An Ode To Mariya Shidou
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28 / M / New York
Posted 6/26/09

its a habit,for me to fantasize about his fat dick
ask the admins,there's no other way id have it

it may seem gross,maybe even detestable
but i want to suck his testicles like freshly picked vegetables

im a rowdy,slut for his dick in my butt and proudly
accept any invitation,for penetration of his cock around me

whats most important for me,is to speak openly
about how i crave his semen to fragrance me like Potpourri

i need a cum filling,to keep me filled in
cus im constantly,always spitting out his children

its no disclosed secret,i would deepthroat his meat stick
i will loudly scream "i need it!", and when he presents balls id keep it

id swallow him whole,pubic hairs and all
no pun intended,but we'd be having a ball

i want to be his personal holder of semen
and accumulate a few ounces of jizz over the weekend,in my deep end

my bowels will swallow his shlong,all night long
and u cant possibly tell me that sounds wrong
Posted 6/26/09
I read something I didn't want to read. Dammit.
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21 / F / look under your bed
Posted 6/26/09
what a nice poem
Eater of Worlds
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31 / M / East Coastin'
Posted 6/26/09
Yeah, ok.

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