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GATSBY wax.Which colour?
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Posted 6/15/09
I agree. Boring thread. Plus it's a duplicate. These types of threads for gatsby were made a hundred times. All got locked:
There's more but search is lagging.

slowdanse wrote:

^^ How is it not?

I believe a good amount of guys use Gatsby in Taiwan + when I went there, they all had cool hair. Haha, you might be able to look for examples, tips, pictures if you search google or something? Anyways, I don't really think one brand of hairwax deserves its own thread, so please post in the threads above.

Sorry ^_^ Anyways... maybe it just takes practice?


EDIT: Well said, AHTL.

Posted 6/15/09
Lol the only Gatsby I know is the book and that hair product. How much stuff is there?
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Posted 6/15/09

Singloon wrote:

With the moving rubber series and it range of colours from green - purple.

And the the gatbsy wax range as well!!

Which one is the best to use??? I only tried grey - matte and purple - wild shake.

Kippu wrote:

Gatsby is this hair wax. Most asians use it. It's actually pretty great for styling hair. They come in different colours for different purposes.
Check it out:

Isn't it unhealthy to use that much product in your hair anyway? They say that Japanese men experience balding less commonly than white males do. Interesting. Anyhow, since there seems to be tons of threads about this and Kippu already linked some that are active, please use those threads(though one is in a group) instead.
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