Tila Tequila?
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Posted 6/14/09
Does anyone watch this show ,
A Shot of Love With Tila Tequila?

Info : She's a bisexual and wants to find true love , thus picking out 15 girls and 15 boys to find her true love.

My question is over the past seasons I have watched a bisexual show they always pick a boy in the end. So are these shows all contracted? to only make the guy she likes the winner?
Posted 6/14/09
Haha, I've watched that show too ^^
And no, I don't think so because if a girl won then the show would most likely gain popularity because it's more "interesting" to have a girl win.
And not to be sexist, the girl contestants (from what I've seen) get jealous more easily and are prone to arguments and cheating with each other (cuz they're all lesbians) more. While the guys generally don't have that problem. So in the end, the girls end up eliminated,
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Posted 6/14/09
I've watched some episodes and think truthfully that it is completely stupid and highly dramatized even when it isn't.
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Posted 6/15/09
yeaah lol i like the second part
i think its sooo funny when everyone ended up hating her
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Posted 7/7/09


As for the show, eh.. I noticed that as well. Even with "double shot of love" with those two twins, they ended up choosing the guy. *shrugs*
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