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do you think inoo is yabu's girlfriend? (see photos)
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Posted 6/14/09 , edited 6/14/09
look at these photos and read below and answer the poll (specially the 2nd one) ::

And for some proof that InooBu exist:

During the HSB TALK part
The members were asked to talk about the theme, which is Koi. (meaning Love)

Koyama asked what Inoo is obsessed with, and Inoo replied, “Ano..I am currently obsessed with nyuyokuzai (???=bath fragrance) ne.”

And after the oooh and woah, he said, “Yabu gave it to me for my birthday…There were about twenty varieties.”
Yabu confirmed, “Yep I gave him.”

Inoo, “That nyuyokuzai is really rich…(sheepish laughter)” *rich in terms of fragrance
(OTL I wonder what was on his mind when he gave that sheepish laughter.
As if the topic is not already ERO enough.)

Koyama, “Inoo-chan is obsessed with nyuyokuzai…? OTL”

Inoo continues description, “It’s caramel (flavour).”

Then they were surprised at the caramel flavour.. so Yabu explained it’s one of those strange/peculiar bath scents…

Afterwhich, Inoo agreed with Nakamaru about having to re-shower, “After you take a bath once (with the caramel fragrance), you have to rinse your body again.”

Yamada, “But I have a goal related to work. I want to make an album na. Not just during concerts, but by releasing a CD, there will be more songs that I want more people to listen to.”
Daiki, “There will be many good songs ne.”
Ryutaro, “Yappari, when will it be ne.”
Inoo, “I want to release one, I want to release one!” <- -_-;;;;;;
Yabu, “I want to listen to Inoo’s solo song.” <- ♥♥♥
Inoo, “I am happy to hear this, but why?”
Yabu, “Nothing, just felt like saying it. (laughs)” <- ♥♥♥
Inoo, “What’s with that yo~ (laughs) Speaking about things we would like to attempt, I want to try doing a variety programme involving all 10 members of JUMP na
Osaka Concert Report (written by a Yabu fan)
“I think it’s the first concert on the second day, when 7 was singing their new song. Yabu was looking to the side, grinning happily and enjoying himself, and when I looked beside him, I realised that Inoo-chan was facing Yabu and grinning happily too!!! I am jealous. ><(…) And then after that the two of them looked at each other and smiled, and then turned around and made their way back to the stage…Inoo is Yabu’s girlfriend!! Absolutely is!!”
[Translations] Duet - January 2009
The theme is regarding dreams! (:
See another confession from Inoo ♥
Christmas Dream Story
I want to try spending Christmas in a lodge (cottage) found somewhere inside a forest. The snow will be falling and gathering slowly outside, but inside the room, it will be warm with a fireplace. Drag a real fir tree from the forest to the lodge, decorate it prettily (kira kira), and then sit beside it eating chicken and christmas cake. It’s not an image with the feel of a large crowded party na. It’s with an important person, and it’s enough with just the two of us. Yabu, I wonder if he will come~ (laughs) Yappari, it’s lonely with just two people ne. Let us all spend Christmas noisily and happily together!
Inoo is Yabu’s Girlfriend
Below is their first conversation that took place in the making of Mayonaka.
Inoo facing camera, “Yabu is the coolest (looking).”
Yabu notices and asks, “What?”
Inoo answers truthfully, “They asked me ‘How did the photos go?’, so I said Yabu is the coolest.”
Yabu suppressing mad joy, “Damn, are you my fan?’’
Inoo giggled like a school girl.
Yabu, unable to suppress mad joy, feels the need to return love, “Inoo is the coolest (looking).”
Inoo seems genuinely happy and gave guts-pose (victory pose) and said, “Yossha!” (Yes!)
(Inoo loves Yabu so much <3 Seeking gratification from him)
Yabu looks at Inoo’s guts-pose and changes face all of a sudden -> Looks back at computer screen.
Inoo started acting like a spoilt girlfriend, “Why are you making such a cold face?”
Yabu pretended that Inoo is disgusting and pushed him away.
Inoo giggles somemore, “Why did you suddenly behave like you dislike (me) in front of the camera?
Yabu laughs, “What!”
Inoo didn’t stop at THAT. He complained further, “Always wanting to hold my hand etc…”
Yabu’s speechless XD looks of terror and shock XDDD
While Inoo’s evil laughter resonates in the background.
Yabu, “Gross! This guy!” But he couldn’t stop laughing in happiness anyway~
Inoo, “Was that awful?”
Yabu, “This guy (referring to Inoo) is evil!”
Inoo, “It’s a lie.”
Yabu gives his best shot at revenge, “He gives me morning call every day… He would definitely call at 6.30am in the morning. Because I am sleeping and he has to go to school, he gives me morning call at 6.30am. Really disgusting!”

[Translation] Duet - November 2008
★ When I am with Yabu, I do feel quite relaxed. When it comes to the BEST members, no matter who it is, I don’t have to care too much. But even so, Yabu is probably special. I say this because we were from the same period ne. Even the date that we received for audition at the jimusho is the same. Our acquaintance is the longest. (At that moment, Yabu appeared wearing a hairpin pinning up his unusual side hair) Ah~ That hairstyle is good eh. I will do it next time. (”Really? Why~♪” and Yabu left.) See, such a gentle and obedient character of his also makes me feel at ease ne. (laughs).
Inoo, “I was told to have dream and hope.”
Yamada’s reaction, “I don’t understand the meaning of that!”
Takaki, “Ganbare!”
Yabu, “Have dreams, have dreams! Ganbare Inoo! (laughs)”
Uh… just Yabu…
Yabu: The kind of aura in which after Takaki passes through a place, there would be rose petals falling and floating around.
Takaki: I don’t understand what it means. (laughs) Yabu-kun, yappari is good at singing right. From low pitch to high pitch, your wide vocal range makes me really envious.
Hikaru: (Yabu is) Good at drums too. Occasionally on the phone I can hear the sound of the drums…
Yabu: Did I do that!
Inoo: He’s suitable with a guitar ne.
Hikaru: Suitable with drums too.
Yabu: I know I know. Whether it’s hitting the drums or playing the castanet, please display the mature style. (laughs) It’s this kind of feeling that we are still very immature, and after experiencing many things, someday I want to be able to say with confidence that I have “this” in my hand ne.
Inoo’s Messages
To Yabu: “Stop being a maniac in conversations! But, I like that (side of you)!” <- the maniac Yabu (LOL) has been mentioned quite frequently by the BEST members in recent months XD Sometimes Yabu talks about topics like he has extreme/mad enthusiasm in them, so much so it’s maniacal
From Yabu, “With Inoo-chan, we always get so high talking about manga ne. Let’s both cram in more information and do even more passionate talk!”

Inoo, “But, it’s not possible to play Wii at Yabu’s house ne. (laughs)”
Yabu, “That’s right, because there are so many things in my room, you will bump into them. (laughs)”
At this point in time, Yabu pretended waving Wii around. It was lovable. (laughs)
Yabu, “Ah?! There’s Hataraku Hito (the Wii game) at Inoo’s house right?”
Inoo, “Yeah, there is~”
Yabu, “Well then, I will go play at Inoo’s house~ (laughs)”
Inoo, “Ah haha. My house? (laughs)”
Kei-kun being called by Yabu-sama:
Yabu, “Yo! Mei Dai Sei!”
*mei dai sei -> abbreviation for Meiji University Student
Yabu, “It feels like Inoo is my fiancee!? But he really likes me a lot. See, I am currently talking in this interview, but he keeps on looking at me from afar. (laughs)”
Inoo’s Comments
When I was writing about the members on JWEB, I thought that I would just leave Chinen’s part till later. But I forgot about it and sent off the entry just like that. (laughs) Yabu said I am his fiancee? Annoying~ (laughs) But this guy is a tsundere*. Ma, I kinda like that. It’s been a long time being together with JUMP, and to me they are like my family ne.
Inoo: Talking about present, when I was a secondary school student, I kept begging and bugging A.B.C’s Kawai-kun, “Give me something for my birthday”, and after that he gave me the hat that he was wearing. During that period of time, I wore the hat quite frequently, but there was a coincidental occasion when I bumped into Kawai-kun and it so happened that I was not wearing that hat. Because of this, he was angered and said, “It was really difficult for me to give away that hat to you!”… Something that I have been eyeing recently is Yabu’s pants. It’s made from 4 different materials and the design is kakkoi, so I tried saying “Give me that” but Yabu refused. (laughs)
Kei answers:
Who do you want from HSJ to be your son? Yabu kun. Because he looks like he won’t be hard to raise.

Yabu answers:
Number 1 kindest member is? Inoo chan
What kind of person is Inoo Kei? He is nice to me.
On September 23, 2001, he entered Johnny & Associates as a trainee. Inoo Kei, a member of the same group as him, was also there during that time.

Q: Who Id want to as a boyfriend?
Inoo: (Yabu) obviously because I love him!
Q: As a friend?
Yabu: (Inoo)even he doesn’t have anything to talk about he often calls me in the middle of the night.
Q: As a brother?
Yabu: (Inoo) Actually he’s a lot like an older brother to me. I couldn’t think of anyone else that way. (*why not pick Hikaru??*)
Q: Good kisser?
Yabu: (Inoo) He seems like to give intelligent kisses. Like good quality ones.
Q: Who Id want to travel with?
Inoo: Ive been talking with him about going to hot springs together. How about it Yabu? ♥
Speechless at the moment. Inoo really talks like a girl. Like a girlfriend. He also send Hikaru a message before for his birthday and Hika said Inoo sounds like his girlfriend. XD I got most translations from Inookani (an Inoo Kei fanblog). I got a lot more hidden somewhere on my laptop. It’s in a mess right now so this is for now. I just hope after posting this I’ll get good sleep.

CREDITS TO : pastelcupcake

for the url, here it is :
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Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/26/09
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Posted 6/26/09 , edited 6/27/09
omg. this is one pairing that seems really real :O
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Posted 6/28/09 , edited 6/28/09
haha. they seem to be really dating
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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/9/09
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Posted 7/12/09 , edited 7/12/09
That is the best pairing ever! You know those magazines where it's like porn only you can't see anything and sometimes they have more than one guy in a picture...never seen one myself I just know they exist...but yeah that would be awesome...akward.
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Posted 7/12/09 , edited 7/12/09
Awww, Yabinoo!
Posted 7/15/09 , edited 7/15/09
it's a cute couple ...but i think they are just friends...
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23 / F / Frutellaland :)
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/16/09
they look good together ... . . as brothers
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Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/19/09
I remember watching the making for Mayonaka no Shadow Boy Inoo and Yabu look so cute ;DD.
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Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/7/09

I wanna add something!!!!


Shounen Club episode July 5, 2009:

Hey! Say! BEST wo Abake:( HSB were blind-folded and their voices were altered (chipmunk style))

The question: Who is the biggesr scaredy-cat?

1) Hikaru: I think its Kota-kun... because he was once told that he can't ride an attraction and he cried like a baby coz of that........ and then we had our sports day and he really wanted to participate but Kota-kun had to work that day... and just because of that he cried....and he cried while hugging me
Inoo: (in the background) KAWAII~ soo adorable <<< ♥♥ Yabu was so red by this time..

2) Inoo: I think its Ko-chan desu~
Yabu: Me again?
Inoo: Yes... I heard this from Inoo-chan....
Koyama: You heard it from Inoo-chan?
Inoo: Hai~ Well... Inoo-chan told me about the one night (O_O) he and Ko-chan was walking together at night (WAAAHH!!!) and then Inoo-chan said, "Ko, there's a frog." and Ko-chan jumped a billion miles away..
Everyone laughed..
Koyama: is there anyone else?
Yabu: May I go again?
Koyama: fine..ok then
Yabu: Kei-chan..
Koyama: who?
Yabu: Inoo Kei-chan..I hope he would stop calling me at nigt when he's lonely <<< (OMG!!! *faints*)
Inoo: Oi!!! Chotto matte~!!!
Everyone laughs..
Inoo: You must be Yabu!!! the one i'm calling must be Yabu!!
Koyama: Correct
Inoo: Of course..
Yabu:(in a small voice) You're wrong~

download here >>
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Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/5/09
Aww how cute~ But I think that these two are just really good friends.
Plus I don't think Johnny's would allow Boy x Boy pairings in the agency. It's just for us fan-girls!! xD
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Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
anyways... aside from that... i think its just that Yabu and Inoo were friends since Inoo joined Johnny's and that Inoo is just a very friendly friend that he likes to tease Yabu (and Daiki sometimes)... they're just really close and unlike other boys, jap boys are open with their friendships and sometimes pretend to be lovey-dovey like how we girls are....

but i cant deny the antics of these two are soooo cute... hehehe

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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/11/09
duuude, guys chill.
i guess their just really really good friends, like brothers, right? i mean, srsly we all have someone that we hang out with all the time and we get really close.
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/13/09
what????? they might just be getting along well u know... everyone doesnt have to conclude they are dating
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