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Why does one write fanfiction?
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Posted 4/3/11
Multiple reasons. Letting my imagination loose, mostly. You can write a fanfiction or story for almost anything. Like . . . coffee and cola. You can give them personalities. :3
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21 / F / Philippines. . ....
Posted 4/21/11
Let's see. . .for me.,to create a new story other than what's reaLLy happening.,
i contLor everything so. . .it means i wont be disappointed in anyway^^
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29 / F / USA
Posted 5/20/11
I used to write only original fiction, but after I got hooked on watching Beelzebub I decided to write some Fanfic for it.

My first attempt was behind the scenes stuff and on the mature Lemony side. I was amazed at how well received it was and I get hundreds of readers a day.

Sure I can never publish it as a book for profit, but as a writer it is just extremely enjoyable to see people wanting to read more of what you wrote on a real time basis.

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21 / F / Leaf village
Posted 5/21/11
I like doing it. I hate bad fanfic. Ones that seem to keep dragging or those that try to make an entire story out of it. I like simple scenes, like i found one in about HP's Hermione coming to Japan to see some of her relatives, and Kazu from Air Gear's her cousin! Loved it, even if it was simple and going nowhere, it was nicely written.
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F / I'm somewhere
Posted 5/29/11
Sometimes in a manga or anime or whatever things just don't end the way you want it so some people just write fan fiction to rewrite or explain something.
I only write fiction fiction, i suck at fan fiction
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20 / F / Ph
Posted 7/12/11
I asked myself that question before when I first discovered fanfictions but never knew the answer until i started writing fanfictions myself. Personally I think people write fanfictions to express what they feel towards a cartain character/s. The beauty of fanfictions is that nobody would tell you something is wrong in what you write. You can make a character in an anime do whatever you want him/her to do without being told it's wrong. Another reason is that people write to hone their writing skill-- like me. It's good to be a fanfic writer because it always challenges you to be more creative, make your imagination go wilder.
Well, that's just me.
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21 / F / Guess where~
Posted 7/18/11 , edited 7/18/11
Hmmm.....I've actually never thought about it before. When I write fanfic, I love how I can make the characters' personalities whatever way I like, and how I can pretend some thing's in the actual anime/manga never happened. Creativity EXPLODES. When I first started writing, I really didn't except so much support from readers. Reviews kept me going, and I got ADDICTED. And it's so, so much fun!
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17 / M / the closet 5ever
Posted 7/18/11
to escape the boring monochromatic waste bin that earth has become, to fly away into other worlds and explore their immense beauty and wonder. to really live
that is my reason for writing, and i hope others will someday find solace in my writing as i do.
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17 / M / the closet 5ever
Posted 7/18/11
oh how embarrasing heh heh i thought you meant fiction stories...not fan fiction lol
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35 / M
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11
Also, if you're like vintagenotebook and you do any harsh criticism to my stories and back me up against a "wall". I'll be like Kevin Levin (Ben 10), Chef Gordon Ramsay, Lelouch, Kyoya Hibari, Destiny's Barbatos. And I'll be all over you like a bad virus. Yes, the gloves comes off. So you better check your ego at the door, as I ain't gonna tolerate any less than par critism.

2nd of all, I only do it to the viewers of that particular series. It's not for everyone.
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20 / F / West Virginia
Posted 8/7/11
I think it helps people get a moer vivid imagination of the character. As long as they don't butcher the original character and stuff.
Plus, It helps some let out emotions through writing, I guess.
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23 / F / A galaxy far far...
Posted 8/8/11
Is there two characters you are dying to see as a couple?
Ever wonder what characters do behind the scenes?
Alternate ending?
Entertainment? (As well as self entertainment)
Maybe the manga-story-tv show- or whatever u are watching doesn't give u enough info? Or just isnt long enough?
Or maybe u just feel like writing a story and are too lazy to think of characters?
............Yay fanfiction! =3

(yes I know this is FAN ART, but i though it was funny and fit the whole theme XDD)

Personally I write a lot of fanfiction. For me its just really fun

Posted 11/3/11
For one to answer this question, one must answer the question:
What is fanfiction?

Then you carefully scan your answer and thoughts:
Is this definition of fanfiction for me? Does it reflect myself? Has fanfiction done any good for you?
Those were a series of questions that let you undergo MEDITATION or REFLECTION.

For me...
Fan fiction is re-creating what you love and cherish in your own way reflecting your understanding and love for what you are re creating.

So one writes fan fiction for leisure and enjoyment or one writes this to show there way of the story.
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F / USA, vague enough...
Posted 11/9/11
Well, purely for enjoyment, but I do have other reasons.

It's good practice, both for writing, and for plot development, first off. You can focus more on this, since it's a fanfic, everyone who reads it SHOULD know the characters.

Also, it's a good way for me to train myself in keeping characters IN character. Yeah, they might become OOC a bit, but keeping them true to how you think that type of person would react in a given situation? That's tough to do sometimes, and fanfic is a good way to work on it, and get feedback.

I also write so I can see the cast in different situations. I tend to ovoid writing OC's because of this. Recently I've really gotten into crossovers, and stories that would possibly work withing the cannon because I just want to see what would happen, or maybe get an insight into what they'd be thinking. I guess I think about it way too much....
Posted 11/10/11
Because one enjoys the perversiveness of people in their likings to go together and create more bacterium.
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