photoshop and gimp tutorials by eggy_roll_1 and oceansoul48
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Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/27/09

spiral bind effect

where i got the notebook stock image:

pattern tutorials by me
for photoshop and gimp

diagonal scanlines
1.make a new image with 4x4 pixels and background transparency
2.get out the pencil tool and the size should be one pixel and zoom in
3.draw a diagnal line acroos the corners

should look like this:

zoomed in

4:after that click edit>define pattern

dotted grid

1.make a new image 31x31 pix with bg transparency
2.zoom in and draw equal sized dots along the 2 sides with a one pixel pencil

like this

might take while to draw

3:after that click edit>define pattern

to use the patterns:
click on the paint bucket tool and on the tool options change the setting to pattern(its next to the pic of the paint bucket)
tuts by oceansoul48 coming soon
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