Bingo Book: Stark's Fury
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Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/20/09
Unlike "Bingo Book: Covert Hunt" and "Bingo Book: Sephiroth", "Bingo Book: Stark's Fury" posts must take place after the Revive Revival arc (arc where Fallen Order is attempting to revive Draethius; ended when Sirberius and Dante were trapped in Death Dimension at the end of "Final Confrontation"). Any time after that is acceptable.

Synopsis: Cridageus Stark is the head of the Stark family. When he heard news that his wife, Fallan Stark ("Bingo Book: Visorese Leaders"), was killed, he was furious. Soon after, his daughter, Winter Fallan Stark, ran off. Cridageus blamed the Mystic Council for both accounts. He sent his clansmen to do what damage they could cause in order to retaliate for Fallan's death and Winter's departure.


Cridageus Stark - wizard; family head

Zein Stark - wizard; son of Cridageus; named after Epitaph of the Holy Lord character

Sal Stark & Pimienta Stark - wizard and witch couple; Sal is Cridageus' brother

Ladalegoidiz Stark - Winter and Zein's cousin; wizard

Lucius Lamia - vampire butler

[Locked] Jicobo Rumelian Stark - Cridageus' father, supporter of Izen during The Great God War

[Locked] Winter Stark - Cridageus' daughter; witch

[Locked] Thomasmith Thoma-Stark - Cridageus' nephew; Organization V member of unknown rank
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