont believe in love at first sight.
99. I love to draww.
100. I will always have my phone with me.
101. FINALLY, 100 more to go!
102. Im a very quick forgetter.
103. I dont like saggin'
104. I talk on the phone like everyday.
105. I dont like my phone.
106. I would like to have a twinn.
107. I look in the mirror too muchh.
108. I need braces >.<
109. I dont wear make-up. [only eyelinerrr)
110. 90 More to gooooo D:
111. I get stupid over the summer.
112. I dont like blad people.
113. Imma stop right here.
114. I dont like myspace IM.
115. I hate it when my laptop's all slow.
116. I get annoyed very easily.
117. I like dark jeans.
118. Im tried of eating pizza.
119. I watch alot of movies.
120. I dont listen to the radio that much.
121. I fix my profile Almost everytime i get on myspace.
122. I spend money on useless things i wont even use.
123. <-- i think that number's cool ! :D
124. I hands are smaller than most people.
125. I should stop straightening my hair so much.
126. I dont like the door open.
127. I get tired very easily.
128. I dont really wanna go all the way to 200.
129. I think learning is useless.
130. Having sex when your like 12 is weird.
131. I cuss alot. D:
132. I used to be in a dance group.
133. I trust people to easily.
134. Im not really scared of heights.
135. I like tall shiney bulidings.
136. I wanna see how sky diving is.
137. I would like to own my own company when i grow upp.
138. I've been very lazy lately. [x
139. I get on youtube alot now.
140. I had like 3 myspace accounts; haha.i have my reasons.
141. Scary movies sometimes scare me.
142. I like seafoooodddd (:
143. There are only a few people i trust with everythingg.
144. I dont really like the jonas brothers.
145. I watch disney channel [;
146. 54 more to goo!
147. I look at the ceiling alot for some reason.
148. I dont like curve lines.
149. Music is not my passion.
150. When i listen to a song too much, i get tired of it.
151. i like BIGGG HUGGS (:
152. I burp alot? xD
153. I look at the clock alot too.
154. I like digital clocks.
155. Old houses scares me.
156. I look in the mirror alot O:
157. This thing is talking me two days ! D:<
158. I think wearing a bra hurts ];
159. I cant dance.
160. I hate it when my hair gets curly in the morning.
161. I forget things easily.
162. I suckk at halo.
163. I like beating duy at playing paper, rock, sissors.<[however its spelled]
164. I almost finishhhh!:D
165. I sing to myself .
166. I take prettty long showers.
167. I dont like cold water.
168. Fire scares me.
169. I have alot of my drawings hanging in my room.
170. I lose alot of things.
171. I will always have something in my back pocket.
172. I lost like 5 eyeliners, in 3 days.
173. I dont like cover-ups.
174. I wanna help the poor when i grow up.
175. I learned how to type from going on myspace too much.
176. I dont send friends reguest that much.
177. Random people add me on myspace too much.
178. I can be really slow sometimes.
179. I talk on the phone too much.
180. I get bored easily.
181. Im trying to not cuss as much.
182. Ive been through alot
183. I almost the whole twilight series.
184. I only read when i have to.
185. I like scannning through boring, long books.
186. Myspace is the only website i use the most.
187. This is going on a bulletin.
188. I like ending my sentence with a "."
189. I hate slow replies.
190. I think "Helen" is the coooolest name!;D
191. I like the rainnnnn.
192. I dont iron my clothes.
193. I like bigg boxes.
194. I dont like it when my mom goes through my things.
195. I dont like it when people lie to me.
196. 4 more to go.
197. Bugs are scarey.
198. I dont like it when people use big words on me.
199. Blackk is awesome.
200. My last one !:D
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I don't think anyone will waste their time on writing 200 facts about themselves, but surprisingly you actually did, cookies for you.
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Wow that a lot of things. I would not want to type 200 facts
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I hope this belongs in a group and not the main forums.
Sorry, no personal threads. Locked
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