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23 / F / in the widdo asia...
Posted 6/21/09 , edited 8/2/09
Mwaahahahahahahahahahaha xD Sorry But You Gotta Follow The Rules

1: No Cybering (Spamming)
2: Be Nice, No Bad Comments. If Someone Needs To Work On One Of Their Moves, Say It Nicely.
3: Must Have A Cwalk Name. If Not Then Just Ask & I (Or We) Could Help You Think Of A Perfect Name.
4: Fellas Dont Think That You're Better Than The Laydeeess Cause They Can Cwalk Too (Same With The Kiddos).
5: Feel Free To Add Picture. No Porn Please <_<
6: Feel Free To Add Your Own Cwalk Videos.
7: Feel Free To Make Fan Signs (Laydees, Please Dont Put Letters At Your Boobs -.- Its Kinda Disturbing To Some People)
8: Make New Avi/Banner If You Have Photoshop If You Like But It Only Happens After 6 Months (Meaning After 6 Months We Change Our Avi).
9: Never Say You Suck! You'll Get Better In A Couple Months!
10: No Chain Letter Please
11: NO PICTURE STEALING! Unless Its For Banner/Avi
12: Cwalk In Any Kind Of Shoes You Want (Just Dont Cwalk In Cleats xD)
13: Enjoy & Have Fun Cwalking (Just Dont Hurt Yourself)
14: Will Have A Contest Every Month To See Who's The Best Cwalker (Like Olrickx), Videos Only.
15: Btw, If You're In A Cwalk Crew- Tell Me/Us What's The Crew Name. If Your Crew's Name Are Initials, Tell Us What It Stands For (Ex: Im In A Crew Of TANC , Tre, Alex, Natasha, Christina (Me). We're The Main People Of The Group. He Dont Only Cwalk, But Also HipHip (Mostly Natasha), Break (Mostly Tre & Alex) & Freestyle (Tre & Alex) :D)
16: Chat With Each Other & Make Some New Friends :happy:
17: You Dont Have To Be A Cwalk To Join This Group, This Group Is Just For Fun

If There's Anymore Rule You Want To Add, Just Tell Me & I'll Add Them But I Have See If I Agree With You First
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