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Taiwan City View
Posted 2/10/12
Those 500 yr old Castle Towns - Some Job . I Know If Paul Hogan and some 1860 taiwan ships were fixxed - i have 2 wood piece of the ark w/ my name - the YF-15 Reciever would have better luck for all of taiwan. He has the Dash Color / Engine Secret . Never Marine / that is the most insane thing ever made up. Most People In The U.S. know it's something w/ no muffler. The Garden Of Eden In Italy Is Not That Far From The Truth . Mty Paperwork Shows that 96' and 08' were that last years the U.S. Could Talk To Taiwan. 1 Re : BBS - The 80' Song / If I Could change the World.
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Posted 3/3/12
I miss Taiwan!! wanna go back soon~
Posted 7/8/12

Certainly AWESOME Hope there is an opportunity for me to visit Taiwan may it be personal or business travel
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Posted 10/1/12
OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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