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Posted 6/23/09
Here are all of the Japanese Numbers and how to write and say them: Some of the Kanji words might be hard to read. Sorry.

0 rei [rei] 零 zero
1 iti [ichi] 一 one
2 ni [ni] 二 two
3 san [san] 三 three
4 si/yon [si/yon] 四 four
5 go [go] 五 five
6 roku [roku] 六 six
7 siti/nana [sichi/nana] 七 seven
8 hati [hachi] 八 eight
9 ku/kyuu [ku/kju:] 九 nine
10 zyuu [ju:] 十 ten
100 hyaku [hjaku] 百 one hundred
1,000 sen [sen] 千 one thousand
10,000 man [man] 万 ten thousand
100,000,000 oku [oku] 億 one hundred million
1,000,000,000,000 tyoo [cho:] 兆 one trillion
10,000,000,000,000,000 kei [kei] 京 ten quadrillion

Examples: (The tricky ones or the different ones the words are in red)
12- () juu ni 十二
20- ni juu 二十
23- ni juu san 二十三
45- yon juu go > si juu go 四十五
78- nana juu hachi > sichi juu hachi 七十八
98- kyuu juu hachi 九十八
123- hyaku ni juu san 百二十三
234-ni hyaku san juu yon 二百三十四
345- san byaku yon juu go 三百四十五
678- roppyaku nana juu hachi 六百七十八
876- happyaku nana juu roku 八百七十六
1,234- sen ni hyaku san juu yon 千二百三十四
2,345- ni sen san byaku yon juu go 二千三百四十五
12,345- ichi man ni sen san byaku yon juu go 一万二千三百四十五

Here is math terms (plus, minus, equal, etc.)
-1 mainasu ichi (minus one) マイナス一
1+2=3 ichi tasu ni wa san 一足す二は三
3-2=1 san hiku ni wa ichi 三引く二は一
2*3=6 ni kakeru san wa roku 二掛ける三は六
6/3=2 roku waru san wa ni 六割る三は二
7/3=2, 1 nana waru san wa ni, amari ichi
When seven is devided by three, the quotient is two and the remainder is one. 七割る三は二、余り一

Wa= Equals
Tasu= Plus
Hiku= Minus
Kakeru= Multiply
Waru= Divide
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Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
well now i know how to confuse my friends with math!

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