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21 / F / SHINee World :D
Posted 6/26/09
This is the place you can discuss or talk about things about our Romeos.

Speak in English.
No bashing. Respect other members opinion is a must.

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19 / F / Infinite &&* Teen...
Posted 7/6/09
well... i think the Jonghyuns voice is super smexy and it melts my heart!
umm.. minho is soo~~ awesome! and i think he is totally cute...
Taemins dance gives me chills(good ones xD)
key is super awesome when speaking english and he is super cute^^
onew is strong and the best leader that the can ever have!!
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28 / F / Indonesia
Posted 7/24/09
hi everyone...

yeah i totally agree with u so_in_love..
they r so tallented..n so down to earth..
the first time i saw them, instanly i fall in love...hihi..

basicaly they r the greatest group in d world.hahahaah..
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