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Posted 6/25/09

To becum a Gummi Princess fairy yuh need to think of a gummi that has
a rad color like neon or a cool shap like a cat O....o & a cool taste like
chocolate cake O----o can yuh think of a gummi better then that?
If yuh can then yea yur so totally ment to be the gummi princess fairy. xO
Posted 6/25/09
oh yesum i can A Rainbow Strpied Gummibear Shapped Like Toto {From wizards of Oz} & Tastes Like Snickers Flavored Icecream!;D
Posted 6/25/09
wahh i luvv that :O snickers are mai fav also Brillent!
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Posted 6/26/09 , edited 6/26/09
I WANNA BE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^

mine will be in the shape of a unicorn with
RAINBOW colors that u can all imagine :3

it is majic >:3 xDDD u make it taste like what u want it 2 be IT IS MAJIC XDD lol

he is hot or is it a girl
Posted 6/26/09
a gummi bear in the same of heart with an arrow through it and eat one tastes like a different flavor, strawberry, berries chocolate, vanilla, and they glow in the dark ^^
Posted 6/27/09
Mine is gonna be a ballerina, her colorz r hot pink, black, and white, she will taste like chocolate covered strawberries! and u know the black lights yeah I think thtz wat they r called if u put her under 1 she lightz up!!!
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Posted 6/28/09
A rain bow striped gummy,shaped like a dino and tasts like a different flavor for each stripe (passion fruit,then oranges, then lemons, then mango,then kiwii,and then chocolate!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 6/30/09
umm i shuld deserve to be gummi princess!!:P uhhh my gummi will look like a dinosaur:)& it will taste like starwberry shortcake& chocolateO.o& the color will be... neon rainbows:o!!!!
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Posted 8/4/09
Okay. My Gummy is in the shape of a Nuckle Duster and is black and red ((Black with red pollcadots)) and it tastes like Banana cakeeee!!!!!!!! XD
Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/28/09
a gummi that looks like this :D:

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