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Posted 11/17/09

VladVincent wrote:

Kisuke_Moto wrote:

XxvampirehimexX wrote:

chances are that he's the -1 espada. and, is anyone else here curious about WW's released state or what it might be?

There are no signs of what kind of power he has. It's impossible at the moment to even predict what he may do. I admit I am surprised he's even powerful at all. He must have a dark trick up his sleeve. But just don't know how to pull it out since he seems like a duh duh guy
It's gonna be hard to learn his Zanpacto's name. He hardly ever speaks.

Maybe WW's zanpakuto name is meh...seeing as how he can't even talk. He only mumbles and groans like Sp-ed person. I need to read some of the latest manga thought to really gain an opinion about him. I only remeber watching the anime episode of his creation and seeing him. after that I pretty much though "Do not want"

Edit: Once for spelling xD

Well. I think he can speak. But to much in wonder land. He looks that way. Maybe that's why he's called Wonderweiss
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Posted 2/7/10
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Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/7/10
The fact that stark said ''wonderweiss is here means aizen cant wait'' proves that in anycase the top 3 espada cant finish the job, wonderweiss would, which mean wonderweiss has to be strong to be able to take up such a role, probably even better than stark himself, that is how i feel though.

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Posted 2/16/10
His fight with Kensei was started so long ago and Kubo just never went back to it lol. I wish they had done it earlier as the way things are now, no one even cares about that fight anymore as the big fight with Aizen has started
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