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Ok post your stories here and remeber the rules:

1: No cursing
2:no photos with the story
3: No pervy writing
4: Be kind & don't make fun of peoples work
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True Love

The rain is pouring, and so are my tears. As I run through the dark and silent night, my footsteps splashing in the puddles of rain. I hear him following me. I don't dare turn back. I know that if I did, I would forgive him. Then my heart will break all over again, like many times before. I turn the corner and through my front gates. The door opens and my mother is standing there.

"Kara! You're soaking wet..." I hear her say before dashing up the stairs and locking myself in my room. The doorbell rings. My mom calls up to me. I don't answer. I don't want to face him. Not just yet. I hear footsteps coming up. He is now standing outside my door.

"Kara...I'm sorry. I really do love you. Please forgive me?" Can I really believe that this is true? I've heard this millions of times. I cry into my pillow, trying to muffle the sobs.

"Kara. Please...Speak to me. I know you're hurting and that I don't deserve you. But please. Yell at me, Hit me. Do anything you want...Just don't ignore me. It makes me feel as if you don't want me."

Of course I want him. I've known him since forever. And loved him too. I swallow my sobs and try to speak. "If I forgive you...I know you will hurt me again. Give me one good reason and I will come back. If I don't think it's good enough, this ends right here."

"Fine. Let me bring you somewhere." I got on his motorbike. He left it here a few days ago. He starts the engine. In the middle of the ride, he asks me if I loved him. I said yes. He then brought me to the ocean side.

" The reason is that I would die for you." I didn't believe him. Why would he?

" Why are we at the ocean side?" I said coldly.

" You don't believe me? We are here because..." He jumps into the ocean. The murky water swallowed him up. He doesn't know how to swim. He is deathly afraid.

I scream. " RYO! I BELIEVE YOU! COME BACK TO ME! DON'T LEAVE!" I drop down on my knee's. There was no sign of him. the rain has made the water worse. I take my cell and call the police.

Ten minutes later I was surrounded by Police cars. They ask me questions, I answer then through my tears. During the time I got questioned they found Ryo. I rushed to him. The paramedics said he was alive, but was likely to be in a coma for the rest of his life.

Two Years Later

I visit Ryo everyday. He gets handsomer every time. Even if he is in a coma, his body still grows. I talk to him. People say it helps the patient get better. This would be the last day I would visit Ryo. I got relocated in my company. I'll be moving for half a year. I walk out of the room, not looking back. I'm afraid I wouldn't leave if I did.

After 3 Months

" Haha. Kanata-san, that's definitely not it. Seriously, I got someone I like already. Sorry."
"Kara. I've liked you since I saw you. Can you please consid...."

A hand was placed on my colleagues shoulder. We turn around.

"I'm sorry Sir, but please don't bother this little lady anymore. From this moment on she's taken."

I look shocked. It was Ryo. He came for me. I run into his embrace.

As we sit down for lunch he tells me his story.

Apparently he hears everything I say and on the last day before I left, right when I walked out of the room, he woke up and was looking at my back as I exited. He then asked me if I believed in Miracles. He told me he saw an Angel. It took the form of me, and said that he could get another chance. Since he would die for me. The Angel was touched.

" Now. Will this Angel give me another chance?" He asked looking into my eyes.
I smile and say " This Angel says Yes."

Up above, an Angel is born with True Love.
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