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24 / F / chillin' with the...
Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/2/09
just tell me all your very very good reasons why you hate shugo chara!!!!!!!

Here's my reasons of hatred:
1. The storyline was good at first but now it just sucks!
2. Amu and her friends are only 11/12 and yet they look, act, and dress like they're 13/14
3. It seems as though every one here on CrunchyRoll LOVE it and every other avatar you see has Amu (or one of the other character) on it
4. Amu is the only main character that does not have a natural hair color
5. No action at all!

More coming sooon!!!
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23 / F / The world where c...
Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/13/09
Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up! XD

but i also dont like how many theme songs (and ending songs) its had! i mean i liked the two in the first season but now its just stupid how often they change it
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F / winter wonderland
Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/19/09

Okey,since almost the whole CR addicted to this show,I won't bash this anime and I'll write something that will make you something that will make you use your brain.

The Mahou Shoujo genre is all too often populated with casts of sweet, brightly animated lolis who are surrounded by perverted adults and magical animals. Couple this together with overly long and usually indecent (given the ages of the characters) transformation scenes and stupid inane plots that is totally childish.

I don't see anything that is so outstanding about Shugo Chara from other Mahou Shoujo anime.The basic story still same.
It's typically beat the bad guys by cleansing the eggs, lots of sparkles and shiny moments fits to Mahou Shoujo genre.
The other major issue was that there was a lot of what I would term "filler" episodes. Stories that did nothing to advance the overall plot in anyway. For filler they were not bad stories and a lot of them did serve to let us get to know the series huge cast. But really the most annoying was the amount of it after the main plotline from the second half was concluded. It felt a bit anti-climatic and was disappointing to have to sit through 7-8 episodes before the season finally concluded with something involving the main storyline.The art was so-so. Nothing special, just your typical shuojo style characters with big eyes and varying hair styles.Characters still same with general Mahou Shoujo characters style.

The only one thing I can stand for is the characters voice:Ikuto Tsukiyomi's voice actor, who also played Tomoya Okazaki in Clannad. And Utau is voiced by the extremally talented singer, Nana Mizuki. Which is my fav Seiyuu.But,I dosen't mean I am one of Ikuto crazy fangirl
And Yes,I can only give Utau credits because of her seiyuu and her personality which is not hypocrite even she loves her own brother.
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24 / F / chillin' with the...
Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/23/09
yes yes very true
Posted 7/26/09 , edited 8/8/09
T-T i thought i was alone
but my friend is really obsessed with this show
and i don't want to break her heart by telling her it's kinda boring =/
i don't mind watching it when i have nothing to do
but you all pointed out it's flaws
and i'm not going to say that i don't watch anime that gets on people's nerves (Naruto)
it's just I don't like this one
UGH guilty feeling =_______=

But over all it's just your typical magical anime.
where everything is OBVIOUS (pairings and situations)
I was fine when I watched Sailor Moon
Tokyo Mew Mew was still good
but this over loaded on *cuteness* and *sparkles* and
!!!kya<33!!! moments
Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/16/09
woot nice list
this is what i think
i lyk it at first but amu started to turn into a mary sue =3= and seriously amu acts nothing like a 11/12 year old. another thing is that i don't like how ppl go crazy over it. after ep 30 or somewhere around that the anime gets annoying.
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F / .
Posted 3/18/10 , edited 3/18/10
i love your review! I don't get why almost everybody here likes SC that much....its just another mahou shojou.....oh n u guys r talkin bout the anime?? well i read the manga so there's no fillers.....but the end of the manga i dont even get what's really going on n stuff....
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19 / F / I never stay in o...
Posted 6/9/10 , edited 6/15/10
You guys seriously have no made a whole fucking group just because u don't like an anime...that's crap =_=
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