Naruto vs sasuke (based on latest manga chapter)
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Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/8/09
naruto vs sasuke (naruto with no help from the fox- who is over powered ne way)

Base this fight off of the manga and the knowledge based off of the manga.give your reasons why u would think who ever would win. (that means naruto has sage mode on) SPOILER ALERT

for me, i think sasuke has the upper hand. with his sword and chidori current, massive shadow clones will fail.
rasengon isnt going to hit with sharingon on. sasuke is faster, with more skills/ jutsus.

the battle would be close though because naruto has the sage mode, which grants him a huge advantage in power. one hit from a rasengon or even a punch would put sasuke out.We have to also consider the power itachi gave naruto.

but sasuke shouldnt get hit by naruto's "frog katas" as it is translated. nor should rasenshuriken be a huge issue with sasuke's speed. Ealier in the manga, wen naruto first met sasuke after the time skip, he couldnt trace his movenments, or more accuratly, sakura couldnt.

sasuke also has amatsuratsu. which is a one hit killer...well it should be..dont know how killer bee survived it...and im not sure is sasuke has tsukiyomi...or susono'o...but ne way i think he would beat would be a close call though...debate this with me plz...cause i dont know y most of u r sasuke haters... peace over war
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Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
Please make a poll

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