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Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/2/09
Pretend you are a character from Domo and fight over the characters... Don't know who are the characters? Look underneath the examples!

Person 1: Im Esther (the youngest of fox family of three and likes pulling pranks) -pokes Domo on the side of his head and disappears-

Person 2: Im Domo (the main character who just got poked on the side of his head lol, he can't talk except say "DOMO!" he farts when nervous) DOMO!!! -looks behind and no ones there- -farts and frowns-

Person 3: No IM ESTHER!!! (someone fights for the role of esther) and i choose to tackle the Hungry Bear instead!!

Person 4: Im the hungry bear (bear that is so strong and only likes eating) -chases after Esther and trying to get a meal-


These are the different characters...

Domo: Creature that hatched from mysterious egg, can only say domo in low voice, loves japanese style meat and potato stew, hates apples, farts when nervous or upset.

Mr. Usagii: Old rabbit that lives with Domo underground, he loves watching tv, he hates "new" materials and doesn't own a telephone. He loves carrots and hates "meaningless things"

Maya: The mother bat that has a drinking problem even though she hates alcohol. her favorite food changes.

Mario: son of Maya and he loves japanese tomato spaghetti but hates mushrooms.

Tashanna: A 17 year old weasel who wants to be a fashion model, she is looking for a boyfriend and is always on technology. She always says "chi" or "y" at the end of her sentences. she loves apricots and mini tarts and hates sea urchins.

Little Bear: A bear cub who is Domo's best friend. he is timid and loves playing baseball

Hee and Haw: Pixie twins from a flower. Domo is the only one who can see them.

Esther: is the youngest fox and she loves making crocodile tears, and playing pranks on people and wrecking havoc.

Brother Fox: Cares for his siblings very much, and hates being called short-legged.

Fox Boy: Hangs out with Little Bear and Domo to read. he is Shy

Hungry Bear: Strong bear thats always hungry

Ghost: Randomly appears and disappears...

Okay GO!
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Posted 7/2/09
Im the Ghost...

Appears and scares Domo causing him to fart (lol)
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