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New Super Mario Bros. Wii
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100 / M
Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/23/09
So what do you guys think about New Super Mario Bros. Wii that was mentioned at E3?

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27 / F / USA
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/12/09
Yes, it was shown at this years E3 Expo in America. Youtube it and you'll see it.
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31 / M / usa
Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/14/09
If there online co-op I think I'm gonna have a fan-gasim
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Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
i like the new thing where a comp. can go through the stage if you can't beat it!!
Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09
I really love new super mario bros for the ds and i'm sure this game will be awesome too
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28 / M / Mexico Tamps
Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/2/09
Wowo !! Viva ¡¡ Realle I want to play this game
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23 / M / Everett,MA
Posted 8/30/09 , edited 8/30/09
yup yup great game i got it on reserve
but i only put $5
still gotta pay $45
and i also put Super Mario Galxay 2 on reserve.....................for $5
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28 / F
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/2/09
Super Mario Galxay
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31 / M / US
Posted 11/2/09 , edited 11/3/09
At this point, I am really looking forward to this game. The most disappointing issue to me is that during the holidays, since I have only 2 Wii remotes and I bring my Wii to my cousins' house to play with everyone, I won't be able to use my Gamecube controllers since Nintendo didn't implement that or the classic controller into the game. I mean, is it that hard to allow for the 'shake' moments to button presses as I don't see it messing with the gameplay all that much? That is the only reason that I am holding off on the game so far and might be the reason why I might not even get the game at all, otherwise the game looks like it will be great.
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Posted 11/24/09 , edited 11/24/09
ima buy it soon does any1 have it??
is it good??
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M / The Epicentre
Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/5/09
I got it already. SICK!

It's like old school Mario but with new twists and creativity so it ain't stale.

Luvs it!
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26 / M
Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/22/10
OMG it's sooooooo much fun especially when you have 3 other players playing with you.
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34 / F / UAE
Posted 1/22/10 , edited 1/22/10
I have it, it is vveeerrryyy interesting and so fun to play, really i couldn't get enough of it.
Posted 1/26/10 , edited 1/27/10
Really entertaining! I had it for a month and I'm still playing it with my cousin, her little sister and some friends who end up coming to her house.

I believed the game is more fun when you play with friends. It is possible that there will be arguments such as:

"omg!! why did you toss me in the lava?"
"Hey You stole my yoshi!"
"Arrgg Ima get you!!"
" NO NO.... (!) Yes.....Whew! I survive"
-- " What? I didn't. You JUMP ON MY HEAD!"

etc. etc., when I played with my cousin, my cousin little sister, and a couple of friend (sometime take turn) We yelled soo much in excitement, our parents told us to quiet down 8 time! I have to admit.....I want to yell not because i am mad, but excited with laughter and surprise. I end up shoving papers in my mouth and make yelling moaning noise . Anyway, just explain, or learn that people should not be seriously upset about the game. Arguments is possible.

The game is fun. It isn't online though. There pros and cons when working by yourself and working with partners of 2, 3 or 4. Working by yourself means no distraction, no interruption, and no screen movement by partners. However, one death and you'll start over unless you touch a small flag/checkpoint.

With Partners, it is fun and hey...... I laughed. One time, my friend was playing with his brother, grandma, and their little sister. I loled @ grandma when they tried to teach her how to play and get to the big flag. Turns out she never died when she reach the flag and my friends keep on dieing. Pros for having Partners is that if you die in a map, you will survive if your partners do not die ( and if there are any life points left).

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28 / F / New England
Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/31/10
I love New Super Mario Bros. Wii! I play it all the time when my friends and I get together. I usually play as the yellow toad. ^.^

It's probably one of the best installments in the Mario series in a while, I love being able to jump on other people's heads! It's so fun! But it can also cause a lot of competitive spirit to come out hahaha

I only wish they had left more of the original music in the game... that's my only complaint really.
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