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Bashing Kaname is wrong!!!!!!
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Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09

Aya-chan-84 wrote:
oooh, really? :O I thought I'm the only one who's been attacked by his offensive PMS?! that person really minds bashing his adorable FICTIONAL character alot while he Never minds bashing A REAL PERSON who posts an opinion on a character!...did you notice that no one here on the forums has ever started to PM him or even quoted his posts? simply because every body knows how to RESPECT others people opinions...if I ever had to disagree with a person, I post another comment after him to explain my opinion but NEVER BASHING him or ATTACKS him Via PMS!!!

Nah, you're not the only one. Mr Tony here seems to let out his unyielding rage for people who have opinions via PMs, not in forums. It's really sad how a a grown man gets worked up over a fictional character so much. My pity to him.

I've reported him to the mods, so we'll see.

Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/24/09
It doesn't matter. People have their own opinions. ><
So you can't stop them for thinking ..well what they think. I personally think this is not a big deal. O.O
[ that was an opinion ]
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Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/24/09
wow ......this is turning out like the shugo chara forums.... *sighh...*
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Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/24/09

miss_kowalski wrote:

TonyTheShredder wrote:

It's a bit ridiculous to argue over an anime character.
However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which other users should respect and take into consideration.
A never ending argument, therefore locked.

Further questions, please PM me. xO_Skittles_Ox
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