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Sex Isn't about love anymore?
Posted 2/13/12

LynnTerra wrote:

Just a quick FYI, could you guys use the spoiler tag to reduce those 15 page novel quotes you're using? Thanks.

Hint: It's the Triangle with the ! in it

Everybody knows that.

Now, post something relevant to the topic.
Posted 2/14/12

There ya go.
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Posted 2/17/12
You kidding me...?
Sex has never been about love before...!
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Posted 2/18/12

tjgriggs wrote:

Well sex is sex and \ove is love, and when you share love with someone the sex is different that then sex without love. Sex isn't just about love and love isn't just about sex. There isn't anything wrong with having sex because it is only natural that the body wants to mate. When in love though your sex life is much different than that of just having sex with a random somebody. I wonder if that makes sense to people because it's worded really weird :

It made perfect sense to me. The only down side, from a guys perspective, is that you are pressured to get notches on your belt. Even when you are in a relationship that is full of love there are sometimes where both of you don't want any of that romantic stuff and just want to get down and screw. Sex + Love is better than Sex + No love imo.
It is sad that the media portrays SEX SEX SEX all the time forgetting love but that is what a family/parents are for when you are growing up. The main problem with SEX SEX SEX is that it isn't accompanied with education on sex. Thus, teen pregnancies and STD's are running rampant.
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Posted 2/24/12
Well you need to look back in time, before sex was taboo. Even church and politic was rather strikt... only in marrige and not fall into temptations.. So many years of surpressing it do exsplode massive out.. as people want to enjoy themself.. to be satified without beeing judged.. And media is being smart there as they know it is a market that brings money.. There for they use that to take attvantage of peoples need of sex.

Myself do not bind sex with love... as you can love without having the need to have sex.. and have sex without loving someone.. The main thing is just to love yourself and know the boundries you like and do not like... there for if one is always true to themself they can do whatever they want so long it dont hurt an other person.

Posted 3/14/12
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Posted 3/14/12
Interesting, I have always had the impression that the media are portraying sex is about love (sex without love is meaningless bla bla bla).

Anyway, 2 points:
1. Even if sex has always been about love, it does not need to be that way forever because
2. Sex is just a basic human 'instinct/practice. It's fun/enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with it.
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22 / F / HK
Posted 5/26/12
if you're talking about 13-14 year olds. they think having sex is "cool" - they don't understand the consequences.
how do I know? I was 13/14 a few years ago.

Also with the media always covering celeb relationships that last around 2 monthes. and advertising even the most innocent products with sex, our society is bringing sex away from love.

and who says having sex has to be with the one you "love"? old people, that's who.
Posted 5/27/12
Sex within love is getting rarer.

It is also getting more expensive.
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Posted 6/12/12
Sex being about love is a recent concept in and of itself. Historically speaking, it is very very recent. Most sex, though usually within marriages, was strictly about procreation to continue the family line in former times. For pleasure, mistresses or prostitutes were used. Some people would have been in love, sure, but marriage used to be a property and social arrangement much more than anything else, and sex therefore along with it.
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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12
First: Define Love, it's like defining God, it means something different to everyone.

Love is about not hurting the one you love.

Can you love more than one person?

Sex without any emotional connection with your partner is called masterbation (or rape)

Sex should be about pleasing the one you love.

Remember- "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with"

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55 / M / Atlanta GA
Posted 7/5/12
If you have nothing in-common it probably lust, you know let's have wild sex and pillow talk many shoot-gun marriage start this way. If you are friends first then become sexually involved it probably love. One thing Love has to be nurtured and cared for it will die. All good thing in life need to be taken care of. Just a hillbilly talking
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Posted 7/6/12
I don't know about anyone else but I don't think I would have sex with someone I don't love...I would if I thought I loved the person but otherwise I would just mess around
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Posted 7/6/12
Hm, well, it's not only involving the media, but also other activities brought up by society today. Like you said, it seems less sacred than it used to be. For almost the majority of people with a similar idea in their minds, love became a lot more harder to find while sex became a lot easier to get. To me, sex is an activity compelled by the source, love. I have sex with my boyfriend for many reasons ♪(´ε` ) but the number 1 reason is because we're in love. I personally do believe that sex has been stripped of its original symbol, which is quite perplexing to think about, but with all hopes, it all varies with each individual.
Posted 7/6/12
Definitely not in teenage minds. I'm saving my virginity, whilst 98% of my friends have already lost theirs. At the age of 14 or 15. (Soon to be 16) so not that long ago. I feel so alone as a teenager, honestly.
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