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Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/13/09
lol, for me i lmao on the ending,,, i found it verry funny... LoL they show us how crazy all of them are, no offence, they show us how stupid the girls are, and easy to be mulipinated,,, And how far he have gone obsessed in sex. I found it an amazing cool ending, i just hoped if no exception all of them died lol, i mean i wanted that kotonoha would died too,,,,, or Sekai and Kotonoa both of them stayed alive...

I like the part when Kotonoha killed Sekai, saying "There's no baby inside you" lol,

but still i was sad when she killed her at the same,,, But i was happy when makoto died
Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/16/09
i also thought Makoto should've been hit by a train. LOL
but i lyked the ending it was unexpected and interesting.(=
it prob rlly freaked me out and im gunna hav nightmares ;D
but putting tht aside the ending was eh..suprising.
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M / Pearl of the Orient
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/22/09
If this turned out to be a happy ending anime.

Then all of you people will only have vague memories of this anime if it is talked about in forums.

You remember this anime because it has the most unexpected and has the most gruesome last episode of all the romance anime out there.
Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/26/09
Virtuous DUDE UR PIC ROCKS!!!!!!
Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/26/09
I think i would've liked an ending with sekai or setsuna, cuz kotonoha went pysco at the end.
Posted 8/29/09 , edited 8/29/09
iActually loved the ending xD
iT showed a big ending which teaches young people about
what could happen during their school days x]

But an ending which makes better sense would be ...
Senkai killing herself from the stress ..
Makoto learning his lesson but ends up with kotonoha anyway ..
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22 / F / partying all night
Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/2/09
the ending was scary :huh i just didt knew dat would happen????
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22 / F / partying all night
Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/2/09
but it tells u wat would happen in school day like they say love kiill
Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/3/09
The ending sure did shock me I'll admit, and I was even shaking aswell :(

I can't think of an alternative ending to be honest as I think that this one pretty much cuts it
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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/6/09
The game has lot of alternate endings, depending on how you play.
There was one where Sekai and Kotonoha compromised and decided to "share" Makoto.
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118 / Where the Wild Th...
Posted 9/7/09 , edited 9/8/09

Jetacku wrote:

after doing some digging found that this anime is based on a JP only graphic novel for the pc. Also that it has numerous endings, unfortunately it is all in Japanese and unless you can read or understand Japanese you have no idea what to press to continue the story, nor can you understand what they are saying. Hopefully somebody will get around to translating it, eventually.

Are these on the internet ? The alternate endings ?
Or, would I have to buy them?


To be honest , the ending actually terrified me.
It was so unexpected.

I do wish they ended with a happy ending . least a less violent one .
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Posted 9/8/09 , edited 9/8/09
This was a horror film ending, not at all to my liking. Yes, I wish there had been an alternate closure to this story. Chopping off his head was just too gory. So the guy was a tool. So what! Lots of people do not live up to our expectations, does that mean we chop them up. It's a shame, cause this story was so good til the last 2 chapters. Regrets for this one.
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Posted 9/8/09 , edited 9/8/09
For an alternate ending.... hmmmmm...

What about this? (more or less chapter 10-11)
Kotonoha feels depresed, after being rejected.
Inside her head only thinks about how bad she was being treated by Makoto; the only thing that she was confident with was her relation, but now she doesn't have anything to fight for.
This situations leads her to start wandering in the town, remembering the bad moments that she had happened.
At that moment, Sekai walks out the place that she is working, and see Kotonoha on the other side of the street. Kotonoha doesn't notice Sekai...
She's so immersed in her thoughts that keeps walking on the zebra crossing while it's in red. Sekai shouts out her name, and when Kotonoha raises her head, the tears are flowing down.
At that moment, an accident happens.

Sekai can't stay standing, but keep watching the scene.
At the hospital, Sekai is waiting in front of the ER, trembling. She holds her phone, and calls the only person that she want to talk with...

Setsuna is about to leave to France soon, but she receives a call from her friend. Setsuna replies, but Sekai can't respond. So she starts to talk with her, telling her how she became friends, how she was interested on Makoto before she gets the position of class representative, and... that she will help her forever.
Sekai is about to speak, but Setsuna says something like: - Makoto cut with Kotonoha definitely today, I was with him when he did it.
Sekai is speechless, and let her mobile falls from her hand, just at the time that a surgeon appear at the door of the operation room, and shakes his head to Kotonoha's parents... "She didn't..."
Sekai starts to cry desperately.

She feels guilty, and so she skips school. Setsuna tries to contact with her, before she leaves, but only gets to her door. Setsuna thinks about calling her by phone, but instead she left a letter at Sekai's mailbox. Then, she leaves.

Everyone at school knows the news about Kotonoha.
Makoto feels bad about Kotonoha, but he is so f%$&ing stupid (yeah, I hate him); that he starts flirting with Katou.
Though that she feels for him, she can't do it, so she starts to avoid him.

Makoto looks at his side, feeling the emptyness of the seat by his side. So he decides to go to Sekai's place.

When he arrives at her place, Sekai opens the door, at let him enter.
Makoto tells Sekai about Kotonoha, and that she had an accident.
Sekai then says: "I know".
Makoto gets surprised.

Sekai then starts to cry and says to him: "We can't be together Makoto, I can't stay with you anymore".
She wants to tell him everything, that she was there when the accident happened, and that she knew that Kotonoha was depressed because of her relation with Makoto.
Sekai couldn't tell him that she feels more guilty than ever. And because of that, she can't have the right to be happy with the one she loves.
Makoto wants to console her, but he don't try. [that's it, don't touch her!!! jejejejej]

He leaves without saying a word.

On the way home, at the train station:
He sits on the bench, with his eyes lost in the infinity.
Makoto starts thinking about everything, about how started everything, the persons he met, the precious moments that he had, and all that he lost.
Makoto realizes that his indecisiveness was the cause.
You can't have everything, so you must choose the things that makes you more happy, even if that means sacrificing other happiness.

He regrets now. The moment that he lost everything, is the moment that part of his heart died.
And Makoto cries...

Well, uffffff... any opinion? sorry that my english is so bad, (in spanish should've been easier for me), but I tried my best.
Making up stories is my best quality... (well, said like that maybe sounds bad).
This ending I think it's normal, nor happy nor too sad. Well, I feel sad 'bout Sekai, cause once help the girl I loved to get her boyfriend, so I know how is it feels. It's painful when you want her happy even if it makes you fells like sh... ejem
But I'm more identified with Kotonoha, because all the gf I have had always treat me bad... And surprisingly, when I'm more hurt by a beloved one, more attached to her I am, (I'm M?), so if Kotonoha killed herself instead of being accident, I think it could be logical too.

And also, in this ending, I tried to make Makoto not to be like the f"·%5ng b%$&@rd that he is...
He should have killed himself by geting hit by a train, I know, but I think that it wolud be very easy for him to avoid the problems. Like this he will suffer more!! jejejeje.

Uf, I hope you enjoy!! ;)

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Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/10/09
i think everyone is looking at this the wrong way.. this is totaly the worst case possible. this is so far out there that i could not believe it for a second. sekai a murdering psycho wow other than her being a bit depressed bout helping the person she likes go for another she does not exhibit any crazies. as for makoto hes a guy we all are sex crazy presented w/ the opportunity we have 80% chance of taking it. sekai apparently understands guys and sees right through makoto. so the idea of her not expecting any heart break is ridiculous. there for she would have been prepared for it and not gone loopy. i would have expected it from kotnoha though. she was mentally unstable form the start... not on the homicidal side but i could see her doin sum crazy shit way b4 sekai.

honestly i think this was written by sum under-sexed guy trying to live out sum weird fantasy and then throw in sum inconsistent bs at the end. the story did have sum good potential however when the orgy was WAAAAY over the top. hmm who knows maybe the series got a new writer half way through... a very perverted one. at the end of the day i could not relate, very poorly done anime imho(atleast the last half)

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Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
you could probably buy it on ebay or something but like i said it's in japanese there are guides to get the different endings you want out there, i think there's a website called sekaiproject or something that has a file you can download to make the menus in english. But the rest of it is in japanese and good luck with that.
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