Tales Runner
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Tales Runner is a new game localized by gPotato. Its not another MMORPG, It is an MMO Racing game. There aren’t a lot of quality games in this genre and I feel that Tales Runner will do extremely well because of its unique gameplay and features. It is a racing game but it also has many of the elements of an RPG. There is a leveling system, a town where players can socialize, as well as an alchemy system that players can use to craft items to help improve their stats. This is not even to mention the plethora of items and outfits that each character has access to.

There are multiple game modes; basic races, relay races, 30 player survival races and even a single player mode. For the more social users there is a town in which players can interact, show off their gear, make a farm (house) or become a “couple” with someone else.

Tales Runner is a great new game to get into.
Heres a few gameplay vids of it:

Check it out

My Ingame name is SolEx if u play
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My ingame name is Tsukine /( ^ w ^ )\
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F / @Aronzi
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:O sounds interesting.

>> not many addicting games come out nowadays {to me}. but i think this will be pretty addicting. do you think there is another game like it? even if u say it is unique?
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sounds cool!
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28 / M / Wiith Herr :3
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Veryy Good Gameee.!:3

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Mine is mahougirl
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My in-game name is Hanahoshi. Add me! :D
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My IGN is Skyy
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I dont like it. People look down on you when ur a low level and such. You probably wont even feel welcomed there. The ''pros'' would kick you outta the room if you're a low level, cuz supposedly you're making them ''lose'', when all you wanted was to get better in the map (especially in wonderland maps). The higher levels would keep leveling while the newbies take forever since they keep getting kicked outta the room. And almost all of the good characters they have are CASH (you can get free cash through offers though, but its a REAL pain.) Well enough complaining =.=;. I just posted what i experienced so no need to get mad over this post if you're a TR maniac
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stupid gpotato allways mess things up! Tales Runner is a good game why shut it down! fck
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