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Opinions on Fan art
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Posted 8/11/10
Fanart can be good or bad, depending on the skills of the artist.
As long as the artist has fun, it's all good.
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Posted 8/13/10
it's all about expressing your love, appreciation and admiration for the artworks of the artist you're drawing a fan art of.

and it's good to try out drawing fan art as practice first. ^_^
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Posted 8/18/10
Fanart is not gay it shows the dedication of a fan and if you like anime you should be a fan of the art it is its own art form and all and for a fan to show his or her artistic side as well shows a lot of character and love for thier anime. If you dont like thier art you can look right past the fanart button.
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Posted 8/22/10
Fan Art is Cool
Posted 11/19/10
fan art is awesome. even tho its gay, yaoi, yuri or anything its so cool.

I'm a doujinshika and i have tons of fanart tho *3*
Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/21/11
I don't think that fanart is lame, I would say that it is more of a devotion towards the story or character of an artist's own creation. Besides, I think it really depends on how good of a fanart outcome it would be. Sure, I was into fanart two years ago. Man, it's almost unbelievable about how much I tried to draw Sasuke and Naruto. I was like dead addicted to that show that I really had to show my dedication to them because I wanted the world to know that I was crazy for them. Now that I have passed that stage, I don't really care for them anymore. Oh and then I started applying Sasuke's eyes into my own style and art. Now, they just look completely different-you would'nt probably know that I was highly inspired by Kishimoto's Sasuke's eyes unless I told you. So maybe it's a process of learning how far one can expand their drawing to an extent.
True, sometimes people can ruin the original, but to consider their effort for something, I give credit to them, but sometimes, I am just like, "I am not even going to look at this" and then I ignore it. Simple as that, I ignore one dramatic thing.
Anyhow, that's not really the point, what I am trying to say is that I mean, I personally prefer my own characters than to actually draw other characters from stories, but then I still don't think that it is lame or in other words, terrible.
Well, that is what I think....Other than that, it's your own opinion and you support yourself so I have nothing further to say. Till then, ciao!
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Posted 3/25/11
Idk how to put it , but then again some people actually fan-arted some of my works and instead of feeling great , at first I kinda felt like some what my art's being copied , not a good feeling ¬¬ Though I'd say if anyone's gonna do a fanart , might better ask the original artist about it first or something.
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Posted 5/15/11
If its some badly drawn fanart then yes HATE THEM
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