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Posted 6/15/09 , edited 6/15/09
If you want to have a cool love story , then try to request it here!! We can also do a adventure story for you! Anything type of story you want here! But we will not make ghost story...or scary story. Sry!
You can also request again after you request.
But pls wait patiently till the mods or creator finish your request.

Pls fill up this form.
Username :
Name :
Age :
Type of story : ( exp : love , adventure )
Idols of story : ( Guilun , guiwang etc.)
Story : Long or short ? ( If you choose long , pls tell us if you want to hav chapters or just a long one.)
Other characters : ( If you want to have a love fight between ( exp : bebu and guilun ) , then pls add the character ( exp : bebu) in here. Idols of story is the one that you want to pair up and other characters is the one that you want to hav a love fight between them.)

Sometimes we will add characters for you ourselves to make the story better.

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Posted 4/12/16 , edited 4/12/16
Username : Mini_XiaoJie
Name : Joyce
Age : 27
Type of story : love
Idols of story : Wang Zi & Xiao Jie (G)
Story : short
Other characters : Xiao Jie (B), Gui Gui
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