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Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/13/09
you can put as much or as littel as u want about your characters


name: allura
title: queen of hearts
side: the reds
race: unknow
age : unknow looks 18
personality: she is the crulest and most sadistic of the royals she rules thougth tyrany and is the most feared royal thougth out the wonderland soicety
history: she was recrutied into the wonderland soicety as a child queen its rumoured that she was the one who started it orginaly allthougth allura is beautifull she is very deadly and is quick to behead her foes

normal form
when she crazy
when shes in surgery
name: jemima
title: head surgeon
side: evil
race: entity
age: 152 looks 16
personality: she is unflinching in her crulety she longs to bring pain to others, shes crazy and when you piss her off she cuts down anything in her path
history: ever since she was a child she was trannied to be a tourcher and she is obbsesied with knives , scapels and siccors beacause of this she was called Scissorwoman then she was hospitalised for killing everyone in a village however she brock free and showed them her impressive surgeical skills and she was recutied into the siccor hosital when it started in 1920 however she had already been dead for some time but she lives on as a entity

when she is mad
as Mr Bates
as the white rabbit

name: Alessa, Mr bates , white rabbit ect
title: unknown
side: evil
age: looks 14
personality: alessa is a kind hearted girl but as far back as she could rember she had anothe personality inside of her and mr bates isnt as kind he is cruel evil and vindictive but there are also lots of other personaliyts within her like the illusive white rabbit
history: she was abbadoned by her parents as a child and forced to live in a bad orphange they left her because she was the child with the acused alter ego however one day she woke up in a unfimlary place she had escaped from the ophange then she was addoped by the mafia and was raised to be a killer however she didnt know this then one day there was an incident and more personalitys begane to emarege inclueing a very dangous one that is know as white rabbit

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when she is seen she only looks like this

side:the reds
age :unknown but she looks like 11 but she has a personality of a adult
personality:for mature but quiet,she also is very mysterious when she is gone somewhere she comes back in 2 days with no harm but a little tiny blood stain on her kimono
history: She always wears a kimono because she was given royalty before she was born by her mother and like her mother that day she wore a kimono.She is also known as a very deadly person when she is quiet.Like when the day she was missing one town far away died from murders.She is never found when she's missing.Though she was beautiful and cute she was never suspected to be deadly.
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Age:she doesnt age
personality:she is very cheerful and always is very lucky. She easily gets bored and when she does she will put your luck to the test simply to amuse her.
History:She has a wheel that appears whenever she wants to. You must obey whatever is your fate in the wheel and the categories are always changing. Only a very very small part of the wheel is written good luck.
Posted 7/7/09
name: Nami and Mina
title: the star
side: the star
race: unknow
age :14
history: Unknown,everything about them is a mystery
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Posted 7/7/09


name: Kira
title: queen of Spades
side: The blacks
race: Unknown
age : Unknown looks like 11 year old yet very tall
personality: She is sweet and kind outside yet shes suffering inside causing her to burst somtimes in anger and she hardly talks silent and is never noticed, She is like a cat sleek and quiet she holds a Card of Spades in her pocket when she kills she leaves them out ot know shes angry
history: Long ago she was taken in custudy becuz of her Rage in anger and killed everybody in her household, she is a berserk person by then raised to be royal and dont acdre who she kills she is useless in partys and dun care about tragedys cuz she might cause em yet some things she better be worried about in the past threanted many times and now she walks around carefully
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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/12/09
name:Eva Mcdoll
side:She will be on the side that gives her more profit
personality:she can be a real egoist,but when she bonds with someone she will to everything to protect that person/doll.Also known as the Lttle Devil Type Doll-Master Eva.
history:She was a Princess in a land called the Bunny Tea Land,but after she was told to get merried she ran away.She is veary attached to Allura(killerandkain's character) for some reason.Also she loves dolls and everything that has to do with Gothic Lolita dresses

Name: Lithium but her royal name is Usagi-chan
Side: The Good Horror Bunny
Race:Bunny girl
age:14,she will soon be 16
Personality: Sweet,kind hearted,deady when she has to fight,gentle,brave
Histiory: When she was only 8,the war in her land started,and beacose she was zhe Princess,she had to fight too.Even know she's realy cute from the outside,she is veary deadly and dangeorus when she fights.The reason why she fights is not to protect her land,but to find her love who is somewhere in the Evil Horror Bunny Land.

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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/8/09

name: Saya
title: queen of swords
side: unknown
race: Unknown
age: unknown looks 18
personality: Intelligent, Temperamental. cold, Quiet, honest, creative,speaks her mind, can be a cruel heartless killer. She is known as Death Goddess, or Banshee
history: unknown to all.
more pics

Lead Inviter
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F / The Batcave
Posted 7/9/09 , edited 7/9/09
name: Lee
title: Princess Of Wands
race: ?(Anthropomorpics Human?)
age : 12
personality: She's A Very Confusing Character.She Acts Happy,But Is Sad Inside.She's Alittle Mischievous,Yet Mysterious.She's Half Cat,So She Has Orange Ears And A Tail.She's Very Smart And Wise.
History:Orphan.She Doesn't Know The Rest.Just That She Came From Alvaarna.

Like This,Except Her Left Eye Is Red,And her right one green.
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Posted 7/9/09
name: Rebecca Levine II
title: Queen of Diamonds
side: The Reds
race: *Spoiler*
age : over 100
personality: Although she was ruled over her land since she was crowned at the age 13 she is still titled the savior of the land. Villagers have stated the rumors that she has a charming, yet hollow personality but no one who lives outside the castle can comfirm this. She has never left the caslte's domain since she was crowned. Another rumor emurged later that a young blonde with emrald eyes snuck into the castle to make a contract with her, no one knows what the contract was but she agreed ,now he has been seen as her knight along with her bodygaurd to carry out her duties outside the castle.

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Posted 7/9/09
title:The Mad Hatter
side:The reds
Personality:Margarette is an antisocial girl that doesnt really get along with any. She usually shows no emotion but when she faints or is someone suprises her personality will change into a different person. Also she is very obedient and follows orders even if it means killing some close to her.
History:Since Margarette was young she was told that she would be the next mad hatter and had to go through tough training and had to study hard.While traing if she mad mistake she would have to face hard consequences and would be punished. The Punishment she had for mistakes traumatized her and every time sh recalls her bad childhood she would go mad and kill any one in her way.

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Posted 7/10/09
Title:Ace of Spades
Side:The Blacks
Personality:Emily is realy mean she hates most humans until she gets to know them. Once you get to know her she's better.She's an Emo Vampire! She's silent most of the time if you can get her to open up then you must have a remarkable talent. Her apperence is different with her mood. DON'T JUDGE HER!!!
History:Emily has no parents and her younger sister ran away because Emily freaked her out (that's why she's emo). Emily gets deppresed so easily that she's only smile once in her life. You want more info open her heart up.

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Posted 7/12/09 , edited 7/22/09

The one on the left:

Name: Miri
Title: Princess of Cups
Side: Neautral
Race: ?human/demon?
Age: Has Eternal Beauty
Personality: Cold. but nice when you get on her good side.
History: Was found 13 years ago with her sister, Riri, by a Witch and was brought to this demented world.

The one on the Right:

Name: Riri
Title: Princess of Cups
Side: Neatural
Race: ?human/demon?
Age: Has Eternal Beauty
Personality: Nice. but evil when you get on her bad side.
History: Was found 13 years ago with her sister, Miri, by a Witch and was brought to this demented world.

And the "Iri" Sisters were cursed by the witch that had brought them here, making them die anytime they confessed their love.
Posted 8/14/09
The usual shy self

Name: Azaleah
Title: The Moon
Side: Neutral
Race: Unknown
Age: Takes the form of a 16 year old girl
Personality: She is very shy, but very kind. She shows kindness and cares for everyone she meets. No matter what their past was like. She accepts all pain, if it means happiness for everyone on earth.
History: She never knew her creators and she was always shy, yet kind to everyone she met. People she met throughout her life, always seemed to leave her, so she has trouble letting go of memories; no matter how painful. For her whole life, she has always had the strange ability to calm people; no matter how angry, sad, or happy they were. She always longed for someone to be with. Someone warm and caring, and would never leave her. Her one true desire, however, is for all living creatures to live peacefully.

Extra: Azaleah likes to write poetry, sing songs, and dance around her favourite little private lake in a deep forest. She loves to wear her kimono and have er fan with her at all times. She also has a little teddy bear which she had always had with her; even when she first opened her eyes after birth.
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Posted 9/2/09
name: Takashima Kakari
title: Princess of Pentacles
side: Neutral
race: Elfen/Neko (Like Lee)
age : 13
personality: Quiet, Shy, Active, Nice, Sweet, Kind, Generous and Smart.
Biography: She's an orphan, but all she remembers is that her parents left her.
Extras: She likes to sing, dance, and read. Her bedroom is full of books and she is a neat freak!

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Posted 12/18/09 , edited 1/10/10
name: zoey
side: unknown
race: demon
age: 13
human form

demon form

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