Full House Season 2
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Posted 12/26/07 , edited 12/26/07
Title: 풀하우스2 / Full House 2
Also known as: Full House Season 2 / Pool Ha-woo-seu 2
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS
Broadcast period: 2008
Air time:
Related TV Series: Full House

The script and the casting of the main characters will be decided at this latter half of the year and the shooting and broadcasting of the show will happen next year. The director has yet to be decided.
The writer, Jo Jong Hwa has successfully completed the script up until episode 3.
It remains unknown if the leads, Bi and Song Hye Gyo, of season 1 of Full House will return for season 2 of Full House.

But rumors spread to Asian Forums that Yoon Eun Hye has received a letter from the Full House Production Team ..nobody is sure about it but i hope that Yoon Eun Hye will become one of the major cast in this show!!

There was a news on December 22nd that Full House Sequel 2 has plans to invite YEH, taking over the role from Song Hye Gyo!

The crew of Full House 2 announced days ago that they would start filming early next year. However original cast of drama are all cited busy schedules as their reason for turning down the invitations!

I seriously don’t see any reason for them making Full House sequel when there will be no trace of the original cast! …. where are they gonna pick up the story from? and what in the world are they gonna do with it?

Yoon Eunhye on the other hand is said that will most likely choose a movie as her next project. The movie would most likely be the one that is being produced by her new management company Kraze Entertainment. There was a word around that Eunhye’s co-star would be a Japanese actor and it seems that the film being produced by Kraze is looking into casting a Japanese actor for their movie.

She is also scheduled to visit Taiwan again on January 2nd for promotion of Coffee Prince and the drama will air in Taiwan from January 3rd.

Other news that she will perform Hanamana song with the infinity challenge host on the 31st award show. She was also voted 2007’s Best hairstyle obtaining 2,647 vote or 67.6%

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Posted 12/26/07
damn! i was hoping song hye kyo to star in the 2nd season
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Posted 12/26/07
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Posted 12/26/07
yay!!! season two!!!!
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Posted 12/26/07
i want it to be song hye kyo and bi again in fullhouse 2.
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Posted 12/26/07
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