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Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/2/09
Pichi Lemon April 2009 – Popular Radio show Hey!Say!7 UltraPower
Yamada Ryosuke Chinen Yuri

A radio show which Hey!Say!7’s member appear in group of two and let us hear their talk. Problem solving, keyword talk, phrases you want them to say and etc… They’ve spread-out fun talks by answering to the listeners. We burst into middle of Yamada & Chinen duo version’s recording the day before for our magazine comes out!

Yuri: It’s fun with Yama chan. I feel like the recording just passes by!

Ryosuke: Thanks! I feel somewhat comfortable with Chinen too.

Yuri: Isn’t it like how we usually talk?

Ryosuke: Yeah. We’re completely ourselves.

Yuri: I get too embarrassed to talk on TV or when my face is shown. I can only talk like myself on the radio!

Ryosuke: Even though we messed up a lot today (laughs)

Yuri: Especially the word “situation” I can never get it right!

Ryosuke: We were so hyped up, it was crazy (laughs)

Yuri: That reminds me, Yama chan called me by my first name in today’s recording! Why is that?

Ryosuke: Because the script said “Yuri” (laughs) But really, I’ve never actually called him by that.

Yuri: Even though the other (7) member calls me by my first name… Does that mean I’m the only stranger to you!?

Ryosuke: That’s not it (laughs). There’s no special reason!

It’s decided, our duo name will be “Yamachii”!

Ryosuke: I’m getting used to the radio but not so much when it comes to geography (topics) for the keyword talk (laughs). If it was sports or ghosts, I’m fine!

Yuri: For the problem solving, I think it’ll be more fun if it was funny or a little on the joking side.

Ryosuke: We’ll think of an answer no one ever thought of!

Yuri: Hey, Yama chan. Let’s make up a duo name when it’s just us.

Ryosuke: “YamaYu”! (Answers right away)

Yuri: Eh~!? What about “YamaChii”?

Ryosuke: Okay, then that!

Yuri: So fast!? (laughs)

Ryosuke: But, there are grouping that we haven’t yet to be set up within the members. We’re both looking forward to what kind of talk that’ll end up.

Yuri: Anyways, we’ll be hosting through the week of March 2nd ~. It’ll be really fun, please look forward to it!

Ryosuke: As “YamaChii”! (laughs)
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Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/4/09
awww... YamaCHii!!! kawaii
Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/7/09
WAHHH!! my fave couple >.< YamaChii!
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Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/14/09
wah!! KAWAII!

favorite pair next to YamaJima...haha..

demo, arigato ne!
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