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Traitor or Peace Keeper
By: EijixWasxHere

Ch. 1
A boy ran through a destroyed town as fast as he could. Not far behind him, a tall man, dressed in military uniform, was chasing the boy, “Quit wasting my time,” the man yelled. Than man drew a strange symbol in the air, and a bolt of lightening struck the boy in the leg. The boy screamed out in pay and dropped to the ground. The man walked over to the boy, the boy turned to face him and was terrified. “I will ask you again, will you join us?” The boy stared at the man in horror, he was to afraid to move. The man, now bored and out of patients, started to draw the symbol in the air again. But just then a spear stabbed the ground between the boy and man. “Who’s there?!”
A second later a tall beautiful women, with long red hair tired up, appeared next to the spear. “W-who are you?” the boy asked. The girl looked at the boy from over her shoulder, with an intense glare. Her dark red eyes, sent shivers down the boy.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Traitor herself, Hain Kieln,” the man said with a satisfied look. “I, Samuel Watkins, will defeat you!”
“Must you waste my time?” Hain asked.
“Shut up!” Samuel order. He drew the symbol again, and a bolt of lightening attacked Hain. But before it could hit Hain, Hain, Hain picked up the boy and ran away. Once a good distance away, Hain put the boy down.
“Stay here,” She order and left.
“You’re a quick one, aren’t you?” Samuel asked.
“Knowing that, will you continue to fight?” Hain asked. She stretched out her hand and a very well decorated lance formed. “I won’t go easy.”
“Defeating you will promote me to general!” Samuel drew a different symbol, but Hain had her lance at his throat.
“Now will you quit?”
“Never!” Samuel smacked Hain’s lance away and jumped out of Hain’s reach. He quickly drew a symbol in the air and a ball of fire hurled towards Hain. Hain created a barrier, that absorbed the impact. In a flash Hain was behind Samuel and with the bunt end of her lance, she knocked Samuel unconscious.
“A waste of my time,” Hain said and headed for the boy.
“You really are the Traitor?!” the boy yelled. Hain grabbed his leg, that was hit, and examined it.
“Hain!” a girl yelled as she skipped towards Hain. “That man was no match for you.”
“Min, heal this boy,” Hain said.
“Sure! But he has to tell me his name first!”
“Leon,” the boy said.
“Nice to meet you, Leon!” Min placed her hand over Leon’s wound, and a soft light emitted from Min’s hand and started to heal Leon’s wound.
“Traitor-,”Leon said before Min interrupted.
“It’s not Traitor! It’s Hain! You got that?”
“What?” Hain asked.
“Hain, I need your help!” Leon was on the ground bowing and Hain turned away from him.
“No. Revenge only leads to death.”
“WHAT?! You can’t expect me to let my parents’ death go un-avenged?!”
“If you wish to live, then you have no other choice.”
“I can’t accept that! You have no idea, how I feel!”
“Shut up!” Min yelled and slapped Leon. Leon just looked at her in shock. “You have no idea what Hain has been through!”
“Huh?” Leon said and was rubbing his cheek.
“When she was just ten years old, her entire town and everyone with it was destroyed by the Sengal, taken captive, and experiments were done on her.”
“Because power is a burden.” Hain said and Leon looked at her and was confused. “You don’t know about my power?” Leon shook his head no. “I guess my reputation doesn’t proceed me. Do you know about Tigen?”
“Tigen? That’s that weird power only a select few our born with right?”
“Yes, do you know the types?”
‘There’s the attack Tigen. Physical, that’s where all your natural abilities are enhanced. Weapon, the ability to create an extremely powerful weapon at will. Symbol, create symbols that can launch attacks. And then there’s the defensive Tigen. Barrier, the ability to create barriers. Healing, able to heal almost any wound. And finally Seals, the rarest type, it can either be attack or defense, create a seal that can do almost anything.”
“Correct. Now the rules?”
“Those born with Tigen have a special mark, that some times indicated their Tigen. People with Tigen only have one type, with the except with a few. And those with two have only one attack and one defensive. Also it takes fifteen years for the power to develop.”
“Okay,” Leon said and wasn’t really getting the point of this conversation. Hain lifted the sleeves on both her arms to reveal several strange marks. “Those are-?!”
“I am born several Tigen abilities from both attack and defense. And it only took five years for my first to develop and then another five years for the second one to develop.” Leon just started at her in disbelief. “The Sengal wasn’t about to loose me to the rebels or something else and they wanted to know how to make more soldiers like me. Do you understand now?”
“The Sengal destroyed your town and killed everyone you knew….How can you let them get away with that?! Why not join the rebels?”
“Because the rebels destroyed her new village and everyone it,” Min said to join in and Leon was silent.
“How can you let both of them get away with that?!” Leon asked after a long paused.
“Because destroying either of them would upset the balance.” Hain said and both Leon and Min were confused. Hain created her lance. “I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”
“What’s wrong?” Min asked now alarmed and was looking around for anything.
“We’ve go company.”
Two suspicious looking men came out of a destroyed building and walked up to Hain. “We come here to see what all the ruckus was and what do we find, the Traitor herself,” one of the men said.
“These must be some Tigen users you’ve rescued,” the other man said and was examining Leon and Min.
“If you still want your revenge, then I suggest you join them.” Hain said.
“Who’s the one interested?” a man asked and he looked at Min. Min ran behind Hain.
“I’m staying with Hain!” Min said.
“Fine.” the man said and turned his gaze at Leon. “What about you boy?”
“If you join them don’t expect me to save you again,” Hain said.
“Then why save me in the first place?!” Leon demanded an answer.
“Because I can’t let an innocent life be destroyed if there’s anything I can do about it. But if you choose to fight your life is no longer innocent, in my eyes, and doesn’t mean anything to me,” Hain explained and Leon was silent.
“Well, will you join us?” a man asked.
“….I don’t know anymore.”
“Tch. We can’t afford to lose your powers!” One of the men stretched his hand out and an plain looking lance formed and the other started to draw a symbol. Hain got in between the men and Leon and had her lance pointed at the symbol user’s throat and he stopped drawing the symbol.
“I would really reconsider what you are doing.” Hain suggested.
“He was born on rebel soil!”
“I was born on Sengal soil, but I don’t belong to them.” the man, with the axe, let it go and Hain lowered her lance.
“Tch. You’re damn annoying,” the men said and left. Hain let her lance vanish before she turned to Leon.
“You better not regret your decision.”
“I won’t,” Leon said.
“Good. Let’s go,” Hain said as she started to walk off.
“Where are we going?”
“To a village that I created and no outsiders no exist.”
“You created a village?”
“You don’t think Hain would just abandon us after she rescued us,” Min said.
“You done so much for me….” Leon said and felt a little guilty.
“Once we arrive, you’ll be responsible for your won place to stay and way of living,” Hain said. “I will not help you with that an anyway.”
“O-okay.” Leon wondered how he was going to support himself when they arrived.
“Hey Leon, I was wonder what Tigen abilities do you have,” Min said.
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know.”
“Don’t know?”
“A late bloomer, eh?” Hain said. “Show me your mark.”
“It’s kind of in an embarrassing spot,” Leon said and Min blushed.
“Never mind then. I guess will just have to wait to find out then.”
“Hain, do you know why the Sengal attacked my town?” Leon asked.
“You were born in a village that was pro-rebels. The Sengal didn’t want you to join the Rebels and at the same time they were able to get rid of some Rebels at the same time.” Hain explained.
“You said you were born in a pro-Sengal town. Why attack yours?”
“I was born with power. The Rebels were planning to raid my town and take me with them. The Sengal just be them to it.”
“But why destroy it?”
“The towns people knew how what would happen to me and….tried to protect me….that made the Sengal angry….Power is indeed a heavy burden.”

CH. 2
“What are we doing in Palmera?” Leon asked.
“I need to pick up some supplies and I know you’re hungry,” Hain said and Leon’s stomach growled and he blushed.
They walked into a small restaurant. Hain walked over to the counter and placed a bronze badge on the counter. A woman came from the kitchen and examined the badge. “You woman defeated a captain?” the woman asked.
“I I also took down a lieutenant a few days ago,” Hain said. “But I need it for supplies.”
“Let me see it,” the women order. Hain took out a silver badge and handed it to the woman. You must have defeated quiet a few minor soldiers when you fought him.”
“Yeah, they were real annoying too.”
“Alright, I’ll keep the captain one then,” the woman said. “What will you be having?”
“Order whatever you like,” Hain told Leon and Min. “I’ll be back.”
“Where are you going?” Leon asked.
“I’m going to get supplies.”
“I’ll come with you!” Min said.
“No, just stay here and eat,” Hain said and left before anyone could say anything. Min sat down disappointedly.
“It’s okay,” Leon said. “What would you like to eat?”
“Does Hain not like me?”
“Don’t take it personally dear. Hain treats everyone like that,” the woman said. “She doesn’t trust anyone and with her past like that, I don’t blame her. I just wish she would stop treating me like a babysitter.”
“…I understand,” Min said.
“Uh, what are you going to do with that bronze badge?” Leon asked and was trying to change the subject.
“Nothing,” the woman said.
“Then why have it?”
“Because it’s proof that one of those Sengal bastards was defeated,” the woman said. “So, it’s good enough payment from Hain. So, what will it be?”
Hain walked into a large, run down building. “Hey! Anyone in here?” Hain called.
“What? What the hell do you want?” a grumpy old man asked as he came from the back.
“How do you expect to get customers with a greeting like that.” The old man looked at Hain and mumbled something that Hain couldn’t hear.
“It’s you.”
“Here.” Hain handed the man the silver badge. He took it and examined it, before putting it in his pocket.
“This is the best you could do.”
“It’s not like I go looking for them.”
“Whatever,” the man said before he returned to the back. A few minutes later he came back dragging a large bag. “Hey! Help out an old man, damn it! Kids these days!”
“Yeah, yeah.” Hain went over a picked up the heavy bag, with one hand. Again the man mumbled something that Hain couldn’t hear.
“I still don’t understand why you need all those weapons for. That village you created is made up of nothing but Tigen users you’ve rescued. If you were to train them, you would have an army that rivaled the Sengal and Rebels.”
“Doing that would upset the balance,” Hain said before she left.
“You’re to young to be worrying about some stupid thing like that. Besides your birth already upset the stupid balance.”
An hour later, Hain walked into the small restaurant, that she left Leon and Min in. “Hain!” both Leon and Min yelled.
“Are you read to leave?” Hain asked and Leon and Min nodded yes. “Good.”

Ch. 3
“Here we are,” Hain said as she walked into a small lively town.
“What’s the name?” Leon asked and Hain sighed.
“A stupid name.”
“Stupid? How so?” Min asked.
“It’s called Utopia,” Hain said. Hain walked over to a very handsome you man, with short, spiky brown hair and hazel eyes.
“Hey, you’re back,” the man said and looked past Hain. “I see you saved two more people.”
“Can you take care of them, Sorean?”
“Leave them to me.” Sorean noticed the bag Hain was carring and sighed. “More?”
“If you would just train-,” Sorean said before Hain cut him off.
“No. That would upset the balance.”
“To hell with the balance!”
“The destruction of the Sengal and/or Rebels would result in chaos. And more people would people will suffer. I don’t want to be the one responsible for that.”
“How can you be sure that will be the result?”
“Because it’s a delicate balance.”
“Your birth has already upset the balance!” And Hain stared at Sorean with a hurt expression. “I-I…”
“….I know…But I’m to afraid to fix it…” Hain said and left.
“That’s not what I meant!” Sosrean turned to Leon and Min. “Hello, I’m Sorean Kirst.”
“I’m Leon Sandoval,” Leon said.
“And I’m Min Sung,” Min said. “You’re the former Rebel leader, aren’t you? The one that went missing.”
“Indeed I am. But as you can see I didn’t go missing I joined Hain instead.”
“After a fight with Hain I realized that wasn’t cut out to be the Rebel leader anymore.”
“I see.”
“What kinds of Tigen abilities do you have?”
“I can heal.”
“I haven’t discovered mine yet,” Leon said joining in the conversation.
“Yours need more time to develop. I look forward to learning what ability you hold.”
“What Tigen do you have?”
“I have seal Tigen.”
“Yeah. So, how about we get you guys situated.” Sorean started to walk away and Leon and Min followed.
“On the other side of town. Hain walked into a big, isolated building. “Hain, your back,” a man, in front of a large safe, said. He noticed the bag and looked at Hain.
“Yes,” Hain said and handed the bag to him.
“Why so many?”
“I think a storm is coming. I’m going to scout the area. I’ll see you later.”

Ch. 4
Outside Utopia, Hain was looking around to see if anyone was around. On the other side of Utopia, there was a large force of Sengal soldiers waiting to attack. “Are you sure this is the place?” a large man with blond hair and dark blue eyes asked. He was wearing a very well decorated uniform.
“Yes, General Sagtorious! All reports say that the Traitor is often seen heading in this direction, sir!” a young man in a plain uniform said.
“Good!” Sagtorious said with an evil grin. “It’s about time we ended this cat and mouse game, Hain!”
“What are your orders, sir?” the young man asked.
“Kill everyone in the village! That shall be their punishment for defining us!” Sagtorious said with excitement. He couldn’t wait to lay siege to Utopia, but he want the chance to fight Hain. “Leave Hain to me!”
“Yes sir!” the young man said.
All the soldiers started heading to Utopia. Those who were symbol users, started to create symbols, and spells of all kind, rain down on Utopia. Those who were weapon user, created their weapons and charged at the nearest enemy. Everyone in Utopia started to head for the large, isolated building, hoping to get there in time.
“What’s going on?” Leon asked.
“Damn it! We’re under attack!” Sorean hissed.
“Under attack!” Min yelled started to panic. “W-What do we do?”
“How the hell did they get past Hain?!”
“You don’t think Ha-,” Leon manage to say before being cut off.
“Shut up! There’s no way Hain would lose!” Min yelled in a high pitched voice. Fear was starting to mix with her panic.
“This is no time to talk!” Sorean said. “You two have to hide!”
“I want to help!” Leon protested.
“No! Your Tigen hasn’t awaken yet.”
“No! You’ll only get in the way!” They got to the center of the village and stopped dead in their tracts, when they say Sagtorious. Sagtorious was surrounded by bodies. He was holding a creepy scythe covered in blood. Sorean pushed Leon and Min into the nearest building. “Damn it! Of all the Generals it had to be him?!”
“Sorean!” Min yelled.
“Stay here!”
“HAIN!!!” Sagtorious yelled at the top of his lungs. “SHOW YOURSELF!!!!”
“Hate to disappoint you but Hain isn’t here,” Sorean said as he walked over to Sagtorious. Sorean was trying to his hardest to remain calm, but he was really terrified. He knew what Sagtorious was capable of and Sorean didn’t know what he what he was going to do.
“Sorean Kirst, former rebel leader, so this is where you were hiding at,” Sagtorious said and his eyes narrowed on Sorean, that sent shivers down Sorean‘s back. He was pissed about the information he just received. “Would you be so kind as to tell me where she is?”
“Like I tell you!” Sorean yelled in a pitch he didn’t want. Fear was creeping its way into Sorean voice. Sagtorious just looked at Sorean. Sorean’s gut was telling him to run for his life, that if he didn’t Sagtorious was going to kill him. But Sorean couldn’t run, he had to distract Sagtorious long enough for Hain to come. Sorean could only hope that Hain was on her way and he wouldn’t have to fight Sagtorious for very long.
“Are you afraid?” Sagtorious asked with some amusement in his voice and Sorean’s heart started pounding faster.
“No…” Sorean somehow manage to say it calmly.
“Really?” Sagtorious asked not falling for Sorean’s act. “If you tell me where she is, I just might let you live.”
“Screw you!”
“I thought you were a smart man, but it looks like I was wrong,” Sagtorious sighed. Sagtorious raised his scythe and pointed the blade at Sorean. Sorean just stood there, his body was going numb and it was getting hard to fight the urge to run. But he wasn’t going to abandon anyone, especially Hain, who was counting on him, or so he hoped. “I do hope you provided me with some entertainment.”
Sagtorious vanished right before Sorean’s eyes and appeared just behind Sorean. Sorean tried to doge Sagtorious’ attack, but Sorean wasn’t quick enough and his arm was nearly cut off. Sagtorious licked the blood off his scythe. “Come now, is this all you got?”
“Damn it!’ Sorean said and was gripping his arm. Sagtorious again vanished and Sorean quickly started to draw a seal, in the air. Just when Sagtorious was about to slice Sorean in half, Sorean finished the seal and Sagtorious’ scythe vanished.
“Seal users are so damn annoying,” Sagtorious said but he wasn’t really annoyed. Sorean started to create another seal, but Sagtorious punched Sorean, so far that it sent him flying into the wall behind him. Sagtorious created his scythe again. “It wasn’t to hard to break your seal.”
Sagtorious walked over to Sorean, Sagtorious grabbed Sorean’s neck, and need Sorean in the stomach so hard that he coughed up a lot of blood and felt like several of his organs were crushed. Sagtorious then slammed Sorean’s head into the ground and kicked him in the stomach, Sorean coughed up more blood and several of his ribs broke. “Not even worth my time. Now this is good bye and good riddance.” Sagtorious raised his scythe and was about to finish it, but Hain blocked Sagtorious’ scythe with her own lance. Sagtorious’ face light up with excitement. “I’ve been waiting for you!”
“…..Hain…..,” Sorean managed to say, but he wasn’t able to turn to look at her. He hurt so much and thought he was going to die, but now that Hain was here that feeling vanished.

Ch. 5
“Sagtorious,” Hain hissed. Hain kicked Sagtorious in the stomach and then jabbed her lance at him. Sagtorious avoided her lance and grabbed Hain’s lance and pulled it towards him, dragging Hain with it. Hain, using her lance as a base, spun around and kicked Sagtorious in the head the head and sent him crashing into the building behind me.
Hain walked over to Sorean and examined him. Sorean was breathing hard and a lot of pain, but was in no immediate danger; Hain sighed in relief. “Thank you,” Hain said helping Sorean up. Sorean wanted to say “No problem”, but he was in to much pain and besides there was more important things he needed to tell her. Hain knew that Sorean had something to say, so she set him down against the building, Leon and Min were staying it.
Sorean took a deep breath, that sent a pain through his chest. “Sagtorious….He has Physical Tigen now…” Sorean managed to say, but his chest was throbbing. Hain looked at him in disbelief. Sorean nodded to acknowledge that it was true. Hain turned to look at Sagtorious, who was climbing out of the rubble and was holding his head, and then she turned back to Sorean. Sorean was into much pain to move and Hain couldn’t watch him during the fight. Just then, Leon ran out of the building and towards Sorean and Hain. Hain looked at Leon that said “here did you come from?’’
“We’ll take care of him,” Leon said and he was helping Sorean into the house. “You take care of him.” Once inside Min ran over to Sorean and started to heal Sorean.
“Are you finished talking?” Sagtorious asked. He had his scythe across his shoulders and was very to continue the fight. Hain was studding him, trying to figure out how he suddenly gained Physical Tigen. Once Hain realized she was wasting time, she nodded yes to begin.
Sagtorious, at amazing speed, charged at Hain, he punched her in the gut, but Hain absorbed most of the impact. So, he then kicked her into the building. “There’s no doubt about it, he has Physical Tigen,” Hain said as she got out of the rubble and rubbed her head clean of the rocks. Once she was out, Sagtorious stood in front of Hain and he was about to slash her with his scythe. Hain jumped out of the way and slashed Sagtorious in his arm instead. Sagtorious quickly turned to slash Hain, but she vanished and appeared on the other side of the street and had her back to Sagtorious.
Sagtorious drew a symbol in the air and a large ray of light pierced through Hain’s chest barely missing Hain’s heart. Hain coughed up blood and dropped to her knees. “…Impossible…,” Hain said as blood dripped out of her mouth. Sagtorious walked over to Hain.
“You are no longer the only one who posses all attack Tigen,” Sagtorious said and was proud.
“We were finally able to make some use of that little information you left with us.” Hain stared at him with a horrified look.
Sagtorious raised his scythe and brought it down. Hain Jumped over Sagtorious’ attack, drew a symbol, and fire balls rain down on Sagtorious. Hain landed behind him and stabbed him in the stomach. Sagtorious grabbed Hain’s hand and swung his scythe at her. Hain was able to dodge most of it, but her arm was nearly cut off. Hain’s blood dripped off Sagtorious’ scythe and he licked it. “Mmm, this what I’ve been craving for!” Sagtorious said and he was excited for more.
“What’s with that guy? No matter what Hain does to him, he keeps coming back,” Leon said and was watching in horror.
“That man is a sadist and obsessed with power. And Hain is the center of his obsession,” Sorean explained. Min had finished healing Sorean, but he was still very tired.
“W-We have to help Hain!” Leon started for the door but Sorean stopped him by grabbing Leon’s wrist. “What are you doing?”
“What can you do? You’d only get in the way.”
“He’s right,” Min said. She was exhausted from healing Sorean. “Have faith.”
Suddenly there was aloud noise down stairs. They ran to the edge of the top of the stairs. There at the bottom was Hain and she was covered in blood. Sagtorious grabbed Hain and threw her outside. Sorean and the others ran back up into the room, to continue to watch the fight. Sagtorious was knocking Hain back and forth.
Hain was past exhaustion. Before confronting Sagtorious Hain had took down a majority of the Sengal soldiers here and now she was regerting doing that. But if she hadn’t a lot of the townspeople would be dead. Sagtorious was getting irritated at Hain’s lack of counterattacks. Hain avoided Sagtorious’ attack and came close enough to sagtorious to touch him. She drew a symbol on his chest, and a large shock wave went through Sagtorious’ body, he coughed up blood and started breathing hard. Sagtorious grabbed Hain’s head and smashed her face into the ground. “I think you might have collapsed one of my lungs,” Sagtorious said and was grinning like crazy. Sagtorious grabbed Hain by her hair and lifted her head up and slid his scythe under her neck. Sagtorious got down on his knees and had his face next to Hain’s ear. “So lovely!” He licked Hain’s cheek and Hain shivered in disgust. “I had so much fun!”
Sorean finally had enough, he opened the window, and shouted, “What the hell are you doing, Hain? Break the damn seal already!”
Seal? What’s he talking about?” Sagtorious asked and was looking up at Sorean.
“Tch. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go this far,” Hain said. She created a symbol on the ground and explosion happen. Sagtorious was caught off guard and he was force to get off a Hain. Hain stood on the other side of the street, facing Sagtorious. “I sealed my power because I have gotten to powerful and it was upsetting the balance…even more,” Hain explained. Hain’s back started to glow and with a glass shattering sound, several shards of light surround Hain. The seal was broken. Hain, placed her good hand, over the deep gash in her other arm. A soft light emitted from her hand and the wound started to heal at an incredible speed.
“You can you heal Tigen? And heal a wound as bad as that so quickly! You really are something else!” Sagtorious said and he became even more interested in Hain. Sagtorious charged at Hain, he swung his Scythe, but Hain put a barrier. Once Hain was finished healing her wound, she drew a symbol, and a giant fire ball blasted Sagtorious. She then grabbed Sagtorious’ by the collar and repeatedly socked him in the face, until Sagtorious was delirious. Hain threw Sagtorious into the sky, as hard as she could, then jumped into the air after him. Once she was over him, Hain kicked back down to earth so hard that a crater form when Sagtorious crashed into the ground. Hain created her lance and stabbed the ground next to Sagtorious’ head.
“Give up,” Hain order.
“Why? It just started getting really good!” Sagtorious yelled he was so excited and egger for more. Hain was now beyond tired of this fight, she drew a symbol on Sagtorious’ chest again a shock wave went through his body, but this time he lost consciousness. Hain got up and looked around at the Sengal soldiers that had gathered around, to see the battle.
“LEAVE!!!” Hain order and tired to sound angry. All the soldiers started to run away in panic, but a couple went to retrieve Sagtorious’ body. Once they were gone, Hain collapsed.
“HAIN!!!” Min yelled as she ran out of the building.

Ch. 6
In an old abounded ruin, not to far from where Utopia used to be, is where all the survivors were staying at. Everyone was restless and afraid of another attack. Hain was in a small room away from everyone. Hain hadn’t waken up since she collapsed a week ago. Sorean has been watching Hain the whole time. “If you didn’t care about the damn balance and fought, this would have never happened!” Sorean said to himself. Sorean lift Hain’s arm and examined it. On Hain’s arm was a strange, red, creepy mark. Sorean slid his hand over it. “I’m so sorry…”
“That’s not a bruise, is it?” Leon suspiciously asked as he came in. “what is it?: Sorean looked away and couldn’t say anything. Leon got angry and grabbed Sorean’s collar. “Tell me, what is it?”
“Leon!” Min yelled as she ran over to them and pulled Leon off of Sorean.
“That mark it’s the reason why Hain hasn’t woken up yet, isn’t it? What is it?”
“…It’s half of the mark of death….,” Sorean said almost to quite for anyone to hear.
“Half the mark of death? It’s only half is that okay?”
“No, because of dying a quick and painless death; she’ll die a slow and painful death…,” Min explained.
“How did she get it?” Leon asked.
“Only seal users are capable of creating the mark.” Leon turned to Sorean to Sorean and Sorean looked away.
“IT WAS YOU?!” Leon yelled and Sorean grabbed Sorean’s collar and slammed Sorean into the wall. “WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO IT?!”
“LEON!” Min yelled and tried to push Leon off but Leon pushed Min away.
“No, Min! Hain is going to suffer for the rest of her life, because of him!”
“Hain asked for it…,” Sorean said.
“When I first meet Hain she already had two seal users and was looking for a third.” Leon let go of Sorean’s collar and took a step back. “She wanted to seal her power. I know there would be consequences but I didn’t care, I thought it would give me an edge over her.”
“You created the mark of death as you sealed her powers?” Leon was quiet sure if he could trust Sorean.
“No. Hain’s power and life are connected. So, when she broke the seal it reformed into the mark of death. But I don’t know why only half formed.”
“Can’t we break it?’’
“No…”Sroean sat down next to Hain. “I’m so sorry.”
“Sorean! There Rebels are here!” a man yelled as he ran in.

Ch. 7
Sorean quickly ran outside and saw twenty or so people standing, several yards away from the ruins. “Well, what do we have here? We come for the Traitor, but instead we find our missing leader. We thought you fell prey to the Sengal,” a woman said as she walked over and stood in front of Sorean. The woman had long black hair and dark black eyes. She wore a tight T-shirt and short shorts. All in all she is very plain looking. “But instead you ran off with the Traitor. You’re so mean for making us worrying like that!”
“What are you doing here, Jeu?” Sorean asked.
“To get the Traitor of course,” Jeu said with a sly smile.
“Weren’t you the one always saying ‘how valuable she is’? Won’t you let us play with her?”
“Do you really think you stand a chance against her?”
“After her little battle with General Sagtorious, I believe she’s venerable.”
“And what makes you think that?”
“She must have taken quiet some damage. And I know for a fact that she hasn’t trained anyone in her little village to use their Tigen.”
“So? Hain can use healing Tigen. I bet she can even use Seal Tigen!”
“Really? She’s even more valuable!” Just then a lightening bolt flew past Jeu’s head. Sorean turned around to see Hain walking towards them.
“Speak of the devil!” Jeu said with grin. “That’s some hello!”

Ch. 8
“Miss Traitor would you be so kind as to join us?” Jeu asked. Hain drew a symbol in the air and a fire ball flew past Jeu’s head.
“Leave! I’m not in the mood!” Hain ordered.
“That’s to bad. Because we are!” Jeu said with a smirk and all the rebels charged at Hain.
Hain drew a symbol and several beams of light attacked on the on coming rebels. When the beams were gone, Hain created her lance and charged at the remaining rebels.
“Hain!” Sorean yelled. Sorean tried to run to Hain, but Jeu blocked his way and created a plain rapier.
“Don’t interfere!” Jeu order. She tried to jab her rapier into Sorean’s stomach, but Sorean created a seal and Jeu’s sword vanished. Jeu tried to punch Sorean in the face, but he grabbed her arm and drew a seal on the back of her neck. When Sorean finished Jeu collapsed. “Don’t worry you’ll only be a sleep for a few hours.”
Hain finished of all he attackers. She dropped to the ground, was breathing hard, and was clutching her chest. Sorean ran over to Hain and Hain was coughing up blood. “What the hell were you thinking?! Your body hasn’t adjusted to the mark yet!”
“HAIN?!” Min yelled as she and Leon ran over to them. Hain clutched her stomach harder and she coughed up more blood.
“I didn’t think it’ll be this painful,” Hain said to herself.
“Hain, did you know about what would happen after you broke the seal?” Sorean asked.
“I had a feeling something like this would happen,” Hain said.
Just then a burst of lightening blasted through Sorean’s stomach. Blood splatter all over Hain’s face and she had a horrified look on her face. Sorean dropped to the ground in front of Hain. Hain quickly and before she could even think about it, placed her hand over Sorean’s wound and started to heal it. She then scanned the area searching for the source of the attack. When Hain discovered the attacker, she stopped healing Sorean, and started at the attacker. “…Sagtorious…”

Ch. 9
“Hello,” Sagtorious said as he walked over to Hain and stopped a few yards away from her.
“Min, finish healing Sorean as best as you can,” Hain said. She got up and created her lance. Sorean grabbed Hain’s hand. “Let go.”
“You can’t win. Not in that condition!” Sorean said and Hain yanked her hand free.
Hain charged at Sagtorious and before she could do anything, Sagtorious slashed Hain from the gut and up to the barrier she created just a little blew her heart. Time seemed to slow down for Hain, she could see all the blood droplets fly across her face before Hain dropped to the ground. Sagtorious licked Hain’s blood from his scythe. Hain struggled to get her hand to her wound and started to heal it.
Sagtorious watched Hain heal herself and once she was out of critical condition, Sagtorious kicked Hain as harder as he could in the gut. Hain was knocked several feet away from Sagtorious. Hain coughed up a lot of blood and started having problems breathing. Sagtorious walked over to Hain and stomped on his chest and Hain was gasping for air. “I wish you would scream a little,” Sagtorious said.
Hain drew a symbol on Sagtorious’ show and a blot of lightening blasted Sagtorious’ foot and he was forced to get off. Hain then trusted her lance into Sagtorious’ arm and slashed down. Sagtorious drew a symbol and a beam of light was going to hit Hain but she created a barrier. Sagtorious kicked Hain, after the barrier dissolved, and she flew a few feet back. Hain struggled to stand up but ended up clasping.
“HAIN?!” Min yelled and started running towards Hain.
“MIN WAIT!!!” both Sorean and Leon yelled but only Leon was capable of going after Min.
Sagtorious quickly appeared in front of Min and Leon and had an evil grin on his face. “Leave them alone,” Hain was barely able to say. Sagtorious raised his scythe and Hain drew a symbol and a ball of fire but it died out before hitting Sagtorious. Sagtorious slashed down on Min and Leon. Hain’s eyes widen in shock and horror, Sagtorious turned around and was egger to see Hain’s reaction; but became furious when he saw the look in Hain’s eyes.
Sagtorious grabbed Hain by the neck and lifted her up. “Where’s your blood lust?!” Sagtorious yelled but Hain was to focused on Min’s and Leon’s bodies. Sagtorious started to squeeze Hain’s neck but she still didn’t look away from them. Sagtorious threw Hain to the ground and started to kick her repeatedly but Hain still didn’t look at away.
He’s going to kill her?! Sorean thought. He got up and charged at Sagtorious. Sagtorious now disgusted with Hain, turned to Sorean and drew a symbol, a large ray of light was heading towards Sorean; but before it could hit a large wall absorbed the attack. The wall then blasted Sagtorious with his attack but twice the power. Hain, with the last bit of her strength, was standing and in a stance.
“HAIN?!” Sorean yelled.
Sorean stared at Hain for a brief moment then at Sagtorious, who seemed excited. Sorean picked up Min’s and Leon’s bodies and ran into the ruins and once they were inside Hain collapsed. Sagtorious walked over to Hain and picked her up.
“Sir, what about Sorean and the others?” a private soldier asked.
“Forget about them. We got what we came her for,” Sagtorious said and started to walk away.” Call for some reinforcements to get those rebels. We shouldn’t let Hain’s hard work go to waste.”
“Yes sir!”
Sorean ran into a hidden room in full panic, where the others were hiding. Everyone started at Sorean with worried looks. They looked at Min’s and Leon’s bodies and the room filled with dread. No one was saying anything, no one could, they were to overcome with fear to say anything. When Sorean finally calmed down, he order everyone to evacuate through the back exit.
“Why?” a women asked.
“Sengal returned…”Everyone gasped in horror. “…Hain has lost….”

Ch. 10
A little girl was screaming and was trying to get free from a man and woman. A tall, average looking man, with brown hair and brown eyes, smacked the girl. “Shut up!” the man said as he grabbed the girl’s legs. The girl started to scream more and louder and struggling harder. The three adults slammed the girl onto a metal table there the woman tired the girl down. The average looking man grabbed a shot, with a very long needle, when the girl saw it she started to freak out even more.
Hain woke up in a cold sweat. Hain sat up and there was a sharp pain in her stomach, she lift up her shirt and saw a lot of bandages. Hain looked around the room. It was very large but some what plain. The bed, she was on, was very large and the blanket was some what thick and black. At the foot of the bed was a big T.V. In the corner of the room was a small refrigerator. Across the bed was a large couch and on the couch was some pajamas and a fresh Sengal uniform, they looked to be about Hain’s size. Above the couch was a large mirror. Taped to the corner of the mirror was a picture of Hain. Hain walked over to the mirror above her picture was the word ‘captured’. Hain looked at her reflection, her face was healed there was no sign of cuts or bruises. Hain noticed a large, black collar on her neck she tried to pull it off, but it wouldn’t come off.
Just then a girl caring badges walk in. Hain tried to create her lance, but the collar shocked her and she dropped to the ground. “Damn it! You opened your wound,” the girl said. A tall, handsome man with short messy red hair and bright green eyes walked in and placed his hand on the girl’s shoulder. “General Horatio!”
“Now, now lovely, you probably startled her,” Horatio said and walked over to Hain. Hain quickly got up and got into a fighting stance but the collar shocked her again. “Easy girl. That collar is designed to shock someone when he or she try to use attack Tigen.”
“Attack Tigen? No other Tigen?” Hain asked.
“There’s no need to put any restraint on defensive seal.”
“Good.” Hain created a small barrier in the small space between her neck and the collar. The barrier began to expand until the collar broke. Hain then quickly created her lance and pointed it at Horatio. Horatio raised his hands in the air, to show that he was defenseless.
“Looks like we underestimated you. You think by now we would have already learn our lesson.”
“I will not return to that lab.”
“Alright you won’t. Just put the lance away. We need to treat your wound.” Hain placed her hand over her wound and a faint light surrounded her hand and the wound started to heal. “Okay, never mind.” Hain let her lance go.
“I won’t attack unless provoked.”

Ch. 11
Horatio was showing Hain around the Sengal base. “I heard you were a sight to see, but I didn’t think it was your looks that everyone was talking about,” Horatio said but Hain wasn’t paying attention, instead she was absorbing her surroundings. “Why don’t you and I hook up?”
“I consider that a provocation,” Hain said and was glaring at Horatio.
“Sorry.” Horatio was a little disappointedly and Hain walked into the cafeteria. There everyone stared at Hain, but when they say Horatio they went back to what they were doing. “This is the cafeteria. Are you hungry?”
“A little.”
“No surprise, you haven’t eaten in days. What would you like to eat?”
“Whatever is fine.”
“Not a picky eater, my kind of girl!” Hain was in the process of creating her lance and Horatio backed off. “I get it! I’ll go and get you something to eat.”
Hain went and sat at an empty table. Sagtorious was sitting with a group of girls and when he saw Hain, he got up, and walked over to her. “Sleeping Beauty finally woke up,” Sagtorious said as he sat across Hain. Hain stared at Sagtorious for a second before she returned to watching Horatio, who was trying to decided on what to get Hain for dinner. “That uniform doesn’t suit you.”
“You think so?” Hain asked but her attention was on Horatio.
“It makes you look tamed.” Hain looked at him with a confused look. “But I see you got rid of the collar.”
“To easy.” Hain went back to watching Horatio, who was now paying for the food.
“You keep watching Horatio. Are you attracted to him?”
“No.” Hain started to look around.
“Then look at me.” Hain didn’t say anything nor did she look at Sagtorious. “You won’t look at me because of what I did to those kids?” Hain clutched her fist and gritted her teeth.
“Revenge leads only to death,” Hain said through her teeth. Sagtorious grew enraged. He grabbed Hain’s face and pulled her towards him.
“I don’t want to hear something so pathetic from you!” Sagtorious said through his teeth and started to squeeze harder. Sagtorious pushed Hain out of the way as a bolt of blue lightening passed between them.
“That’s no way to treat a lady. Specially a lady with an awesome body like that!” Horatio said as he joined them. Sagtorious got up and left and Horatio took Sagtorious’ spot and handed Hain her food.
“I heard rumors that you had weapon Tigen,” Hain said before taking bite. “By the way, don’t talk about my body like that again.”
“Sagtorious isn’t the only general that was given the ability to use multiple attack Tigen.”

Ch. 12
After they finished eating Horatio walked Hain to her room. “This is my room,” Horatio said and was pointing to the room next to Hain’s. “Night.”
“Good night,” Hain said before she walked into her room. When she entered the room, she saw Sagtorious sitting on the bed watching T.V.
“Yo!” Sagtorious said. He pointed to the couch. “There’s some pajamas over there.”
“Why are you here?”
“Because it’s my room.” Hain didn’t say anything, she left the room, Sagtorious followed, and Hain stared banging on Horatio’s door.
“What is it?” Horatio asked irritated as he opened the door. He saw an annoyed Hain and a smiling Sagtorious. “Oh.”
“I want a different room!” Hain demanded.
“You can stay with me!” Horatio had a big cheesy grin on his face. Hain quickly created her lance and had it pointed under Horatio’s chin.. “I get it, you’re not in the mood for jokes.”
“Where’s the female general?” Hain let her lance go.
“That’s not a good idea!”
“Speak of the devil,” Sagtorious said as he watched the female general walk towards them. “How’s it going, Lunan?”
“When Lunan’s and Hain’s eyes meet, Lunan quickly created a dagger and threw it at Hain. Hain created a barrier, the dagger bounced off, and vanished. Lunan gave Hain an evil look and went into her room.
“Charming as ever,” Horatio said sarcastically.
“What’s her problem?” Hain asked.
“She’s in love with Sagtorious. But you’re the only one he seems to give any time of day to.” Hain went to the room next to Lunan’s and started knocking. “Hain! Don’t!”
“Hello Hain,” the average looking man, from Hain’s dream, said after he opened the door. Hain’s eyes widen and she suddenly became incredibly angry. Horatio wrapped his arms around Hain and was trying to restrain Hain. Hain elbowed Horatio so hard that he cracked the wall behind him and slid to the ground. Hain then, in a blink of an eye, created her lance and had the blade’s tip right under the man’s chin. Her eyes were full of blood lust and the man was in shock. Hain dropped her lance and returned to her room. The man slid to the ground. “She’s absolutely terrifying.”
“Amazing! Her eyes were just incredible!” Sagtorious said. A loud crushing sound came from the room and Sagtorious returned to his room.
“He’s messed up,” Horatio said as he staggered to get up.
“Are you alright?” the man asked as he checked on Horatio.
“I’m alright, Santo,” Horatio said, but sat down holding his stomach. “She still was able to brake several of my ribs, even though I created a barrier.”
“Lunan we need your help!” Santo said and was banging on Lunan’s door.
“What?” Lunan asked as she opened the door and was pissed. When she saw Horatio, she walked over to him, and started to heal him. “I told you.”
When Sagtorious entered the room, he saw Hain’s hand smashed into the wall, and a large crack ran up the wall. Sagtorious walked over to Hain and grabbed her hand and examined it. “You’re eyes were truly something. How I wish you would look at me like that.” Hain didn’t say anything but she forced her hand back.
Sagtorious went over to the desk, next to his bed, and picked up two small pills and handed it to Hain. Hain looked at the pills and then at Sagtorious. “I’m sure you have a headache, these will help.” After a minute or so, Hain took the pills and swallowed them. A few minutes latter, Hain started to get dizzy and passed out.

Ch. 13
The next morning Hain woke up and was really sleepy. When did I fall asleep? Hain thought and looked around. Sagtorious was on the couch staring at Hain. Hain was a little uncomfortable about that. “What?” Hain asked. Sagtorious got up, grabbed Hain’s arm, and showed her the Mark of Death on her arm.
“How long have you had this?!” Sagtorious yelled and he squeezed Hain’s arm.
“It’s the price I paw for breaking the seal,” Hain said and Sagtorious strengthen his grip.
“So, the last time…?” Sagtorious asked and was unable to finish.
“I had finally awaken from the week long coma, you get after the mark, and my body hadn’t yet adjusted it, when we last fought.” Sagtorious squeezed Hain’s arm so hard that there was a cracking sound, he threw back her arm, and left the room. Hain stared at the bruise left by Sagtorious.
“Are you okay?!” Horatio asked as he bargained in.
“I’m fine. What are you doing here?”
Sagtorious walked into a large room, at the other end was a large desk and very tall, old man sat behind it. Sagtorious walked over to the desk. “You want to speak to me, President,” Sagtorious said.
“Yes, Hain’s behavior last night showed we really have no control over her,” the president said. “I need you to subdue Hain and force her to stay. I don’t care how you do it, just do it!”
At night, Hain returned to her room and Sagtorious was on the bed waiting for her. “I’ve been waiting for you?” Sagtorious said. Hain ignored him and sat on the couch. Sagtorious got up and extended his hand out to Hain and in his hand were two small pills.
“And those are for?” Hain asked looking at the pills.
“Take them.”
“No.” Sagtorious grabbed Hain’s neck and forced her to take the pills. Shortly afterwards Hain passed out. Sagtorious carried her over to the bed.
“I guess I’m going to have to tame you.” He started to take off Hain’s shirt. When his hand slid across Hain’s back, he felt something strange. Sagtorious turned Hain over to see what it was; it was a strange mark. Sagtorious instantly knew what it was and
became very angry.

Final Chapter: Hain’s Judgment
Hain woke up the next morning, she sat up and noticed she wasn’t wearing her shirt and she quickly covered herself with the blanket. “Where’s my shirt?” Hain demanded. Sagtorious got up and walked over to Hain; he was full of rage. “Well?”
“EXPLAIN YOURSELF?!” Sagtorious ordered. Hain looked at him with a ‘what are you talking about’ look. He grabbed Hain’s arm, yanked her off the bed, and spun her around. “What is this?!”
“…The other half of the seal…,” Hain said and broke free from Sagtorious’ grip.
“Because there’s no need for me to break it.” Hain said as she looked straight in Sagtorious’ eyes. Sagtorious reached, for Hain’s neck but Hain grabbed his wrist.
“No.” Sagtorious knocked Hain to the bed and pined her there.
“Or else what? You’ll kill me? I’m not afraid to die.”
“I’LL DO SOMETHING MUCH WORST!” Sagtorious started to kiss Hain’s neck and move his hand up her leg.
“Get off of me!” Hain started to draw a symbol on Sagtorious’ chest, but a sharp sudden pain shoot through her arm. Damn it! It’s the mark! Hain thought. Sagtorious started to remove his shirt. Hain’s back started to glow, Hain redrew the symbol, and Sagtorious was sent flying. Hain grabbed her shirt, that was lying on the floor next to the bed, and ran out of the room.
“I was so close,” Sagtorious said as he got up.
Hain kept running until she came to a dead end. She looked around and saw a door, with a sign that read, “L524.” When Hain saw the door Hain’s eyes widen in shock. “Why did I run here? Why am I running in the first place?” Hain asked herself before entering the room. “Only I can restore the balance.”
“Horatio! We have a problem!” Santo yelled as busted into Horatio’s room.
“What is it this time?” Horatio asked, but wasn’t paying any attention.
“My lab assistances are missing!”
“Probably just went to eat lunch or something.”
“I don’t think so! My lab was destroyed!”
“What?!” And now Horatio was paying attention. Just then a siren went off. “What’s going on?”
“Prison Break! Prison break! The Traitors responsible!” a voice over an intercom said.
“Hain?! What the hell is Sagtorious doing?!”
Hain stood in the middle of the cafeteria and was surrounded by hundreds of Sengal soldiers. Hain created her lance. The tip of the lance started to glow, Hain thrust her lance forward, and a giant ball of energy blasted the soldiers in front of her. The remaining soldiers started to charge at Hain. Hain jumped into the air, flipped, and landed on the roof, so hard that a giant crater formed. The tip of the lance began to glow again, she threw it at the ground. When it struck the ground, a huge shock wave knocked everyone back. Hain landed on the top of the lance. Just then Horatio, Santo, and Lunan barged in.
“What happened here?!” Horatio asked in disbelief. Hain jumped on her lance and turned to face them.
“What are you doing?” Lunan hissed.
“Restoring the balance,” Hain said. Hain pulled out a small device with a red button and she pushed the button and a large explosion rocked the building.
“What did you do?!” Santo asked.
“I destroyed the lab and all the data you gathered on me,” Hain explained.
Hain pulled her lance out of the ground and charged at Horatio. Horatio created two swords and blocked Hain strike. Hain dropped low to the ground and knocked Horatio off his feet. Before He could fall to the ground, Hain created a symbol and a huge gust of wind sent Horatio flying. Hain then quickly created another symbol and a two bolt of lighting when through both Horatio’s legs.
“Damn you!’ Lunan yelled. Lunan created two daggers and threw them at Hain. Hain caught both daggers and threw them back at Lunan, one landed in Lunan’s shoulders and the other in her stomach. Hain walked over to Lunan, Hain knocked Lunan into the wall that a crater formed, and Lunan lost conscious.
Hain walked over to Santo. Santo got in a boxing position, he tried to punch Hain avoided it and punched Santo in the gut so hard he coughed up blood and dropped to the ground. Hain stabbed her lance into Santo’s hand stepped on his head, he gasped in pain. “Does it hurt?” Hain asked. “You can thank Sagtorious for that.”
A blast of lightening struck at a barrier, that Hain created. Hain pulled out her lance and walked over to Sagtorious, who was standing in the middle of cafeteria. “Took your time, didn’t you?” Hain asked as she joined Sagtorious. “I’ll give you what you want.” A smirk appeared on Sagtorious’ face.
“Hain’s back began to glow, a large glass shattering noise was heard, and large bits of shinning lights surrounded Hain. In a blink of an eye Hain was above Sagtorious and was thrusting her lance. Sagtorious was able to move his head out of the way, but his cheek was still cut and his arm was cut off. And in another blink of the eye, Hain was twenty meters away from Sagtorious. “Amazing! I couldn’t even see you!” Sagtorious yelled with excitement and was applying pressure to the remains of his arm.
Sagtorious created his scythe. The blade began to glow and then the blade’s size doubled. Sagtorious charged towards Hain. Hain drew a large symbol a large symbol and a large beam of light blasted Sagtorious and smacked him into the wall. In a second, Hain stood in front of Sagtorious. “This is your true power?! Excellent!” Sagtorious tried to get up, but Hain created a symbol and three pillars of lights pinned Sagtorious to the ground. Hain dipped her fingers into Sagtorious’ blood and started to draw a very intricate symbol over Sagtorious’ head. When she finished the symbol embedded into Sagtorious’ back and he screamed out in pain.
“This is my judgment,” Hain said. “And my revenge.”
“What are you talking about? This is nothing!” Sagtorious said.
“Really now? I took away your most important thing.” Sagtorious looked up at her and was confused.
“My most important what?”
“I sealed your powers.”
“And if you try to break the seal the Mark of Death will from and you’ll instantly die.” And with that Hain left.
“HAIN!!!” Sagtorious yelled at the top of his lungs.
Outside Sengal’s base, Sorean and some of the best fighters in Utopia, were watching the rebels escape. After all the rebels were gone, everyone stood there in confusion. “What’s going on?” Sorean asked.
“It must be Hain!” Min yelled with joy. A few minutes later Hain came out of the base. Everyone ran towards her.
“Huh?” Hain asked. “What are you guys doing here?”
“Hain! You took down the Sengal!” Leon yelled. When Hain saw Leon and Min, her eyes widen and a small smirk appeared on her face. Leon and Min ran over to Hain. “Hain, my power is barriers! I was able to create one just when Sagtorious attacked.”
“That’s very lucky,” Hain said. “And I didn’t take down the Sengal, I merely crippled them like I did with the Rebels.”
“Hain…,” Sorean said.
“You’re in charge,” Hain said and started to walk away.
“Wait! Where are you going?”
“To restore the balance.” Hain continued to walk away.
“I thought you’d say that. See you later, Peace Keeper!”
“Another lame name,” Hain said. Without looking back Hain waved her hand good bye.

A girl, no more than eight years old, was outside playing with a ball. Hain, wearing white pants and nicely decorated black shirt and had her long shinning, red hair; she no longer looked like a warrior, she walked over to the little girl and bent down in front of her. “Hello, little girl. What’s your name?” Hain asked.
“My name is Hain,” the little girl said.
“Really? That’s my name too.”
“Really? That’s cool!”
“Can you tell me where Sorean lives?”
“Sorean? He lives in the big, blue house down the road.”
“Thank you.” Hain waved good bye and left. The little girl ran into her house calling for her parents.
“What is it Hain?” Min asked as she and Leon entered.
“I met here!” the little girl said excitedly.
“Met who?” Leon asked.
“The woman from your stories! Hain!” Leon and min looked at her in disbelief and then rushed outside. Hain had already left but in the middle of the rode lay a piece of paper and three golden badges. They walked over to it and read the note, “A gift.”
“Hain really was here!” Min said.
“Seems like she still hasn’t learned to say hello,” Leon said. He examined the badges, “Horatio, Lunan, and Santo.”
There was a knock on a bedroom door. “Come in,” Sorean called. A tall, buff man walked in and was caring a piece of paper and handed it to Sroean. “What’s this?”
“I don’t know. This beautiful woman asked me to give it to you,” the man explained.
“Beautiful woman?” Sorean asked. He looked at the paper, it read, “A gift for you,” and there was a golden badge attached to it was Sagtorious’ badge. Sorean ran outside and looked around. “She left already…”
“Who was she?”
“My first love.” Sorean said and went inside.

The End
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