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[News] July 2009
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/5/09

090704 TSC Concert in Tokyo Dome Day 1

highlights before we kill ourselves trying to upload all the mp3s and half-videos and fan accounts of the day.

→ no beautiful you, no my destiny and no box in the ship.
→ If you ever want to actually appreciate Changmin’s voice, you have to go to tokyo dome. lmao. seriously. his volume and the spaciousness of the dome go perfectly together.


→ Solo Stages
→ Junsu – Xiahtic (japanese version…and omfg we like it better than the korean + w/ females!)
→ Jaejoong and Yoochun – self composed etc – “~ Colors ~ Melody and Harmony” (omfg this is awesome. uploading right now.)
→ Yunho – Checkmate (japanese…and omfg it’s amazing 8D + without cute korean checkmate girl :[)
→ Changmin - Wild Soul (with leather armguards. mmm. 8D)

→ Female Dancers (Survivor & Summer Dream.. and probably some other songs but they were so far away we didn't really notice)
→ new male dancers (maybe loans from A to Z)

→ we...are undecided whether yoochun was crying during KTBS or about to have an asthma attack. rofl.

→ double encore of Bolero and Love in the Ice. Jaejoong messed up the lyrics after the group verse of "Dare mo ga.." etc.

audio streams and pics etc blah blah will be available later :]

- K&S

credits: sevenkai@lj
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Posted 7/5/09
Zoom in Super – COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony - Hello Kitty's 35th year anniversary theme song

Korean group Tohoshinki’s first Tokyo DOME: 50,000 Fans

The 5 members male vocal group, Tohoshinki held their first “Tohoshinki 4th LIVE YOUR 2009 – The Secret Code – Final in TOKYO DOME”.

Yunho (23) said, “Today is DOME!” in great excitement. There was 50,000 crowd gathered in the venue. After Junsu (22) and Yunho (23)’s solo were performed, Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary song “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~” was decided to be performed by Jejung (23) and Yuchon (23) to Japan public for the first time.

The members performed in total 23 songs enthusiastically. They shouted “THANK YOU!” in one voice, after the stage.

Listen here for the song:

credit: 먹어주는유천@dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@dnbn
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/5/09
090704 The Secret Code in Dome Fanaccount

Wow, this whole concert experience was amazing. I’m sore, broke, my feet hurt, tired….BUT I CAN’T WAIT TO GO AGAIN!! ;D

I took the Marunochi Line on my ownaround 6:30ish am. Had a little trouble getting through the different entrances but…managed to get at the Tokyo Dome hotel at around 7am-ish. I met Stephanie [readyforever] at her hotel room and met up with her mom, who was also in line. There were already people waiting in line (maybe a little less than 100 — and goods don’t open up for business until 10am). It was a crazy sight~ no joke that Tohoshinki have gotten this big over their Japanese music career. Waiting in line was kind of long…but one we got to the front area where you can see the goods — it was quite fast.

I ended up getting (first time around): the Tokyo Dome pamphelet, Tokyo Dome t-shirt, 2 lightsticks, one gray face towel, bag, 2 “Stand By U” singles (one for Marian), and…I think that was it. We thought they would be giving receipts with messages from each member..but it ended up being a group receipt from 東方神起 (written by Yoochun), saying something like “Have fun at Tokyo Dome! Let’s have fun ok? -in a cute tone-”.

We then dropped off our stuff in her room and went down again for round two. We met up with Kelly, who just landed from Malaysia. The goods line this time was extra long – we ended up waiting 2 hours, but the time went by pretty fast. I ended up getting a silver cell chain, the original “Secret Code” pamphelet, Tokyo Dome towel, and…I think that’s all…I might get some more goods tomorrow. lol Ate lunch afterwards and the food took..forever…but it was good. I like cold soba. ^^

By this time, it was already time to go in and get seated~ I was sitting by myself, but my seat was really good!! I was on the Yoosu side on the first level (one about floor seats) in the 2nd section..4th row..middle seat. VERY GOOD and so worth what I paid. ;X And I even made a Japanese okasan fan friend. She was so cutee! She spoke to me first in Japanese and I told her, in English, that I didn’t speak Japanese. She asked where I was from and I said America and she was surprised. She asked where I got my ticket and I said “internet” and she said she got hers from an auction site and I told her “oh me too!”. I asked who her favorite member was and she said Junsu and I replied back when she asked who mine was. II saw she had TSC face towel and iight stick and asked what show she went to and she said Nagoya~ very cool. I asked if she went to the Omotesando Showcase event and she said no, and then I asked if she was going tomorrow (”Ashita..-points to her-) but she said no. The section to my left was more of the older ladies, while the area on my right was louder..with the “Yooochunnn~ Yunhoooo~” but it wasn’t too bad. The girl to my right was younger and was a big fan of Youngsaeng fan – she had him on her cell wallpaper and two pictures, back to back on her hand helf mirror. I bet she’s excited for when SS501 makes a concert stop in Japan. :]

I didn’t have a watch or any form of time so..I asked my seat buddy what time it was and she said 20min. Before I knew it, lights off~ light sticks on~ sea of RED~ insync motions~ and BAMMMM! into clip with the fighting and then AH! “Secret Game” starts off the show. At this point, it was slowly hitting me that I’m freaking in Japan…at Tokyo Dome, watching TOHOSHINKI~ my favorite band. <33 I loved the scream and hearing it live was pure bliss..but during the first part of the concert I wasn’t fully there..still not believing what I was seeing AND hearing. OMG. XDD

My buddy had binoculars and she offered to share them with me throughout the concert. <33 She was so sweet~ despite the little language barrier we had. <3 Every time it was Jae’s turn to sing during some of the songs, or if he was facing our direction, she’d hand the binoculars to me and then I’d hand it back whenever I knew it would be Junsu’s part coming up. Yes, we had a Jaesu understanding there. heheh.

Here’s some highlights from what I could remember (probably not in order):

- I love the glowstick movements for “Stand Up!” – during the chorus part…wave side to side, then make a circle, and then point it up to the ceiling for “STAND UP PARTY TONIGHTT~”. So much funnn.

They all would come to each side of the stage and when they came towards my side, it was the first time I got to see them pretty up close. <3 *_*

- The entire Tokyo Dome was filled~ SEA OF RED WAS AMAZING!! Just shows how much people love them and how their hard work has paid off. <33

- The solo stages!! WHAT A SURPRISEEEE!! It first showed them rehearsing for Tokyo Dome and then it had all the members show individually and then Jaechun was placed together. No one knew what was going on until the screen showed “SOLO STAGE” and then everyone freaked out!!!!!!

Junsu – “Xiatic” in JAPANESE! with girls and all. Seckshiiii~ but no rap..still seckshiiiii~
Jaechun (two composers and singers)- “COLORS” – such a pretty song. <3 I loved the harmonies…and the “LALALA” where everyone joined in to sing. <3
Yunho – “Checkmate” in JAPANESE!!! Yeahhh~ go Yunhooo~ :DD
Changmin - “Wild Soul” — DUDEEE~ Rocker Changmin~ I like rocker Jae and rocker Changmin completes my love for Jaemin. The whole set was awersome. I thought he was gonna come out with an electric guitar or something..but then he comes out and AHHHH! There were some pyrotechnics here too…and FIREE~ soooo awesome. I loved it. and he had like..a laser that he would point to the fans~ and then BAM! BOOM! BOOM! *_*

-Purple Line – I <3 Jae’s “ONE MORE TIME OK?”…gahhh <3

-Jae’s hair is so shiny, bouncy/floppy~ you keep throwing that hair back. <3333 *_*

-All the Jaesu parts~ lovelyy. Harmonies to Jaesu love.

-Jaemin standing at corner of stage where I was~ yayyy~ my buddy handed me the binoculars for that part. <3

-Jaesu dancing on right sided small stage on extended.

- Nobody Knows~ gahh micstands <33 and how the staff just tossed them the micstands and they just started doing the choreography. SO COOL! They’re so into it too, I love.

-FORCE~ I loved when they were coming out on that platform since they were dancing on it while it was literally moving from main stage to center stage…being elevated.

-The colorful outfits aren’t that bad. They look cute in them while dancing. Choosey Lover~ Surivior! Sky + Somebody to Love (where you bust out your face towel and swing it around while JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! — and you jump too

My favorite and most memorable part:
- Each member had a “float” where they would stand at the top and the wave to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level fans during “We Are”. I SWEARR~ I was like…maybe like..less that 15ft away from them as they were passing by. OMGOMGOMG~~~ I was freaking out..screaming with my mouth covered by using my towel and with light stick moving of course. On our side, Jae was first and then it was Yunho. JAE IS SO GORGEOUS~ like omggggg. <3333 All happy, smiling, and waving. :D. Yunho was next and I swear I made eye contact with him for a split second…OMGAHHH~ and I was sweaty..looked like crap…but it’s ALL GOOD!! If they use video from that part in the dvd…I wonder if you can see me..LOL. Oh dear. They had little capsule gifts they were thowing~ I wanted a green one from Jae…lol..but it looked like he was trying hard to throw really far. haha. XD On the other side was Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin but once the little “floats” got to the opposite end of the stage (behind the floor seats), there was a smaller stage there and they performed “Break Up the Shell” and..”Stand By U”..not sure what other songs or if that was it on that side. They got on their little floats again for “Kiss the Baby Sky” . I got to see Yoochun up close~ doing a little flaily move with all smiles ^^ and he would look at the fans who were closest to him and would lightly throw one to them~ very cute, Junsu was a cute with his smile and two hand wave to the crowd~ and Changmin was soo cute~ he was trying to get the fans to do a certain glowstick arm wave~ and he had his closed mouth smile/grin. <33 For those few seconds…I felt like I was in the front row~ seriously like…OMG~ I still can’t believe itttttt. KYAHH.

Bolero live <3 and double encore was “Love in the Ice”. Lovelyyy~~~~ <33333

I know I’m missing a lot of things but…overall the concert was AMAZiNGGGGG~ a great experience…DOME!~ and I can’t wait for the final show~ it’ll also be out last day in Tokyo. T_T But what a great way to leave Japan…with Toho in our hearts. <3 We’ll be sitting in floor seats…in the middle F block section according to what Marian saw~ which means..full frontal view (todays view was more of a side view..every time they’re line up on the center stage..I could only see Junsu..haha).!! and access to the streamers that come out during “Somebody to Love” <3. QUITE EXCITED!! And it’s like…2AM here and I need to sleep in order to line up for more goods.

Oh Tohoshinki…how I love you guysss. <333 fjsldkfjsldkfj

credit: otsukareyama@lj
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/5/09
090704 Tokyo Dome Fanaccount (Day 1) Part A

-The Concert- Part A

Please note: I kept myself from seeing any fancams of the SC Tour perfs, so forgive me if I describe things that you may have already heard or seen ^^;;

First of all, I want to state what DBSK staff stated in the beginning of the concert. They had a cute video about how fans should not crowd around the gates of an airport when DBSK arrives. The video showed the fans screaming and DBSK looking sad/stressed (anime DBSK – remember the MV, Together? Those anime DBSK). The video also went on to show that chasing after DBSK’s car and bumping/honking/yelling at them is not okay. It also showed how it’s not cool to push and shove when in line for the concert (no stampeding, basically). And it elaborated on how photos during the concert is not cool (throughout the entire concert, the staff held up signs asking people to not take pictures or film stuffs). Re-selling fangoods is not cool. Buying unofficial photos that were taken during the concert by a non-staff is not cool.

My S seat ticket was actually in a pretty good spot. I was surprised. I was near the front, and even though I bought binoculars, I didn’t really need them at all. I went in a little after the venue opened. At first, I was worried the Dome would have empty seats. But as time went on, people kept streaming in. I should have figured that fitting nearly 50,000 people into the Dome would take a LONG time. Almost every single seat was taken. Oh, and I had a moment of fan communication with the Japanese girl who was next to me (she was a Chun fan). We spoke and hand-gestured a lot, grinning and trying to spazz, XD (We couldn’t speak much of the same language ^^;; ). But we got to exchange things like where we were from, our favorite song, our favorite member, how long we’d been a fan, how we became a fan, etc.

When the lights went off, everyone launched right up onto their feet. No one was sitting, it seemed. It was crazy. Lightsticks appeared everywhere – I swear, it seemed like everyone had one! The red sea was so pretty, and I was so tempted to take a picture, lol. But I remember the video and the staff being really polite about reinforcing the rule, so I didn’t.

The beginning video was really awesome I only remember it showing Changmin and Chun first, then JJ and Yun, and then Su. They all had fighting scenes basically, and looked really hot in black suits. Changmin took out one (maybe two, can’t remember) people. Chun punched the daylight out of another guy. JJ looked suave as he took care of his men, and Yunho “escaped” while JJ was fighting (lots of screams of YunJae here, XD). Yunho beat up two guys on the staircase. The last scene showed Junsu stealing some necklace (and he kicked some butt as well ). And then the five of them met up and ran to the roof as security went off. A helicopter finds them, but they all step up to the ledge and “jump”.

The stage burst into life with colors. The TV screens (there were two large ones on either end of the stage, and five smaller ones across the stage) all lit up as well. The five in the middle each had a member’s shadow. Secret Game started, and it was just awesome.

I have to admit – seeing the concert from kind of far away made it seem like I was just watching them through a show. But then, when I heard their voices, the loudness and the realness hit me. And the realness would hit me even harder later, lol.

Oh, that reminds me – I think there was something wrong with the audio system. Why? Because JJ’s voice was really…nasally? But he wasn’t the only one. When any of the members sang a certain volume, their voices kind of warped funny.

Right after the song ended, it lauched right into Share the World. That’s when I really noticed JJ’s energy.
Jaejoong was HYPER. He was grinning and rocking out! He looked so full of energy, he couldn’t stop smiling, lol. It was really cute. Changmin sounded great, and Yunho, too. NOTE: There was a LOT of JaeSu in the concert! Like…seriously, XD It overpowered the YunJae, SoulFighters, YooSu, etc.

After STW, Doush!te started. It was a beautiful performance, and this was when I noticed the lightsticks. The fans ALL over the stadium were in sync or doing the same motion (either up and down or side to side, depending on the song). Because it’s my first DBSK concert, it was kinda cool seeing that ^^;;

I can’t remember if they launched into Take Your Hands right then, or did their MC ment and introductions. >< I want to say they launched into Take Your Hands (and I think they did), so I’ll go with that. I don’t really like the song that much, but the perf was really fun. The dance was very much together, well-coordinated.

The MC ment began. And um… I don’t speak Japanese, so I don’t know what on earth they said. All I remember is that each member introduced themselves (Yunho first, then Min, then JJ, then Chun, then Su). JJ mentioned that the Tokyo Dome was their dream stage.

Putting all their ments together for sake of my sanity, I remember lots of JaeSu interactions and teasings, Yoochun and the others asking Junsu to do his “Jun ju wa” gag and oyaji gags (which he did)…. And, oh! Changmin was really blunt/witty (I’m assuming, lol) because he made the crowd laugh a LOT. The most, in fact. Oh, and during one of their later ments, they mentioned that a famous Japanese celeb (??? I think that’s who it was, lol) was at their concert. They pointed him out by zooming in on camera and putting the spotlight on him.

Anyways, ments aside, Stand Up was next. And holy cowwwww, IT WAS SO FUN! DBSK directed a simple pattern of hand motions (left, right, left, right – make a circle about your head – punch two times in the air slowly, and three times fast). Lightsticks EVERYWHERE did it together! The members were all grinning, bouncing around with energy. This was definitely one of my favorite performances.

9096 started, melding into 9095. It was…one heckuva sexy perf. O__O This one was…too bold for words, XD Remember how I said there were five TVs? Well, there were also five rising platforms that could go up with the TVs. DBSK stood on those platforms and pulled off a jaw-dropping perf. I think this is the one where they also had a “shadow” on the TV? Where they danced facing it or facing against it. It was…really neat

Somewhere in between the perfs of Stand Up, 9095, and Force, there was a video. Basically, it was the boys throwing some ball of energy. Except leader-sshi – he had a sword ^^

9095 gave way to Force. I honestly can’t remember the beginning of the perf, lol. I had told myself to listen carefully to their “Engrish”, but the main TV screen in the center of the stage grabbed my attention with its flashy colors ^^;; Just for the beginning, though! The choreography was well done, and the boys pulled it off with a flare. The costumes added a nice “military-like” touch.

Purple Line was never my favorite dance song of DBSK because it was kind of awkward in my opinion. Not any more. HOLY SHIZZ. The middle part was just so…so… O_O It was hot and sexy and cool all at once! Lol! The way they broke up the dance solo/duet/trio was really neat. Junsu did awesome, for having recovered from an injured leg just weeks ago. There was a JaeSu dance thing here, and YooMinYun on the other end. (They sang this song with mics in their hand – actually, come to think of it, only one or two songs were sung with the headset thingies. Most of the dance songs were done with mics, which was really impressive to see and hear). Oh, and just a note: the fans did the chant at the beginning

There was no break between the songs as it slid right into Mirotic. Junsu did his high version of “rules”. The perf was really smooth, and gave off the vibe of a lot of practice. The physical shape of the boys was mindnumbing – I thought there would be breaks between the songs, small ones. Most of the time, there was no break within three, four, five of the songs. That’s like…twenty minutes of straight-up dancing and singing.

Maybe I’m losing my memory, XD I thought Heart, Mind and Soul came in earlier, but maybe not (I’m referring to Anita’s account of HMS being after Mirotic). Anyways, the song was set up perfectly for the members to all disappear except Yunho. He started off singing by himself while the other members changed. Then JJ’s part came in, and Yun went off to change. One by one, each member came on stage. Junsu came last at the “why – why- why – why – WHY-EE-I-EE-I” part ^^;; Allow me a moment for a Su spazz – HE WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING DURING THE CONCERT! I love his voice, the strength and the emotions. He did a lot of adlibs, and did them stunningly. JJ also did a few! He did one during Summer Dream later, I think? (Or one of the later songs – but it was a GREAT adlib). Also, Min tried a few, and he did awesome as well~ Yun and Chun did the thing where instead of “singing” their line, they shout it out but in a “power-up-the-atmosphere” kind of way? And it was HOT and always right in the right place.

AHEM. Next was another ment, perhaps? O_O I think they talked about KTBS and Wasu here, then launched into Wasurenaide. Beautiful, beautiful song I think this is the one where the five of them walked out to the center circle of the stage. There wasn’t a smaller ring of that circle, and it rose just high enough to be a circular bench. The boys sat around it and sang – it was a good set-up. ^^

Then another video. This one had clips of the boys preparing for Tokyo Dome. Then the last part, I think the concert manager person (the guy in charge of what happens in the concert) said they were going to have solo stages. The fans went crazy as the video launched into a series of clips of the boys practicing for their solos. But the names that came last were Yoochun and Jaejoong – because their names came out together – Yoochun&Jaejoong.

Junsu went first, with his piece, Xiahtic. IT WAS SO HOT. The lights in the beginning, the dancing, and yes, he was grinding with the girl dancers but that just added to the hotness. (And you could tell it was profressional dancing, don’t worry. Please don’t cry or sob about this, haha). No Key, the rapper, but still, it was a great perf. (It was in Japanese, too).

JaeChun came next. And holy shizz. OMG. Their song, “COLOR~ Harmony and Melody“, was sooo pretty! They wrote and composed it together. I loved the beginning and the end, where they traded off lines really quickly. The chorus, where they harmonized, was very nice. I would definitely buy the single this song comes with (well… I’d buy any DBSK single, XD But you know what I mean ^^;; )

Yunho’s Checkmate made its entrance. Dude, this guy has got style, lol. His dance and the song was really catchy, and his facial expressions were the best. He had the air of confidence and charisma down to the core, giving you the feeling that was “it”, ya know?

Changmin. OMG, Changmin. Wild Soul, remember it? I do – and I clearly remember not really digging it. I will be digging that song back up to listen and re-listen to it again and again. The performance was probably the best out of all the solo stages. He got the notes, with strength, and his voice was great. His control is amazing. The band stepped out from their box-thingies, and it looked like a serious rock perf. It was flipping scream-worthy, and fans did scream. There was a part where he had this green laser. It went FAR. He sent it out, pointing it at fans even up in the highest stands. People went crazy, screaming with happiness when he got them or near them. I was one of the ones yelling themselves hoarse, lol. Seriously. Best Min perf ever.

Credits: zhuuzhuusoba @
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Please do not remove without credits.
Part B coming up. (Only two parts)

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/5/09
090704 Tokyo Dome Fanaccount (Day 1) Part B

-The Concert- Part B

I FORGOT TO MENTION! The JaeChun duet – there’s this part where “la, la, la, laaa” is repeated over and over again. JaeChun got the crowd to learn the melody during the song and we all sang it together! It was really neat, because it was a new song, and it was soooo pretty!

Before Begin, there was a video. And it was a sad video… T___T Remember the video with all the rain in the T Tour? It was that style? Only the scenes were different. It began with a girl leaving Changmin after giving him a hug (they were at a bar). I think she was leaving him? Then it was Junsu. He was leaving the girl. He patted her shoulder before exitting (this one was at a lounge). Jaejoong was next. The girl was holding his hand but he slipped out of her hold, leaving her behind (this was at a bedroom setting?). Yoochun had his hand over the girl’s, but the girl pushed it away and left (this was in a topless white car). Yunho’s was where he left the girl, but gave her a ticket. I think it was a promise to meet up again, that this was only a “temporary” farewell. I believe the video was showing the boys tying up loose ends, because the time of the video is 19:00. The opening video of the concert, where they all kick butt and steal the necklace, is 20:00. Sad music is playing the whole time. At the end, the boys meet at a fountain, pat/hug each other, and go up to the hotel (where they kick butt, but we don’t see that video again, lol).

Begin starts. The sad atmosphere (after all those breakups) is perfect. And dude, can it get better? Oh, yes, it can. Chun has a piano. They start off and it is freaking love. About halfway, the band joins in, and JJ finishes it off with a dramatic ending.

Nobody Knows erupts into the air. I think this is the one song that didn’t really sound right with a live band. (If my memory is serving me right, XD). It was still an awesome performance, but it sounded a little off at times because of the band. There was an added part in the middle, where the band did this ladder thing with the key of the song (kept going up and up) until Su came in, right pitch and all – it was goooood x] (Crap, I don’t remember if that key pitch thing with the band was this song or another one T__T)

There was a slight pause, I think to restore the peace, as Taxi started. Oh, and by the way, the thing about Japanese fans being really quiet during ballads? It’s true they are VERY quiet during ballads, but not completely. Some fans call out to certain members when they sing. Two girls behind me kept calling out to Changmin every time he came in. It was kind of annoying before their voice would cut into my hearing when I wanted to wear Min only (No offense to the girls, but like… Yeah). There was also a JJ fan directly behind me who would do the same thing when JJ began to sing. I think the three of them were friends, but they kept getting glances from other fans. They didn’t take the hint.

Back to Japanese fans during ballads – sometimes, they all scream at a certain part and then go quiet really quickly again. The speed between their “loud” and “quiet” is impressive, tbh ^^ But yeah, just wanted to clear up that belief.

Forever Love began. Junsu came in a little shakily, but it was still good. He pulled of an amazing adlib during the song, and the JaeSu duet at the end is love. Changmin, when he sang the chorus, really got me. He’s really starting to funnel emotions very well.

This is where the crazy segment began. I don’t know how DBSK pulled it off, but they did. OJBH got everyone to their feet, screaming in anticipation. They sang it with mics in hand, and it sounded really good! They also had that part of the dance where everyone jumps except Su, who jumps a split second later! It was a great perf, really showing just how much they grew and improved from three years ago.

Choosey Lover blasted through the stadium, and everyone was screaming. DBSK came on stage with their crazy colored clothes, lol. It was…yeah. Anyways, this Choosey Lover perf was one of the best I’ve ever seen. They cut it short a verse or two at the end, where they repeat things, but the dance was hecka sexy. The boys split up and did a lot of solo dancing throughout the next segment (note: by segment, I mean the next series of songs. CL, Sky, Somebody to Love, Summer Dream, and Survivor. This segment was just amazing).

There was no break as Sky launched into the air, Chun changing the year at the beginning to “2009″. Sky got everyone into a cheering mode. And even though the boys were singing, fans sang along.

And still no break as Sky gave way to Somebody to Love, with all the jumping. It was really fun, but really tiring. But the thing is, DBSK kept jumping and running around, smiling and grinning and encouraging fans to get involved. There was so much energy in the Dome, it was great! I think the boys are really getting the hang out “creating” a concert-like atmosphere, if you know what I mean? Am I making sense? XD It’s nearly four in the morning here, and I’m afraid that if I sleep, I’m going to forget things which is why I’m frantically trying to record all this now, haha.

Despite all the jumping around, when Summer Dream began, the boys launched right into the dance. I was amazed (once again) at how fit they were! I was tired from all the jumping (and so were other fans, because older folks were sitting for a second before they were on their feet again). To be able to do all the jumping, running, and singing AND dance continuously with precision and energy… Yeah, DBSK – this is why you’re loved and treasured. Even though you reach the top, you continue to do better. (I think, as the later it’s getting, I’m talking more to myself, XD)

Summer Dream, the part where Su leads the dance and everyone copies? He did three different ones (one of them where he turned around and showed off his rear. Another one was the one where he lies down on his stomach and does that cute post x] ). Somewhere in this entire “pump up” segment, Changmin sits down right in front of a camera, looking SO ADORABLE. And you know what he does?!?! HE LOOKS INTO ONE OF THE CAMERAS AND LIKE, “GRABS” IT! It was so cute, and fans just erupted with screams, lol!

There wasn’t a break (once again) as Survivor rocked the Dome. I really liked the sound of Survivor with the band, and I was stunned by DBSK’s energy. They were still synchroznied and everything during their dance! They still had strength in their moves, strong voices to sing with. I was like, =OOOOO the whole time!

And THAT’S when the boys got a break. (Oh, I just realized I missed the band and dancers introductions, XD Um… The band introductons came in the middle of the long segment with clashing-color-clothing. I remember Junsu sitting on the staircase, catching his breath and drinking water as they introduced the band. Then the perfs went on. Later, the dancers did their own thing as DBSK disappeared from the stage. I think the dancers’ intro was after Survivor).

(Somewhere in this segment, the fans and DBSK were swirling the small SC towels in the air. I can’t remember which song it was ><)

A video started after all that. It was zooming through all the singles of the boys. When it stopped on a song and played a segment, the fans sang along with it! It was pretty neat Some of the singles it played was… Miss You, Lovin’ You, Asu Wa Kuru Kara… Then The Way U Are appeared at the end!

The Way U Are had part of the middle cut out, but the fans still did the chants in the beginning (where they say the member’s name after they sing their line?). Only the first three names got finished (I think it’s Min, Su, and JJ?). Then the song changes to We Are!

Tall, movable carts appeared at the sides of the stage. Two were on the left side (Yunho and JJ), three on the side (SuMinChun). Each cart had the member’s name in English. The members climbed the ladder to the top and threw these balls into the audience (S seats) as they sang We Are! They also tried to make eye contact with as many fans as possible, waving and stuff. I want to believe that I made eyecontact with all of them, lol (because later, the carts switched sides – staff push the carts, btw). But the truth about eye contact is, just because you think they saw you doesn’t mean they did. ^^;; But I can hope, right? XD Anyways, the balls didn’t come near my – one sailed over my head, another over to the section on my right. But it’s okay – I was too busy waving to ChunMinSu, lol.

There was a small black square stage at the back of the Dome. The boy got up on there and sang Break Up The Shell. Junsu’s opening was powerful, and the perf was good. It seemed the stage was too small, but they made due.

They had another ment here. Changmin spoke a lot? Or at least said a few more funny things. This was where they pointed out the celebrity present at their concert. Afterwards, Stand By U began. The cool thing about the way they perfed SBU was the way they stood. The boys faced away from the stage, getting up close to fans in the center S seats. Then, one by one, they turned around and faced the fans in the back of the F seat section. I derno, it’s kind of hard to explain. ^^;;

After seeing SBU live, though… It’s definitely become a favorite. The electricity and the emotion in the song was really powerful. I couldn’t remember all the translations for the lyrics, but I remembered the chorus. It’s so sad, and I distinctly remember Chun’s voice just getting me because it was so good! Yun and Min filtered their feelings well, too. Then there’s the part where Jaejoong and Junsu sing with quieter BG music. They sounded AWESOME.

Then DBSK began to say their goodbyes. Their backdancers and them lined up on the front stage again, bowed and said thanks. Fans clapped, though not loudly because they couldn’t, XD (Lightsticks were still in hand). The boys went to around, saying goodbye to all, and I was kind of scared that they were really done. The dancers all left the stage, and the boys disappeared. Fans began to chant.

I don’t know – it wasn’t really together, but it sounded like there were three different waves. It was hard because there were a LOT of us, lol. But then… Then Kiss The Baby Sky filled the stadium! People all erupted into screaming and sang along – the lyrics were on the TV screens. Near the end of the song, where the chorus is repeated over and over again? I think it was JJ who told us to sing, so we did. And it sounded freaking awesome. JJ harmonized with us at one point because DBSK all sang the chorus one last time.

Then there was a little ment (?) maybe? XD I can’t remember! But Bolero started. And holy moly, this song seriously stops your blood when you hear it live. Chun’s super high note was in tune, and the long bridge was amazing, thanks to all the members.

And then they really did thank everyone, like they usually do at the end of the concerts for real. And I really thought it was the end, and I couldn’t help but think, “Dang, LITI really isn’t on the list?”

I was prepared to leave, but fans were still sitting down. A few people were getting up to leave, but others began to chant, “Tohoshinki, Tohoshinki…” It kept getting louder. And louder.

And then everything turnd black and holy shizz, the most beautiful sound filled the Tokyo Dome.

The beginning of LITI. I cannot thank the boys enough for coming back to sing this song. It was flawless, because it was the perfect ending to the concert. It was a great performance. All of the boys… So much emotion was in the song, so much feeling, so many unspoken words. The bridge was love, but I think the magic touch was the acapella at the end. The band stopped playing at the harmonized “ha, ha, ha-ah-ah” closing part. After LITI, the boys really did leave.

I’m really amazed with their awesome performance in the Tokyo Dome. Seriously. I used to think that some of their live perfs for their dances were maybe overlayered with something else, but I was wrong. What I heard today wasn’t layered, it was live. (Except for parts of the solo stages, because Junsu and Yunho cannot sing two parts at once, lol). The boys have improved so much! Never mind Chun’s hair – during the concert, it looked fine. He looked really mature yet like a kid who had been given the best gift in the world. Changmin’s control and range with his voice was amazing. Oh, and he was just SO CUTE. JJ’s hyperness and voice just made all the fans grin and wanna jump – he was just a ball of energy and smiles! Yunho’s happiness, his cuteness, his waving-to-all-the-fans, his warm-heartedness touched everyone. And Junsu’s voice, his charisma when he sang and did some wicked adlibs, all that concentration and effort on his face showed just how hard he was working. How hard they were all working. I am amazed at how fit they are. We, the fans, jumped with them during a few songs, and we were dead tired afterward (or at least, most of us were). DBSK launched into dance song after dance song. They gave their all, singing their hearts out and sweating like crazy. Truly, they are the best group in all over Asia. Not because of their sales. Not because of their looks. It’s because they work hard, they practice, they strive to improve – constantly. Never ending.

To end on a good note – Tokyo Dome is going to be on DVD… Both days. Now, I don’t know if the staff meant a mix of both days, or both days completely (so you have two sets of perfs). I heard about this DVD from both fans and staff, heard it was being released in September for sixty dollars. Definitely worth it – trust me.

Oh, and when I was going up to Anita and Wendy’s room to pick up the fangoods I purchased earlier… We got in the same elevator as Changmin’s mom. Anita and Wendy noticed who she was, and people spazzed out in the elevator and shook her hand. I, however, had been zoning out and only noticed the lady in blue as really nice looking, XD Oops. But yeah, it was Min’s mom ^^;; Also, I heard from some fans that they spotted Junho in the hotel?

I hope my fan account was of some interest, and I apologize if I started getting less detailed toward the end >< I’m…drained, lol. Need some shut eye. I have no idea how DBSK is pulling this off – a SECOND concert tomorrow? (Or rather, today). How fit they are, how fit they must be…

Hwaiting, DBSK!

Credits: zhuuzhuusoba @
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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Posted 7/5/09
The Secret Code Dome – Thank You Video [engsub]

Message from Tohoshinki

Message from Yunho

Message from Junsu

Message from Changmin

Message from Yuchun

Message from Jejung

credit: mickytohos + ikemenjae5
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Posted 7/5/09
Red Sea at Tokyo Dome

Credits: TVXQBaidu + TVXQwings
Shared by: DBSKnights

Colors ~ Melody and Harmony ~ Lyrics

original trans :linhkawaii@lj
edited by: hajargiler @ DBSKnights
credits: dbsknights
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Posted 7/5/09
090704 Thank You Mail - HoMin


The Tokyo Dome that we have always been dreaming of!!
It was because of everyone's support that we could finally make our way here!
It was really too good!
Much thanks to everyone!


I seemed to have been over-excited~
Time really flies in the blink of an eye.....
Tomorrow, let us HIGH together~!!

Credits: 神采奕譯@東方神起百度帖吧
Please take out with Full Credits. :)

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Posted 7/5/09
¥700,000,000 Production - THSK's Tokyo Dome Live Opens

Adding on to Tohoshinki's National Arena Tour [東方神起 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 〜The Secret Code〜], the last performances will be held at the Tokyo Dome. [東方神起 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 〜The Secret Code〜 FINAL in TOKYO DOME] began on 4th July.

They are the first Korean group to perform at the Tokyo Dome. Compared to Tohoshinki's previous Lives, this is the biggest production. For this time's Tokyo Dome Lives, the production costs are around ¥700,000,000. With 50,000 people attending in 1 day, it is expected that 100,000 people will attend over the 2-day Live.

For the members, to be able to perform a Live at the Tokyo Dome has been their dream since their debut. This is why the venue was crowded with fans that came from all over Japan, and Korean fans even crossed the ocean to gather here. On the first day, 4th July, they performed their first public performance of a new song「COLORS 〜Melody and Harmony〜」, and also performed solos that were shown at their Asia Tour, performing a total of 32 songs. Fans went crazy over the 5 members' performances on the stage.

Furthermore, Tohoshinki's Tokyo Dome Live will also be held on 5th July. The Live on the 5th will be the real finale for the tour.

Source: [Yahoo! Japan News]
Photos: []
Translation credits:
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Posted 7/5/09
090705 Thank You Mail from Tokyo Dome

The Dome has ended, and everything has come to a close.
Although it feels lonely, I’ve put all my energy into this thus have no regrets.
Let’s all meet again in good health~
Thank you!
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

- Junsu

The 4th Tour unbelieveably has ended so quickly.
I really felt everyone’s love…
Really, thank you so much~

- Yuchun

Did everyone who attend the Tokyo Dome really have great time!?
Thank you for making our dreams come true.
Really~ really thank you all~

- Jejung

Today, everything is over!
We didnt even dare to dream about Dome stage,
it sounded too like a dream.
It was fun. Thank you everyone~ T_T

- Changmin

The Lives have ended with the Final at the Tokyo Dome.
It was really fun, and I really felt so happy.
I think it’s all thanks to everyone.
From now on, please continue to support us.
Thank you~
I love bigeast!

- Yunho

source: tohomobile
credit: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Posted 7/5/09
090705 CEO Matsuura Blog Update

The after LIVE of Tohoshinki, it’s already 01:00 am

Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome concert.

at 01:00 of the day, all fans of Tohoshinki

were still very energetic!

The next of Tokyo Dome, in the Tokyo Dome Hotel, has been held the after-party.

Despites the late-night time, all Tohoshinki fans are watching LIVE video of the day while are enjoying meal and drinks.

This after-party is our first attempt,

yet everyone looks to enjoy it.

We want to bring out various plan like this in the future!

source: CEO Matsuura blog
credit: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Posted 7/5/09
090705 Tohoshinki Message after Tokyo Dome

credit: mickytohos
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Posted 7/5/09
THSK's First Performance in Tokyo Dome Attracted Over 50,000

Korea's very own popular group, THSK, started their final performance for their Japan Tour at the Tokyo Dome on the 4th this month. They will be performing for two days.
The Dome is called "Home," being one of the largest places which have the best dance and melody sounding to it.

They are the first Korean group to perform at the Tokyo Dome. In 2005, the year they debuted, it had always been their dream to perform there.
Jaejoong (23) said "It's larger than I had expected," with smiles on his face. Junsu (22) "I feel like I'm dreaming. My chest is now filled with happiness."

Being the first one to sing a solo in the tour, Changmin would be singing heavy rock while Junsu will demonstrate 「XIAHTIC」 in Japanese. Yunho(23) will be performing 「CHECKMATE」.
And Yoochun, along with Jaejoong (23), would be doing a duet of 「COLORS~Melody and Harmony~」. This song would be shown to the 50,000 people in the audience for the first time.

They will be performing their new song 「Stand by U」 and 32 other songs.
"This live is the best!" Yunho said with huge satisfaction on his face. "All of this is thanks to you! (Thank you for your support)" Jaejoong said, which made the dome fill with cheers in the end.

They toured over 9 locations, performing over 21 times which cost about 30 billion yen.The Tokyo Dome Concert DVD has been decided to be released on the 30th of September.

Source: sanspo
Translation: mel @ ~ fin123 @ soompi
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Posted 7/5/09
Short Fan Account Tokyo Dome Day #2

While singing Heart And Mind, Jaejoong had some tiny movements (T/N: I'm not too sure about what this means)
Yoochun seemed to be filled with emotions and lowered his head down in the end.

Junsu was so touched that he almost cried but whether he did or not, I'm not too sure as it was not very clear but ~~ it was still very touching.

Junsu's Xiahtic

Halfway through the performance, he mentioned about removing his jacket but he was unable to remove the sleeve at his left. The fans were almost ready to burst into laughter but Junsu still manage to forcefully remove it. It was very charming.
Yoochun and Jaejoong exchanged glances while singing Colors and finished the song


Source: [yestvxq]
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Posted 7/5/09
Tohoshinki's Triple Three In Tokyo Dome

Popular Korean male group Tohoshinki had their concert at the Tokyo Dome on 4th July. It was the beginning of the final stop for their National tour, and it is their first time performing there since their debut (in Japan) 4 years ago. Their new single「Stand By U」which was released on 1 July, has already reached an amazing number of 300,000 copies shipped. It is estimated that the tour was attended by around 300,000 people, and their latest album has also passed the 300,000 mark. They have achieved the "Triple Three" of the music industry.

Coming from Korea in 2005, they challenged Japan's major scene (music industry) for the past 4 years. Last year, they made their first appearance in the "All-star Game" of the music industry, 「NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen」, and they achieved 6 ORICON Chart number ones. Tohoshinki has become a "hit machine".

They've accomplished a record that is comparable to the "certificate of good hitters" when famous batters of baseball games played in the Tokyo Dome achieve a Triple Three (Batting average 30%, Home-runs 30, Base stealing 30).

This will be the finale of the National Tour that began in May. Including the final performance on 5th July, the total number of 21 Lives would have been attended by roughly 300,000 people. Besides that, their latest album 「The Secret Code」have sold more than 300,000, and their new single 「Stand By U」have shipped more than 300,000 copies. Despite the recession in CD sales, the explosive numbers of their CD sales resulting in a "Triple Three" is proof that they are indeed Top Stars. It is definitely not a loss to have spent ¥3,000,000,000 in the total production of the national tour.

This is a quintet group that have perfected the "3 beats" of singing, dancing and speaking in Japanese. Nothing beats the image of the Dome packed with 50,000 people, drunk on the magnificence of the 5 "best hitters" on the stage.

The members, Yunho (23) was flying through the air, Jejung (23) and Yuchun (23) performed a duet that was shown for the first time. They used female dancers for the first time and screams came from the audience when there was body contact. In the talk corner, Junsu (22), pleased the fans when he used an Oyaji-gag, 「Benkyoushinai juku wa Harajuku」**.

The 5 members who looked around the Japan's largest venue kept saying 「It's amazingly huge!」. At the very end, as they stood and basked under the cheers of the fans, 「It feels like we've achieved our dream. I feel so blessed」, Junsu said with tears in his eyes.

**T/N: "The cram school that doesn't study, is Harajuku." Word play on "juku". ^^;;
***T/N: They make a lot of reference using Baseball terms since it's a well-known sport that is commonly played at the Dome.

Source: [Yahoo! Japan News
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