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Getting your Permit/Licence
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28 / F / who knows
Posted 7/11/09
theory was a stroll in the park
road test was a pain in the neck
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25 / M / USA
Posted 7/12/09
permit is easy to get. license is little harder. i barely passed my license test cause i forgot all the commentary i had to do at my driving school lol...
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M / 19.04
Posted 7/14/09
i didt even study the book and i learned to drive in 3 hours the day before my driving test and i passed, its pretty easy
Posted 7/15/09
Lol it was easy, but I was so nervous, I thought I was going to fail...
And then the guy was like you passed! I like patted his shoulder and was like omg are you for real?
=D So happy I got it!
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25 / M / Under the hood, f...
Posted 7/16/09
easy, first try on both. almost failed the driver test though
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28 / F
Posted 7/23/09
just give the guy who testing u a wink, and u will get the lisence easily.. lol
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F / Xiah's Heart.
Posted 7/24/09
honest truth, to get ur permit, study ur booklet and watch youtube vids of DMV things online (or take the practice tests on the DMV website) seriously helpful!
then to pass the driving test ( i didn't go to driving school) practice with someone who knows the road and rules well, or driving school.

I failed my permit test once, and passed the second time. I failed my driver's test twice and finally passed the third time. xD
So don't worry about failing, there's always second chances. But make sure you pass B4 ur driver's permit EXPIRES! xD
Posted 7/25/09
I should be able to get mine in February 2010. Which sucks, because by the time I get it, almost all of my classmate would have their permit already.
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24 / F
Posted 7/26/09
It was too easy. you could get it even if you're the worst driver ;[ i got my license already and i'm not the best driver out there XD
Posted 7/26/09
The permit test is pretty much common sense, but some questions asked are stupid what the hell questions.

The driving test is easy, then again I don't know how it would be in Cali and other places. For me, I just drove in a neighborhood. Didn't need to parallel parking or any uphill/downhill parking. Only thing I lost points on was not stopping long enough on Stop signs. Otherwise it's easy.
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37 / In Limbo in Silen...
Posted 8/3/09
Here's a funny question.
What does a permit (a piece of laminated paper) allow you to do now, that you couldn't do before, and where does the DMV get the authority from to give it to you?
I have the right of travel, as covered in the 9th & 10th Amendment.
So unless cops suddenly have x-ray vision or mind reading skills to weather of not you have the piece of paper, they can't stop me from driving to the store in a car/motercycle. Because it's a non-moving violation!

Skip the DMV.
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25 / F
Posted 8/5/09
LOL I failed the first time due to overconfidence and making stupid mistakes....always wait three seconds at stop signs even if there's not a car anywhere in sight!! Honestly, driver's ed really helped me out (even though I failed the first time haha)....taught me how to parallel park pretty well and I got to know all the little picky rules that people throw out the window as soon as they get their license but the driving instructor person really looks for. Just dont be too worried, relax and drive! Haha once you get your license it's freakin awesome xD
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