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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/9/09

Raymond Lam's new album "Let's get wet" which has only been released since last month has already sold over 1,500,000 copies, earning its Gold status. The boss of EEG spent 5 figure sum of booking 6 banquet tables to celebrate Raymond's success. EEG Chief Executive Officer Mr.Wu Yu and Virginia Lok also attended the dinner. Chairman of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce Records Mr. Kong Kwok Ping presented the Gold record to Raymond, who was so excited that he went round to each table to thank the invited guests.

Raymond revealed that he often treated the workers for meals out of his own pocket. He was very surprised that the record sale was so good. He told reporter "I think the concert has influenced the record sale. That proves the audience have accepted my concert and I thank those who have supported me." Raymond will be releasing the concert DVD at the end of the month. Asked if he is confident that he may get the male singer award? Raymond said he hasn't thought about it at all. At the moment, he is hoping he can produce a Mandarin record aiming for the Taiwan and mainland market at the end of the year. Raymond was asked if he would hold a concert in Amoy, his home town. He expressed that he has never thought about that either, he only wants to release his mandarin record first, and after its release, he will do a lot of promotion. The reporter went on to ask if he is treating himself with a new car? Raymond replied "I wanted to change my car to a Maserati. I have been driving my car for 10 years now." The reporter asked him how many rumored girl friends has he got? Raymond smiled "The number is zero". Asked when he gets his new car, is he going to pick Linda Chung up for a ride first? Raymond said "I am not chasing after her. That proves the TV series has good feedback. I admit our appearance look as if we are suited to each other."


conngrats raymonnnnd<3
& exciteeed for you concert DVD to come ouuut !
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