You cant live without...
Posted 12/26/07 , edited 12/26/07

As said,you cant live without what?

And why you cant live without? List as much as you can.

If theres another Topic similiar to this,please tell me

I cant live without:

My house-If I don't have a place to stay,Im then homeless

Television-Without Television,Im gonna be bored...

Friends-I'll be lonely


My com-Then cannot watch animes,cannot come Crunchyroll,cannot play >__>

Thats all! Now its your turn

Posted 12/26/07
my computer - i'd be bored out of my mind at home
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Posted 12/26/07
Couldn't think of 1 of those
electricity i think- cause i'll probably just... dunno die
maybe my family too
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Posted 12/26/07
omgicantlivewithoutmusicomg ---

and, uh, probably oxygen... and food.
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Posted 12/26/07
My clothes - Because... I just can't...
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Posted 12/26/07
- Computer
- Anime [Yes, I need a therapist >.<]
- TV
- Money
- Water
- Food
- Oxygen
- Shelter
- Warmth

Heh, I started going on to you're basic survival needs...
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Posted 12/26/07
family - i love them soo much tho they get on mah nerves easily
music - basically mah life.
home - it's tha place where i'd see mah pain-in-tha-butt family wit all tha memories
friends - ppl that have knowned me for a long time and supports me
oxygen - i'd be seriously D E A D
internet - yea yea. i use it to keep in touch wit long distance friends and when i'm bored.
Posted 12/27/07
I can't live without music espectually some dance music and Adenosine triphosphate. This is mauz15 idea from this thread.

What can't you live without?
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Posted 12/27/07
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