Summer X Summer inspired POEM
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Posted 6/23/09 , edited 6/23/09

I never thought of falling for you
I thought you are weird like others do
But you are special, you have changed my view
Though at first, I thought my life you'll screw

You are the only one that I can't share
Breaking your heart, I don't dare
Living without you is what I can't bear
Because without you, it feels like no air

Thought at first, you are annoying
But later on, your company, I am enjoying
All your efforts are not just for nothing
And if someone will hurt you, his life- I will be destroying

Though I'm treating you as a devil, angel is what you think of me
And because of that, you touched inside of me deeply
I'm sorry that at first, I treated you harshly
But now I promise, whenever you're in trouble,--I'm always there in a hurry

You said like Peter Pan you'll stitch back my shadow
you already did it, and you also removed my ego
You made myself high, when I feel oh so low
And who I am now, it's you who I owe

Your efforts has already come to an end
My hand to you only will I extend
There's nothing for us to pretend
And now our love for each other, noone could ever suspend
-Summer Lou

[p.s. I asked permission from the author ]

I just love the poem. It suits the drama and their ROMANCE
what do you think about it?

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Posted 6/23/09 , edited 6/23/09
Posted 6/23/09 , edited 6/24/09
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